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  1. If those cans have gas in them they might be the most expensive thing there😎
  2. Now on to wiring up & installing my new gas tank with internal fuel pump. it never ends…👍
  3. That was easy! Thanks for the help fellas! Cold beer all round!
  4. The plastic thin thingy won’t bend that far without breaking I don’t think it is pointing to left top. But this is drivers side molding. That one clip below is arranged with same orientation.
  5. Does this look like the proper orientation on the clips?
  6. I will order some & see if I like that option. 25 clips for 25 bucks isn’t too bad of a risk 😎
  7. Has anyone done this job? did you put clips on molding then push into holes or push clips into rocker panel & then slide on molding?
  8. If it’s got tires…it’s gonna cost ya
  9. I have no idea. We just looked at the metrics.
  10. I took it for a test drive today with new shocks. Great ride . No topping out. Good fix ! Monroe 5820 OESpectrum shocks don’t cut the restraint strap on shocks until AFTER getting nuts/bolts at least threaded together. Shock may be too long to connect bottom bolt if you do cut it
  11. I just like the raked look, I’ve got no no rubbing issues
  12. There are even blue tooth enabled radios that look like originals
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