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  1. Last Name: Harris First Name: Chris Screen Name: NWmonte71 Name Of Others In Your Party: Misty Harris Total Number In Your Party: 2 Home City & State/Province: Poulsbo, Washington State Arrival Date: June 21st Depart Date: June 23rd Are you attending the Friday cruise (starts at 10AM): No Are you attending the FGMCC banquet (Sunday 4:30-6:30): Yes Driving or trailering your Monte Carlo: Driving Car Year: 1971 Car Color: Lime Green Vinyl Top Color (if any): Antique White Painted Top (2-tone) Stock/Street/Modified/unrestored: Modified Hotel: Rosedale Motel Email Address: chrisharrischevy@hotmail.com
  2. I have been wondering if anyone is interested in doing a Monte Convoy when traveling north to the US/Canadian border? We are taking 97 north once across the mountains. Even if its 2 or 3 cars, it would still be neat to drive up together. This will be the longest distance trip we have taken in our 71.
  3. Wow! What a great weekend! We made it home safely from the western meet. Me and my wife had a great time attending, (even though our 71 wasn't present). Meeting Aaron and all of the other great club members in person was awesome! You guys are real passionate about these cars and have a real knowledge base on them. Everyone was very friendly and quick to answer questions about car "tech" and location/club activities. We are definitely looking forward to attending next years meet! Thank you everyone.
  4. Looking forward to the meet for sure! It's a bummer that my 71 will stay home, but I have a plan to get it back on track. It will be exciting to see so many 1st gens all in one place. See you guys down there Friday (mid-day).
  5. I decided to check over at Chevelles.com forum for some Holley Sniper info...................lots of good information on this thread:
  6. Canuck, I sent you a Facebook PM earlier explaining my current situation. Me and my wife will still make the drive down, just not in our 71. Too many mechanical events have happened within the last 2 weeks for us to feel comfortable making the long haul. The car left me dead tonight at an intersection leaving a local cruise-in. I had to be pushed off the road to safety. I'm not exactly sure what is going on, but it's not enough time to "proof" it out before the weekend. I'm terribly bummed about it, but at least the car did not get hit by a car tonight when it died or caught on fire. In the meantime I don't want to miss out on the fun (meeting club members and checking out cool cars). Perhaps a member can give me and my wife a ride in a 1st gen around the block to make our visit to the Dalles official, haha.
  7. I am curious if anyone is running a Holley Sniper EFI setup on their Monte. I am very interested in putting one on my 71. Looking for "real-world" feedback.
  8. So my 1971 Monte Carlo has the original fuel tank and metal fuel line from tank to fuel pump. All the rubber has been replaced, but I continually fight issues with the way my car is idling. It will idle perfect for 1-2 weeks of driving, then I'll fill up with fuel and start experiencing issues with idle quality. Once I change the fuel filter, everything is back to normal and runs great. I'm tired of changing fuel filters and wanted to investigate the root cause. I found fine rust particles on the inside of the fuel tank, including large rust flakes. I also found fine rust particles in all the fuel filters I have changed out. Rust is still getting to the carburetor, (evident by the rust deposits in the fuel bowls of the carburetor). I also inspected the metal fuel line traveling the length of the car (rear to front). It has large rust particles on the inside too! I already ordered a new tank, sending unit, and tank straps. Can I clean out the metal fuel line? Do you suggest I can clean out the entire run of fuel line or just replace the entire metal fuel line? The timing on this isn't so great, I have a big car show in 2 weeks and hope I can get my monte running strong with no contamination in the fuel.
  9. Tonight I went out and started the car and warmed the engine up to full operating temperature. The engine seemed to idle smooth in both Drive and Park. I then decided to block off the vacuum line to the booster and check for any differences in how it runs. After blocking off the vacuum line, the engine rpm stayed the same for Drive and Park, just like before the line was capped off. Welp, that busted the theory of a bad brake booster. Also at no time was the pedal hard (no powered feeling). Everything seemed to be working/running correctly. The only thing that happened was the car sitting overnight from the time it ran poorly to this evening of starting it up. One side note was that the fuel tank level was below 1/4 tank when the car started acting up real bad. I guess it could be possible that running the gas tank down that low caused me to start picking up condensation (water at the bottom of the tank) and small pieces of settled crud into the carburetor? I did fill up the tank to approximately 1/2 tank and let it sit over night. Perhaps the tiny pieces of crud settled back down to the bottom of the tank, along with any water? I'm trying hard to justify why one day is ran horrible and now it runs perfect. Any thoughts or theories?
  10. Hey everyone! My 71 monte carlo has been my daily driver to work for the last 3 days. Previously it has been sitting in the garage all weekend. The first day of driving is ran great with no issues, on day 2 the engine's idle started becoming erractic and dropped rpms. Day 3 (Today) the car's idle is so low, it barely runs and lopes bad. You can bring the rpms up and it runs silky smooth. I also noticed over the last 2 days that the brakes would occasionally be harder to push when slowly idling around on streets. Finally, today I drove the car around in my driveway and the pedal has turned completely hard and no longer has a "powered" feel to it. I also noticed the last 3 days that a strange vibrating/humming noise is intermittently coming from within the engine compartment. What I would like to know is if the failing power brake booster is causing the erratic super low idle and hard brake pedal feel? The booster visually looks old and crusty. The main vacuum hose from the booster to the engine is brand new and not leaking. One thing I tried was to press the brake pedal with the engine off and then started it, the brake pedal only moved maybe an inch once the engine started. Didn't matter, running or not the brake pedal feel was rock hard (non-powered feeling). What do you guys think? Does all arrows point to the booster with the bad idle & sudden hard brake pedal?
  11. I ended up ordering the ECP radiator. My plan is to keep the stock one as a spare. I'll have to contact my local shop and see what kind of money it will take to thoroughly clean it. In the meantime, this will get me back on the road and improve the cooling.
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