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Eastern Meet Informational Email Sent

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I sent the below information in an email back in January but we have had many members registering with me since then so I wanted to edit it and resend it again with a couple alterations.
Good Evening All,

You are receiving this email because you have registered with me to attend this year’s Eastern Meet.  

 One of our club activities at this year’s Eastern Meet will be a poker run.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help run this year's hotel games and driving games, please let me know.  The Poker run and other games will be held during the day on Thursday.  If anyone would have any ideas on other club games for Thursday, please let me know.
Yesterday I completed  the process of contacting companies about donations and sending out email beg letters for door prizes and goodie bag items.  This has been the hardest year ever to get companies to make donations.  Some are willing to send out goodie bag items but some are even balking at this too.  If anyone knows of any companies who may be willing to donate, please send me the contact information and I will approach them.  With the number of car shows out there I am sure companies are flooded with donation requests so they have begun to just say no to everyone.
I have started compiling a door prize list so we know what door prizes we will have available to give out on Saturday evening at the hotel and following our Awards Dinner.  I know there are several members who have said they would like to donate something to be given away.  For anyone who is planning to bring something to give away as a door prize please shoot me an email with what you will be bringing so I can add it to the door prize tracking list.  

I have started printing our name badges and most of them are in their plastic pouches and ready for their lanyards to be attached, for all of our members who have provided me with all of the registration information I will need.

I would like to thank everyone who has already registered with Carlisle Events.  It is very important to Pre-Register with Carlisle Events because if we have enough members preregistered they will provide us with a free club canopy and the more pre-registered vehicles we get, the larger canopy they will give us.  Just a note, Prior to Christmas they were running a discounted rate for registration and I think they may still be offering this reduced rate but I don't know that for sure so if your vehicle is not registered yet please do so and make sure you list the First Generation Monte Carlo Club as your club affiliation.  I know some members are bringing something other than a First Gen Monte, if you are one of these people please note, no matter what vehicle you are registering you can still select the First Gen Monte Carlo Club as your club affiliation..

Arrangements for our Award Dinner are all set.  It will be at the show field on Saturday evening and it will be catered by Alfredo from Marcello's Restaurant.  They have been hosting our Award Dinner since the first year they opened and since I have been hosting Eastern Meets in Carlisle and they have hosted our Saturday evening group dinners at every one of the Mini-Meets I have hosted there.

We are all set for our Thursday evening Pizza Party at the hotel and Marcello's Restaurant will be supplying our Pizza's for this event too.

Weather permitting, we will be heading to Carlisle Sports Emporium on Thursday after our pizza party.  We will convoy there in our Monte's
Any questions please shoot me an email at ROB29FORD@AOL.COM
Rob Peters
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