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  1. There's always Jet-Hot (if you want to ship) or find a local Cerakote applicator.
  2. This is a great resource for colors and sheen. https://www.chevelles.com/forums/35-restoration-corner/146639-1970-chevelle-steering-box-color.html#post1070975
  3. How are your engine and transmission mounts? Do your u-joints have any play? Was the driveshaft balanced with the new yoke?
  4. What was it painted with, rattle can Rustoleum or base/clear?
  5. If you really have Corvette ralley wheels that's the problem. Whether they are the 7" or 8" wide wheels they stick out 1/2" more than you want. Pull one of the rear wheels and measure the backspacing: https://www.jegs.com/images/wheelmeasureguide.pdf The wheels that you ordered have the same backspacing as the stock ralley wheels, so you should be fine with either size tire. The higher the backspacing, the farther in the wheel will be.
  6. The four headliners that they show are different fabrics. Here's a good example of the differences. https://www.automotiveinteriors.com/automotive-headliner-vinyl-1-yard-p/hl-vinyl-1.htm I bought the PUI headliner and there are spots that aren't sewn evenly, so no amount of stretching will remove the slight wrinkle left between panels. The PUI headliner that my dad bought 15 years ago didn't have that problem. The OPG insulation kit is a big sheet of jute that you attach using contact cement rather than foil-backed butyl sheets like the Dynamat. There are alternatives to Dynamat that will be a lower price, just make sure that it can hold up to the temperature of a roof on a hot sunny day. Headliner is easiest with a few people and no glass in the car. Buy a few boxes of binder clips to hold the headliner in place.
  7. You will have to measure. You can buy a new yoke from the driveshaft supplier, they need it to balance the driveshaft. Suppliers may all look for something slightly different when measuring but this is the basic process: https://www.dennysdriveshaft.com/app/webroot/img/File/how_to_measure_diagrams/b.html When I had mine made I used it as an excuse to go to 1350 u-joints in the front and rear.
  8. I'm using the Trans-Dapt 4572, but any brand will work. I wanted to avoid aluminum mounts and sliding mounts to keep the engine lower. It also put the 4L60E shifter in the same spot as the TH350 so I didn't really mess with the back drive linkage.
  9. 1. Not necessary. 2. Your crossmember is set up for dual exhaust from the factory. Holley and Speed Engineering headers fit perfectly into the stock exhaust cutouts. You may have to buy a new crossmember or modify your stock crossmember for the 4L80E though. 3. Which transmission do you have right now? I don't think the 4L80E is close to either the TH350 or TH400. The stock driveshaft isn't all that large for its length. A new, stronger driveshaft would be around $400.
  10. Any specific reason for the Dirty Dingo mounts? I'm running 1" forward (front of engines line up) plates with an F-body pan and have all sorts of clearance due to the crossmember being farther forward than on a Chevelle.
  11. I used Alchemy for my rear view. Their price wasn't bad but it was going up, I think it cost me $35 to have mine done and it's now $40-45. http://alchemymirrorresilvering.com/
  12. Yup. https://www.opgi.com/monte-carlo/1971/sheet-metal-body-panels/hood/?page=3
  13. I'd have to check to be sure, but I want to say I ended up with a 3.5" steel driveshaft balanced above 10,000 RPM. With how long our driveshafts are the critical speed (where it starts whipping and trying to go through the floor) is pretty low.
  14. Typically the driveshaft is limited by RPM more than anything. With a non-overdrive transmission you usually won't have an issue, but if you have a manual transmission or newer overdrive automatic it's not a bad idea to figure out what your driveshaft RPM will be and size accordingly. Make sure you're using non-greasable U-joints, they're much stronger than crossdrilled U-joints.
  15. https://www.thepartsplaceinc.com/part/1970/monte-carlo/automatic-transmission-related-parts/transmission-crossmember-related-items Otherwise I have a good set of OEM brackets and pads from a GTO that I didn't end up using.
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