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  1. Drop spindles are my vote. I bought some a while ago just no time to install until recently. They also make drop springs basically just shorter then stock.
  2. You would need to fabricate a new tunnel that trans is huge also I am pretty sure you need a new flex plate and a stand alone controller for it which no one currently makes at this time, the last time I checked Edit: forgot about these guys, they make a controller for it. It has been around but I have never found much reviews on it linky
  3. I see plenty of Replacement Radiators for under 300 on Summit.
  4. Thanks everyone! Probably one of the easier installs I have done, but that's due to the abundance of knowledge and information here on the boards it is nice out and I am going to take her for a drive
  5. Last time I checked it had no cracks either and still glossy, it will be up for grabs soon
  6. Alright fellas here it is! Only thing I need to set up is the Speed and Oil pressure gauge but she is ready and running I do admit I was excited so photos are blurry Stock steering wheel looks out of place to me now, so that will be the next change to Letty. Thanks for all the help everyone, I am now one happy camper!
  7. Finished wiring the grounds for the Dakota Digital Dash will post some night shots tomorrow
  8. If you have a good dash, you could always paint over it. If you don't want to do that you could do what I did. Plastidip it, I did this because I didn't to paint over a good dash and plstidip is basically a rubber coating you can peel off if 1. you don't like it or 2. your ready to remove it here are a few pictures of my dash with plastidip:
  9. Any chevelle dash will bolt up, it is black instead of Woodgrain. They will not have the seat belt hazard though.
  10. That is exactly what I did rob, those twisted wires you see under the dash are the grounds from all the indicators in stock location. The only thing I couldn't find what to do with is the 3 wire LED, I emailed Dakota already about it
  11. That's good Patrick look forward to seeing you get started! I actually "painted" the dash face where the wood grain was with plastidip. Didn't want to permanently paint over a good dash, so the plastidip is removable.
  12. Here it is, in the dash and ready to go. Didn't get a chance to get to the grounds because I start work in a few hours. So tomorrow morning I will add the fusible links to keyed power and constant power. Then grounds last. I have learned my lesson over the years about rushing these projects, so no hurry. Will be defiantly ready by the end of next weekend
  13. Darren I do under stand that. The new gauges came with new sensors and it's harness to wire directly to the supplied control box which receives all the new power and directs it where to go. I have already pre wired everything including adding the new wires to the tach since I did have idiots lights. I did read thoroughly through Dakota digital's install manual and understand I will not being using a few wires in the original harness. Ie. fused power from fuel sender because as mentions per instructions all power going to the gauges will be distributed at control box the last thing I will being doing after I bolt it back into the dash will be putting in the grounds I did that last because a few of the lights (ie. turn signal and brake light) need to be grounded separate from control box which has its own ground. Thank you for the concern and warning it is all really appreciated
  14. Just to update everyone here, I did make the plunge on Dakota Digital Gauges. Install was supper easy and just have to put it in the dash in the morning The color is Black Alloy and will light up Blue. Here they are with protective film still on them Lastly, up close shot showing the finish on gauges
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