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  1. Awesome news on the brake lines thanks! Now regarding the full fuel line im reading you have to lift the body off the frame and all this craziness, is there a more simple work around to install the fuel line? Im okay with it not being exact factory aslong as its tidy and works. Thanks
  2. Hey guys bought a new 72 monte with no brake or fuel lines on it, was wondering what the lengths were roughly so i can buy and bend myself, the prebent kits are too expensive for my taste. If any of you have done it before and/or know roughly the lengths i need then please let me know! Cheers!
  3. These the ones that go along the bottom of the side windows?
  4. Ahh thought so. Was thinking about buying one off a guy but too much $$. Thanks for the info guys 😎
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone can tell me what this things worth? Thanks
  6. In desperate need of a 10 or 12 bolt for a 72 im picking up that has no rear end in it, will be driving down upper washington to Poulsbo and wondering if anyone here lives around there and knows where i can find one for cheap. Thanks!
  7. Just wondering if anyone can simplify this process for me im a bit confused. Thanks! P.s - Car will be without motor on trailer if that makes a difference. Also will the car need to be transferred into my name first?
  8. Ya that picture was before the rearend got taken out, thanks for all the good ideas ill have to figure out whats most feasable by next weekend. Maybe thinking about buying a junkyard rearend to just chain or ubolt so it can roll maybe. Cheers
  9. All good ideas thanks for chiming in, i have another monte here at home thats rusted out but i can take the rear end out and bring it with me how much work is it? Lol just wondering how long ill be in the guys driveway wrenching if so. he also has the wheel dollies in the pic above but dont think they would do much eh even with some blocks of wood in place of the hubs? Thanks again.
  10. Hey guys looks like after years and years of searching ive found a clean replacement monte shell, now the problem is that it has no rearend in it so no hubs/axles on the back. Can bring some wheels for the front but the back will be immobile. Just wondering if any of you have some ideas or have transported a car before like this. The car is located near seattle so ill be driving a few hours down for it with a 18' flatbed trailer im thinking. Still no clue how im going to load and unload it though without a forklift or winch etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! MonteMack
  11. Hey guys just wondering if the bumper brackets come off with the rear bumper, some super tight spots for the bolt heads and wanna make it easier if possible
  12. Oh true didnt realize how hard u had to rip and twist them, rust city down there
  13. Anyone have an easy way to twist these butterfly looking clips out of the rocker panel? Cheers
  14. Hope they will all be at the show tomorrow!
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