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  1. Is rotor replacement out of the question on this? It seems like it could have been repaired already with new pads/rotors.
  2. Although my little 402 makes like half the torque for your 510 I was able to shave .31 seconds off my 60ft time just going from a street tire to the Mickey Thompson ET radial pro in a 275/60/15. It’s not recommended for highway use but I did have a couple thousand miles on them with street use and didn’t have any issues other than not being able to drive through rain. But if it’s just a track tire I couldn’t recommend them enough! When I finish my 496 I’ll likely buy another set to try to out all that torque down.
  3. Yeah I work at a Chevy dealership and we have a good transmission guy who has a lot of experience with these but he has been out with some family things so when he gets back I was gonna have him drive it. I got him on the phone the other day and sent him a picture of the modulator and he said start there. I just wish mine didnt have the factory modulator that hits the header before it can come out. Lol
  4. I’ve owned the car for about 20,000 miles and it hasn’t skipped a beat transmission wise, until now. This is mostly single lane roads, 50-65 mph. I rarely do highway being a big block with 3.73s and a 28 inch tire, but this also includes 200-250 1/8-1/4 mile WOT pulls. I would guess that the trans hasn’t been out. Still had what was left of the original mount last year when I replaced it because it was torn apart. Prior to this it shifted nice and crisply, both shifts were good and quick, and very repeatable. Tonight or tomorrow I’m going to visually inspect the transmission lockdown switch on the throttle pedal just to make sure there’s not something glaringly obvious.
  5. The only thing I changed between driving it with normal shifting and since it started shifting early was changing out a set of spark plugs. The car has a valve guide issue on cylinder 7 that causes the spark plug to foul out every 8-10,000 miles. So I put new plugs in, same part number, same gap, same wire routing and I double checked they are routed to each cylinder correctly. I did check underneath the car while it was on the hoist and the modulator (and a few other trivial trans parts) are leaking fluid, mine still has the original modulator that’s double the size of the aftermarket adjustable ones. The new one should be here Friday and if I get far enough on the wife’s patio project I’ll try to get the header loosened up and the new modulator in this weekend. A day prior to the shifting change I did swap from 275/60/15 MT ET radial pros to the 275/60/15 MT ET street SS’ and I believe the SS is a little taller but it drove 25 miles home just fine with them on it, and 1-2 hasn’t changed, just 2-3.
  6. Hello everybody, I recently started having an issue where my 70 Monte started shifting into 3rd very prematurely. It’s a 402, th400 car, and I was driving it this past weekend both making some 1/4 mile WOT pulls and just regularly driving it. I noticed my shift from 1-2 occurs regularly, around 4200 rpm. Then when accelerating in second it’ll shift into third at roughly 3,000 rpm, the shift doesnt feel very crisp either. At part throttle cruising it will kick down with more throttle but shifts back up quickly. Fluid level is full and doesn’t smell burned. If I take and manually shift the car the shifts are fine. My first thought was the vacuum modulator and I have ordered one, it’s going to be a bit of a hassle with my headers…. In the meantime has anyone had any comparable situations? If so what was the fix. Pic for attention.
  7. Yep, the front corrects the pressure from the various master cylinders used. The rear line on the master goes down to the distribution block where the brake pressure sensor attaches and heads back along the frame rail, over the lower lower arm front mount point, goes about a foot then climbs up and over towards the passenger side. Quickly it meets the rear brake hold off valve, then heads towards the passenger side even more to the hose that goes through the crossmember to the rear end.
  8. The one mounted to the frame is simply a distribution block, in ‘70. There is a rear hold off mounted to the rear frame crossmember a few inches from where the line goes through to the brake hose. The one mounted to the driver bolt of the master is used in conjunction with certain masters. From what I’ve read some masters in 70 were different than others due to mass numbers of parts manufacturers in ‘70. So these hood offs were used to standardize brake function. Ask me how I know lol.
  9. Removed my old 10DN alternator tonight and installed the new 100 amp Powermaster 12SI, along with a CVF bracket from here in Minnesota, everything fit great, my 402 had a 7/16ths hole for the alternator pivot bolt, but when I ordered I wasn’t sure so they threw in both a 3/8ths and a 7/16ths bolt. Not that it’ll be noticeable but comparing the weight of the alternator and the bracketry the CVF and Powermaster are nearly a pound lighter. (Excuse the wiring mess, I’m mounting the battery in the rear and cleaning up all my engine wiring)
  10. Looks amazing in the pictures! I’ve always wanted to attempt this but don’t have half the skill you do! Great Job!
  11. Looks like a fun time! If you’re at all considering making your car needlessly complicated by adding C clip eliminators like me I would recommend strange. But even more than that I would say keep the c clips… it was still a fun build but I have had issues leaking on the street after ~3,000 miles. Strange has tapered roller bearings which are less likely to leak, too and I found out after ordering my moser axles. LOL. The true trac was definitely worth it though.
  12. Last year I went from 3.31s to 3.73s and a true trac at the recommendation of 1of80 and I definitely drive it over 60 often, it woke the car up quite a bit and mines just a near stock 402. The deeper gearing makes the car much more responsive everywhere in the rpm range, and with 275/60/15s on the back 60 Is only like 25-2600 so still manageable for mileage, when im just cruising and not making pulls I can eek out a little over 12.3 mpg.
  13. Yeah he said the only mileage on them was rolling them around his shop a few times! It doesn’t look like they’ve even been mounted on wheels either. Once our weather warms up I’m going to drive the car in to work, make a pass and record my time with the Dragy I have and then swap tires and see how much different it is between the ET radial Pros and the et street SS for street pulls.
  14. Today I bought a couple new used tires from a guy locally, they’re $520 a pair plus tax new and I paid $370 for them! I currently have a set of very used ET radial Pros, these will at-least allow me to drive in the rain, and be legal to drive on the road.
  15. Made some pretty good progress on the fan shroud, first time tigging aluminum too, still need more seat time but I don’t think itll rattle apart too soon. I was able to get the top plate and fan mounting figured out today, also earlier this week I got the 454 block back from the machine shop to start deburring and clearancing for the 496 rotating kit. For now it’s all oiled and bagged as it’s 14 degrees and I don’t want to fire up the shop heat tonight.
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