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  1. oh boy.. if this wasn't a family site....
  2. kc8oye

    network issues

    i know ian. I'm not sure what the internet speed was at my cousins.. besides the obvious "turtle" Mom has 6mbit cable which runs circles around DSL. I was only getting between 1 and 24mbit to my cousin's router that's why I mentioned the speeds here at mom's for comparison.. I changed nothing on my computer except the router I was connected to.
  3. kc8oye

    network issues

    running a little slower tonight.. only 216mbit/s! I'm not sure if it's the router, or maybe this interface being that it's intended for high speed operation, just doesn't like doing 802.11g, or what..but I set mom up with the same wireless adapter the other day and her computer loves it too. I'm not using the NetGear software tho.. her machine is Windows 7, that was 'fun' trying to get that interface to work with 7... got it in the end tho.. and I'm of course on XP Pro sp3. is it possible the encryption method would make a difference? IIRC, that 2wire only supported WEP. I'm usin
  4. why on EARTH would he want to do it the RIGHT way???
  5. There should be no reason to remove the valve body for the TV/ kickdown cable.
  6. carl: no.. it was an "AC Delco" shop, but not a dealer
  7. kc8oye

    network issues

    it looks like it was her router the whole time. I'm connected to a Belkin router right now using 'n' at 135mb/s
  8. you could also fill the holes with epoxy, such as jb weld.. then drill a small pilot hole in the epoxy and then re install the screw.. just a thought
  9. MonteFox... drain all the transmission fluid, remove the pan, remove the cable. CLEAN REALLY REALLLLY well.. spray brake cleaner works well here. let it dry well. goop it up with RTV, install the cable. LET IT DRY!! 24 hours minimum.. then reinstall the pan, refill with fluid, leak fixed. I've dealt with difficult dipstick seals this way b4.
  10. hey.. not to hijack the thread or anything.. LOL when they repaired my 3800 engine in texas, they replaced the serp belt that needed replacing.. but the new one they put on Squeals like MAD.. turn the blower fan on.. it squeals.,. move the power steering it squaks.. I don't even want to think about what happens if I turn the a/c on.. are there different 'types' or materials of belts out there? is is possible they damaged the belt tensioner? I examined the belt the other day, and the tension seems like it was about right.. but that was a rather unscientific method of tugging on it
  11. i think i could come collect in person
  12. you said above you didn't think you would have enough cam... I'm just sayin you will :>
  13. I've had excellent luck with Belkin routers too.
  14. 3.55's with 28" tall tires you will have NO problems in the 1/4 mile scott. I run 3.55's with 26" slicks, and my cam is all done by 4500 rpm and I can't quite make it through the quarter before I run out of cam.
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