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  • 2013 Western Meet

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    Spokane, WA 
    August 15-18, 2013

    Members Present: 20

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  • Members and Monte Carlos in Attendance

    0087.JPG 1970 SS454 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Blue interior
    Owned by Jay Marsh of Bend, OR
    0123.JPG 1970 - White, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Rodney Shure of Helena, MT
    Tim1.jpg 1970 SS454 - Black Cherry, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Tim and Gwen Oest of Oak Harbor, WA
    0029.JPG 1970 - Misty Turquoise, White top, Grey interior
    Owned by Tom Kelly of Columbia Falls, MT
    00412.JPG 1971 - Sandalwood, Black interior
    Owned by Graig Anderson of Richland, WA
    0117.JPG 1971 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Kelly Macklem of Edmonton, AB, Canada
    0136.JPG 1971 SS454 - Cranberry Red, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Aaron & April Dodsworth of Summerland, BC, Canada
    0165.JPG 1971 - Mulsanne Blue, White vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Vaughn and Kathie Peoples of High River, AB, Canada
    00312.JPG 1971 SS454 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Liam Peoples of High River, AB, Canada
    0094.JPG 1971 - Burnt Orange, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
    Owned by Cameron Lewis of Reno, NV
    0059.JPG 1972 Custom - Brown, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Roy and Sue Bunjes of Airdrie, AB, Canada
    0156.JPG 1972 Custom - Classic White, Black interior
    Owned by Doug Cameron of Portland, OR
    0077.JPG 1972 - Gulf Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
    Owned by Keith and Rosa Golanowski of Calgary, AB, Canada
    0066.JPG 1972 - Pewter Silver, White vinyl top, Pewter interior
    Owned by Pat and Jean Trottier of Millet, AB, Canada
    0141.JPG 1972 - Gulf Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
    Owned by Lon Wilburn of Snoqualmie, WA

    Other Members in attendance:

    Kevin Wick of Bremerton, WA

    Jake Gould of Graham, WA

    Chris Steiner of Kent, WA

    Matt Hilla and Christine Mott of Portland, OR

    Craig Metheny of Orange, CA


    The 2013 Western Meet
    by Aaron Dodsworth

    This meet was the first road trip in my '71 SS454 I purchased only weeks before the meet. It was also the first Western Meet my wife (April) attended since the 2007 meet in Santa Rosa, California. It was great to have April in the car with me again for the road trip.


    Several members arrived thursday and we quickly claimed a section of the hotel parking lot as our own. Due to some engine troubles in their '72 Monte, Matt and Christine arrived in their '64 Buick Riviera which was a very worthy substitute. The evening consisted of bench racing, pizza and some beverages in the presence of our cars in the parking lot... what else can you ask for. It was a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new friends. The family was together again.


    Please click on the image to enlarge

    Hotel parking lot
    Hotel parking lot
    Hotel parking lot


    Friday was the first day of the 3-day car show. Goodguys sure puts on one heck of an event with a lot of great things to see and do. I certainly started the day off right by winning a Goodguys door prize before lunch. It was great to see a large group of these cars together again and a good mix of stock and modified. After a great day at the show and some dinner, we settled in for another evening at the hotel. We also shared some birthday cake in celebration of Liam and Craig's birthday.


    Please click on the image to enlarge

    0174.JPG 0185.JPG 0203.JPG
    0264.JPG 0253.JPG 100_3708_original.jpg


    Day two of the car show did not disappoint. There were over 900 cars, a swap meet, lots of vendors and live bands. Our row of 15 Montes received a lot of attention from spectators and even Goodguys staff. Goodguys gave the FGMCC a shoutout over their loudspeaker during the event which was great for the club. Jake, Chris and Kevin joined us at the show for the day. It was mostly just the guys at the show since the FGMCC ladies went shopping for the day. According to Jean, there is a shortage of butter in Canada because she purchased a very large quantity to bring home with her. While shopping, Kathie's truck quit and would not start which was just the beginning of a few electrical gremlins that occurred again the next day. For the record the truck is a Ford.

    After relaxing at the show all day, we spent the evening at the hotel. The regulator on Vaughn's '71 Monte needed replacing and he had a captive audience while making the easy swap. Later on, another evening of kicking back on the grass next to our Montes at the hotel was interrupted by sprinklers. Lets just say we got up VERY quickly but not before getting wet. We had a good laugh and this simply adds to the great stories I've accumulated from meets over the years. Since we are on the topic of stories, If you ever meet Tim Oest, ask him about the history of Ford engines. Its a classic. A lot of laughs that night for sure.

    Back row: Kevin Wick, Lon Wilburn, Vaughn Peoples, Pat Trottier,
    Tom Kelly, Matt Hilla, Jay Marsh, Chris Steiner, Kelly Macklem, Tim Oest, Doug Cameron
    Front row: Cameron Lewis, Aaron Dodsworth, Keith Golanowski, Roy Bunjes, Liam Peoples (laying in front)


    0195.JPG 0115.JPG 00410.JPG
    0057.JPG DSC021011.jpg 0067.JPG
    0124.JPG 0109.JPG 0088.JPG
    Hotel parking lot
    How many members does it take change a regulator


    The last day of the Goodguys event was not as large as the day before but still had a lot of great sights to take in. Some of the group stayed at the show through the afternoon while others could not resist the allure of looking at a '70 SS454 for sale in Spokane. Although the FGMCC walked away without any hardware after the Goodguys awards ceremony, we all had a great time at the event.

    On Sunday evening we held our Western Meet awards banquet. I handed out several awards to some very deserving members. We also drew for some great door prizes and nobody went home empty handed.

    FGMCC Award Winners

    Best Interior Tom Kelly - 1970
    Best Paint Vaughn and Kathie Peoples- 1971
    Robyn Lance Best Engine Lon Wilburn - 1972
    George Lines Best Modified   Tim Oest - 1970
    Best Stock Aaron Dodsworth - 1971
    Best Non-Restored Liam Peoples - 1971
    Meet Director's Choice Vaughn Peoples - 1971
    Konik's Klassiks Attention to Detail   Doug Cameron - 1972
    Longest Distance Driven Kelly Macklem - 1971 (600 miles)
    Hard Luck Vaughn Peoples - 1971 (Regulator)
    Founder's Award Dave Mau
    Congratulations to you all!


    00213.JPG 100_3731_original.jpg
    Tom and Keith cleaning
    Keith and Craig cleaning
    0142.JPG 0157.JPG 0166.JPG
    FGMCC banquet
    FGMCC banquet
    FGMCC banquet
    FGMCC banquet
    FGMCC banquet
    Great selection of door prizes
    Best Interior - Tom
    Best Paint - Vaughn
    Best Engine - Lon
    Best Non-Restored - Liam
    Best Stock - Aaron (presented by April)
    Meet Director's Choice - Pat
    Members' Choice - Vaughn
    Hard Luck - Vaughn and Kathy
    Long Distance - Kelly
    Attention to Detail - Doug
    Roy and Sue: Check out those bow ties!
    Relaxing at the hotel

    April and I had a safe trip home and the new '71 Monte. Not long after the meet I heard from Craig that he purchased the '70 SS454 that members looked at during the meet. A great meet for sure with a total of 20 members in attendance. Cars, friends, lots of laughs and some jokes that can only be shared in person. A good time was had by all. April and I are both looking forward to the 2014 Western Meet in Bend, Oregon.


    My First Western Meet
    by Craig Anderson

    On August 15th, I attended my first Western meet as a new member of the First Generation Monte Carlo Club. The club attended the Good Guys 2013 Great Northwest Nationals in Spokane, Washington. I did not know any of the members that were also attending the meet but upon arrival at the motel in Spokane I was greeted and welcomed as if I were a long time member. I can’t express the gratitude I have for all of the members that made me feel welcome and I felt as if they were genuinely happy I was attending.

    The first night we all sat outside at the hotel and had pizza. There were lots of laughs and we all shared stories about our Monte’s and gave each other advice and troubleshooting ideas regarding our cars. I was proud to be a part of the club at the meet. The turnout was great and our Monte’s all together exhibited a great statement of pride to the other participants and the spectators.

    The second night after the meet the club included me in a birthday celebration along with another member. This club truly is a family bonded by our love for Monte Carlo’s and again, I felt welcome and very much a part of this family.

    On the last night of the event the club held an awards banquet. It was another great bonding opportunity and again, I felt very welcome. It was good to meet with the club and recap the weekend. We shared laughs as well as recognized many members for their accomplishments throughout the past year. The banquet was a great way to end the weekend.

    I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of joining the club to indeed join as well as members that have not attended a meet to attend. The experience is incredible. I gained a whole new group of friends that I have so much in common with. This friendship hasn’t just lasted a weekend; many of the existing members have stayed in touch with me despite their busy lives and schedules. As a matter of fact, I networked with several members regarding a 1970 Monte Carlo SS that was for sale and a few of them went to see it. After speaking to them, I bought the car and it’s my goal to bring it to Bend, Oregon next year so everyone can see the progress I have made on it. I would like to thank Aaron and all of the other members for making my first meet a great experience.

    Sincerely, Craig Anderson

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