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  1. are 71 and 72 front grills interchangeable? or are other parts/modifications needed?
  2. are the ones from Ames the same that would fit on our first generation monte carlos? on the ames site i see they are pontiac specific, just want to make sure its the same part? if i cross reference on the NPD site with chevelle/GTO the numbers aren't the same. i looked into the "repair" option, they are running about 3 weeks behind, dont want to hold up the body shop.
  3. ok so the 72 trim with unavailable clips is the piece running horizontally at the base of the trunk? all other body trim clips are available 70-72?
  4. hey guys my 71 will be repainted white without vinyl. im guessing i can see the original white paint color code here in "resources" but are there any good color comparison charts out there someplace, where you can compare virtual swatches side by side? i don't necessarily need to keep it the original color, looking for a simple appealing brighter traditional white (arctic/polar etc) and not any type of "off white" looking to keep it simple and not complex (no pearl or specialized tones etc) thanks
  5. thanks 420 im in the middle of a repaint so im scrambling for all sorts of parts from all vendors while trying to keep a budget. may i let you know if im unsuccessful? thank you for your generous offer
  6. thanks guys i am using the opg catalog for reference, so just to clarify.... i see the "rocker molding clip retainers 22pc kit " $60 and "body side molding clips 70-72 lower" $75 for the set am i correct in understanding that even the sets dont include the clips for the tail panel trim/rear trim (the bottom rear trim piece with the marker light between the back of the rear wheel and the rear bumper?)
  7. in resto process the old hinges are tight, sticky and kind of shot so considering replacing them. i see opg has the aftermarket for $71. any feedback on these as far as acceptable quality? not prepared to spend the big bucks for the GM. is it safe to say the aftermarket are the same among vendors when comparison shopping? thanks
  8. opg is out of stock and the parts place only has a "universal" brand anyplace else i might want to try?
  9. was looking for the clips myself as i am doing a repaint did you end up finding something suitable? whats the likelihood that some of the original clips can be reused? i see the clip kits are rather expensive
  10. G71

    faulty gas guage

    thanks so i will check the ground first, if its good should i assume its the sending unit? whats the likely hood of the gauge being faulty?
  11. thanks did you get that from the parts place?
  12. followup note i should have listened to my gut instinct, not feeling comfortable placing an order until i know what the final price is including shipping. i ordered a weatherstrip kit along with other misc clips and gaskets and was told the shipping will be calculated later. i just received an "estimate" that the shipping will be $70.60 !!!!! i will be sending an email to them to advise unless the shipping can be modified to cancel the order. this is nuts! i will advise as to the outcome
  13. thanks for the info i ended up ordering from the parts place (PP) as the item i needed was a bit less, however i will make note of the following for information purposes... i found OPG to have a more simplified layout especially when combined with the aid of their paper catalog. OPG has free shipping > $200 and claims to price match as per the first page of their catalog. OPG said they would remove/add/substitute certain kit items if possible, the PP would not i wasn't too thrilled that the PP processed my order "without" the shipping cost included, to be determined, i typically like to know what my final cost is before agreeing to pay. all factors considered i felt i was splitting hairs as far as this particular order was concerned. nice car leghome
  14. my 71 (non SS) has the standard dash cluster im not concerned about its originality and was thinking of simple modifications to spruce up the cluster. for starters i was wondering if there is an upgrade modern type clock that could be inserted into the existing clock opening. any ideas please let me know. thanks
  15. G71

    faulty gas guage

    the gas gauge on my 71 is pinned past full not responding. any ideas as to what the likely problem is (gauge itself/sending unit etc?) or any trouble shooting steps. thanks
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