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  1. Check out The Right Stuff Detailing (getdiscbrakes.com) or contact Leo Konik who is a distributor for The Right Stuff.
  2. Nice to hear you back, Cort. Hope this year treats you a little better. To steal a line from Steve Earle's "Someday", "some day I'm gonna put her on the interstate & never look back".
  3. allbowtie

    A First Place Trophy

    Nice job, Jack!! It's always nice to be surprised when you least expect it. You really have an oustanding ride.
  4. I am the 2nd owner for my '72 which was sold new at Jack Maxton Chevrolet in Worthington, Ohio (Columbus). Maxton is rated by Ward's Magazine (trade rag) as #71 of the top 500 in the country. Not really a plug for the dealer, but they even sell classic cars on the lot. Also, the dealership got into the restoration business a little over a year ago. I buy all my Chevys from there and have worked with the same salesman for a number of years. I have owned mine '72 since 1991 which was the first year Maxton Chevrolet started doing a monthly car show. The event is for Chevy powered Chevys only which is noramlly 250+ cars. Free registration, both halves of the 50-50 drawing goes to the people, great bands, event T-shirts for $5 gets you a ticket for $150 drawing. A record was set this summer for almost 400 Chevys on field. This show has turned into one of the premier events in central Ohio. I always have a great time as I just park the car and wander off to see other cars & people. Maxton also posts videos of each show on their website. Sorry, guys, for a long post, but Maxton Chevrolet has really endured the test of time.
  5. allbowtie

    A Decision I Feel I Had To Make

    Rob, I've been off the board for a few days and just now seeing this post. I completely understand & support your decision. After reading all the other posts from everyone, mine would be a repeat. Thanks for all your enduring & loyal service to this club. You carried the position with a passion. But, one must take care of their person. I was really disappointed I had to miss the co-joined meet a few yrs ago in Greensburg due to my back going out just a couple of days before the meet. I did some life changes due to my back situation. After meeting you in Elyria at an NMCOA Convention, you were a big help to me in introducing me to fellow FGMCC members. Thanks again, Rob, for all of your service. You are a class act. I'm sure the next person to fill your shoes will do ya proud.
  6. allbowtie

    Rob Peters

    I have not been on the boards for a few days and really concerned to see this thread. We pray for Rob's mend back to health and support for Pat and family.
  7. allbowtie

    Removing original exhaust manifolds?

    Kroil and a 12 pt socket should do the deed. After the soaking, use ever so gently increasing pressure with the 12 pt socket. Kroil is about the best stuff I have used. Good luck.
  8. allbowtie

    Mike Boyte from NC

    Mike, my thoughts are with you and hope for a speedy recovery. I also have arthritis in my lower left lumbar that flares when you least expect it. Had to miss the NMCOA/1st Gen Meet in Greensburg a few years ago because of the affliction. I feel your pain. Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart....."
  9. allbowtie

    New guy from Ohio.

    Welcome, Larry. Nice to see another fellow BUCKEYE!!!
  10. allbowtie

    Exterior Paint 43 Lime Green

    dbreese is right, Paint Code #43 for 1972 was Gulf Green. '71 was close, but with a little more gold in it.
  11. allbowtie

    For your entertainment.

    Uh, Rob, are you at it again with an early April Fool's joke on this one. You did good on this one, Rob!! Oh, wait a sec, this person is actually serious. Sorry, I was going to give Rob credit for a good prank.
  12. allbowtie

    Chrome Door Edge

    I bought a pair GM pair from Paddock (when they were still in business) to replace the orginals after the re-paint. Like Jared said, tough fit to say the least. I had to "open" them up in places just to get them on. Reeaaally tight fit. Used rubber mallet, even protected with tape and still put a little knick in the paint on both sides. I should have let my paint guy do it, but I thought I could. Good luck!!
  13. allbowtie

    rear Window Defrost Fan

    My original still works, but I never use it. All it does is just blow air around. I think it must have been a "must have" option that served no practical function. It just blows cold air on low or high speed. Go figure.....
  14. allbowtie

    A Knight in trouble

    Have not been on for a couple of days, and to read this is sad. I met Ronnie at Norwalk, and what a peach of a guy. My prayer is with him and his family.
  15. allbowtie

    72 disc brake "Combination Valve"

    Check with the Right Stuff Detailing. Tell them the guy with the Green Monte from Laserflex sent you. They are a stand up company. Website is getdiscbrakes.com