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I am almost willing to bet there are places out there to get that kit cheaper than OPGI. I  have bought some stuff cheaper than OPGI at Summit or JEGS

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The upper control arms need to add caster; not all of the no-name control arms do this. Having around 5* of positive caster is the difference between the stock handling and performance handling. I'm running Summit Racing 'premium' control arms, which look to be a whiteboxed version of the old Ridetech design. If you're running coilovers I would recommend lower control arms made specifically for coilovers instead of springs as they allow a coilover with greater travel. QA1, UMI, and Ridetech all make arms designed for their coilover systems and they're all around the same cost.

I also have tall balljoints in the upper and lower. The tall upper balljoints fix the camber curve caused by the stock spindles being short. The tall lower helps with bump steer and lowers the car.

For the rear I would recommend a kit that either reinforces the stock shock mount or doesn't use it at all, like the Global West system. If you use the upper shock mounts I would get a stiffener bar to tie them together. The cars weren't really made to support the ride weight on the upper mounts.

You want a good performance alignment, avoid any shop that wants to align the car to stock specs, as those are for bias ply tires. You want as much positive caster as possible, 1/8" toe in, and -.25 to -1.5 degrees camber per Ridetech.


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