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Removing Dash tips

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I thought Id put these in here, a nice little "How to" for those removing thier dash:



Just take your time and don't try to just force any part of it. The dash pods in our cars are VERY BRITTLE and will break if you just look at it wrong. Here is what I had to do:

1. UNHOOK BATTERY then Remove the dash pad

2. unbolt two lower and three upper dash bolts (corners of the dash and near defrost vent) at this point the dash will be a bit easier to move but not even close to come out.

3. I cut a 2x4 to use as a small wedge and removed the a/c duct above the climate controls and placed the wedge there to hold the dash out about 1 1/2 inches from normal. That is all I "needed" but would have gone a bit further knowing how tight it all was

4. remove the headlight switch knob by pulling it out to the on possition and pushing the button on the side of the switch mechanism and removing.

5. remove the switch itself by removing retainer from the knob side. It can be unplugged and put to the side until the job is done.

6. remove the small ground wire from the drivers side of the rear of the gauge pod

7. now you can remove the under column cover and then the screw on the lower side of the steering column that retains the gear selector wire and unhook the clip and leave it hang. **REMEMBER THIS IS THERE WHEN YOU REMOVE THE GAUGES OR YOU WILL BE MAKING EVEN MORE REPAIRS** ask how I know

8. While you are down there, remove the two bolts that hold the steering column in and support the column so it does not get bent.

9. above the column, at the lower side of the gauges there are two 1/4 fasteners that need to be removed. The connect the gauge pod through two metal supports into the lower dash

10. Remove the three fasteners at the top of the dash pod (rear) and I believe two that are down the sides.

11. remove the wire harness by depressing the clips on the sides and pulling it free, be careful not to rip the printed circuit, then if you have the factory clock remove the adjuster from the dash side with a small screwdriver

12. pull the dash forward a bit and reach down the back and unhook the speedometer cable by pushing in the retainer and removing the cable


Your dash panel should now be free from anything holding it there, make sure I did not miss anything by looking carefully around the perimeter and you can now carefully guide the dash panel out of the dash. You may need an extra set of hands to keep wires out of the way when you get near the speedometer mount and don't forget you have that clip hanging at the bottom


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