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  1. Agreed. I do pre-purchase auto inspections and have had numerous calls from out of state buyers. I'm with you that I wouldn't purchase sight-unseen unless it was either brand new or I had someone put a set of "professional" eyes on it. Business on my end has definitely slowed down.
  2. Jared- Thanks for the proverbial "head's up". Please post a picture or two if you would please.
  3. Rob- Thank you so much. I know it's a long shot but I'm trying every avenue I can think of. Take care.
  4. I know I posted this in my Intro but figured I would post it here too. For my 50th, I have been searching for the car I've always wanted: A 1970 MC SS 454 with buckets and power windows. I know it's going to be tough to find EXACTLY what I want but it can't hurt to try. I'm not looking for anything I have to put a lot of money into either, I'd rather it be a turn the key and go kind of vehicle. I've got enough other projects. I want to be able to drive something at some point. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. So as some of you know I'm searching for my unicorn (70 MC SS 454 triple black with power windows, buckets, console and not requiring a complete or even a partial rebuild). When looking at the Houston Mecum that was supposed to happen the first week in April, I saw one listed, but no pictures. I reached out to anyone who would listen at Mecum to try and get additional details. However, the person who listed the vehicle, changed their mind and pulled the car out of the show. Of course Mecum won't divulge any info because it could hurt them if the owner changes their mind. With that said, if any of you know of this person who apparently had a change of heart, would you please let me know? I know times are crazy right now, but I'm not abandoning my search. Thank you in advance.
  6. DragCat- Thank you for the info. I appreciate you keeping an eye out. It's close, but not quite what I'm looking for. It has to be a 70. JFT69Z and MC1of80- You guys are the reason I joined the group. Your knowledge of detail on these machines is ridiculous and, if you don't mind, when I do find my unicorn, I'd love your view on it from afar. I'm a details guy but admittedly don't know as much about these as I'd like to. Thanks to y'all, I'm learning quickly. I truly do appreciate your input. Thank you to everyone for your help and welcome thus far. Hopefully if I keep branching out, it'll come up soon.
  7. Everyone- Thank you for the warm welcome! It's great to be a part of a group like this. I appreciate your suggestions and will take them to heart. I'm keeping things flexible as far as my wish list, but not so much so that I'll have to shell $10K to make it what I want. The hunt is on! Take care, T. J.
  8. Hey all. Just joined the group because I'm looking for my unicorn. I'm looking for a 1970 Monte SS 454 in Tuxedo Black with buckets and power windows. This is my "dream car" and, having just turned 50, it's time for me to find it. I've sunk a lot of time and money into projects and I'm looking for something turnkey. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, my screen name is the initials of my company: Before You Buy Inspection Services. We are a full service inspection company for homes, commercial buildings, and, of course, automobiles. If I can help any of my fellow ladies and gents with OCD (Old Car Disease). please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help! BTW, I'm in Texas. T. J.
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