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  1. Steve G

    Jury Duty

    I just walk in and tell them I’m not doing this.... walked out every time within 5 minutes.
  2. I’m wondering if anyone has come across this... my 402 with very low mileage and virtually untouched has bronze intake valve guides. Every part inside and out is stock GM including the metal shim style head gaskets. Motor does not appear at all to have ever been worked on but has bronze guides... any thoughts? thank you.
  3. Now you guys are scaring me.... haha.. how do those chrome “touch up” pens work? I might be ok with that
  4. I want to replace my dash vents .. it’s a 72 with factory A/C I was told the side vents are non-A/C. I need the experts to tell me what I have. And would it really matter if I ended up with the wrong ones because I’m confused.. thank you
  5. This is like asking a room full of people what pizza topping is best...
  6. Steve G

    Feels good

    Wow... small world, thank you so much for responding, you made my day. Steve
  7. Steve G

    Feels good

    This is a long shot and sorry about hijacking an old thread... but when I was in elementary school (pleasant valley, penn valley California) the librarian was the coolest librarian in the world.. she had a car identical to this..she drove it to the school several times through the years. we had something to talk about because my mother drove me to school in her 72... probably not the same car since 30 years have passed but thanks for bringing up cool memories..
  8. My mother and father, everyone smoked back then. I remember being a child in the back seat and the car packed with smoke, windows up and heater on... then from 2001-2009 I smoked in it too... I think that’s why the rats didn’t touch the interior in the last 12 years that it sat.
  9. Torque, traction and weight... you got at least two already ...
  10. Play it safe and run the skinniest tires you can find or your breaking point will be whatever breaks first...
  11. 2021 my health I took for granted caught up with me... 2022 has been my first year in a long time I stopped worrying about the uncontrollable, stopped penny pinching and began to enjoy what’s around me rather than worrying about what’s around me... my health is not too good anymore but my marriage and outlook on life is actually better than it ever was, I enjoy the things I denied myself of for a long time... plus I had to quit smoking...
  12. The interior was reupholstered in 1973 from fabric to vinyl because the fabric absorbed the cigarette smoke too much... haha.. absolutely beautiful work too. well 49 years later the seat finally let go.. instead of seeing foam poking through I got to see this..
  13. Dude... you just Gordon Ramsey’d a spoiler .... haha
  14. I like it! Compliments the turn signals. At first when I saw the title I dreaded looking because I expected something massive bolted to your trunk lid...
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