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original trani?


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Hey guys,

I have a recent 71 purchase.  The engine is matching, but how do I tell if the trani is original to the car.  Below is a picture of the tag, but I have seen these new online unstamped.

Thanks for any help, we are in the process of restoring the car, so the trani is out at this point, so I can look for other numbers if need be.   Thanks

I can't seem to post a picture from my computer.  Here are the numbers.  Thanks for any help.

Turbo Hydra matic

71D     369

71 CD    5628


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Hey Scott, The trans will be stamped with the last six numbers of the VIN.  You’ll (hopefully) find these on the driver side of the transmission  

Also, if the tag is still attached to the tranny, it will have numbers to corroborate the assembly date (Julian date) and it should mirror/match the Protect-O-Plate (if you have it). 

Below, see pictures of the last six digits of my VIN stamped on my transmission as well as the build tag which matches the Protect-O-Plate. 





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actually, more than the last six digits of the Vin number are stamped on the transmission, only on mine you can barely see it (the “7 0 L” that precedes 166103 is only partially - and BARELY visible). Regardless, it’s visible enough to verify it is the original transmission. File that stamping under a Monday or a Friday job 🤣

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