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  1. I’m replacing package tray & was wondering what the original color of these was...thx 1970
  2. I’ve got a vin sticker & tire pressure sticker im not sure where they go on driver door anyone have a pic?
  3. Sorry the lighting sucks. And my engine still needs a good cleaning after a year at the paint shop with no hood until the day I brought it home. i think that’s the bolt you are asking about
  4. Brew


    You can buy replacement kick panels that have speakers. I did & painted them to match I think I got mine at OPGI
  5. I painted mine in the car. I Do not recommend it. if you pull the engine watch out for the radiator when engine swings toward it.
  6. I too was not happy with manifold paint. I am still deciding if I want to take em off & have them done. I can’t seem to not have rusty manifolds ☹️
  7. That little white plastic thing rotates a bit. Don’t think it will give you 180 but once I realized it moves it got mine straight thats all the advise I got on that
  8. Welcome back more pics when you can!
  9. You can get a Sniper EFI that is the same color as the quadrajunk carb. 😎
  10. Correct. Looks like Dynamat is the way to go.
  11. Mine had that sticky tar stuff seen on floor all the way up to the top of the back seat originally. But like I said the bake time in paint booth took care of that
  12. Is that considered a modification?🤣🤣
  13. If I recall correctly I had an issue with rod not being long enough but when I played with how tire & jack was installed it worked. But that’s been a long time ago. I’ll try to look at mine & see again
  14. I like cooper tires. They used to be made in my hometown before we sent manufacturing abroad. I typically get coopers on all vehicles. As far as I can recall I’ve never run Goodrich tires on anything
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