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  1. It was 90 degrees here today. fall is slow getting to Texas high of 75 next weekend, looking forward to that!
  2. Brew

    72 spare tire

    Did y’all know tire rubber is dyed black by adding carbon black to naturally white rubber? Sometimes I can’t remember why I came into the living room but useless information is at the ready!
  3. Ok, I got 12 gauge fuselink wire from auto parts store. This wire can self destruct. IT IS THE FUSE, so to speak. this was unclear to me so I post that for anyone else seeking the information in the future. i cut a piece about 9 inches long & crimped connectors onto both ends. One brass for the battery side and one standard for the threaded stud that is on core behind headlight. I have started it several times, with lights on and without lights on. Drove it 40 miles or so and it works without any issues.
  4. Does anyone know the part number for this fuseable link ?
  5. I guess so. It has run fine for 6 yrs with a heavy gauge wire running from that post to positive batt terminal . What & where is the fuseable link?
  6. Awesome! Thank you. I can’t find what amp fuse is required. Any help there?
  7. I found this mess changing out my battery…. So what is supposed to be wired here? (White circle 2nd pic)I have a black wire & red wire on it. The black wire goes to positive post on battery. The red comes from wire bundle that comes out from in front of radiator. (White lines 1st pic) I am thinking the post is a ground that is wired wrong.
  8. I have no idea. I have never tracked mpg on it. I know it starts when I turn the key, every time. no pumping the gas pedal etc. Sorry
  9. Im ashamed of my wires. I need to get them right eventually
  10. Too late for Robert I fear … but may I add…Don’t use impact drivers on them.
  11. My sniper runs great on my SB you can even get it in the Quadra junk color if ya want Love it.
  12. Got front & rear glass re-installed by a pro. And FINALLY put reveal molding back on! I am very pleased with the job.
  13. Howdy! Great to see another Monte being returned to the road. this place has lots of knowledge & good folks
  14. I cut mine own out. I do not know if the package tray that was in the car when I got it was original. But I believe it was. I looked at how it was done & mimicked that. The holes I cut out line up with the holes in the metal. you have to get the holes for speaker cover screws absolutely perfectly aligned. That was fun.
  15. The black cardboard divider hangs from tabs. do we just use adhesive & lay insulation on it?
  16. I’m replacing package tray & was wondering what the original color of these was...thx 1970
  17. I’ve got a vin sticker & tire pressure sticker im not sure where they go on driver door anyone have a pic?
  18. Sorry the lighting sucks. And my engine still needs a good cleaning after a year at the paint shop with no hood until the day I brought it home. i think that’s the bolt you are asking about
  19. Brew


    You can buy replacement kick panels that have speakers. I did & painted them to match I think I got mine at OPGI
  20. I painted mine in the car. I Do not recommend it. if you pull the engine watch out for the radiator when engine swings toward it.
  21. I too was not happy with manifold paint. I am still deciding if I want to take em off & have them done. I can’t seem to not have rusty manifolds ☹️
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