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1972 MC 350/Auto - Power Windows & Door Lock Conversion


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And for my next trick, I just purchased a couple of fun electrical project items off of Amazon. A kit for converting the door locks over to keyless entry, and another kit for converting the manual windows over to powered.

The keyless entry I've done before on previous cars. But even though they too were classics, they had power windows. So this will be my first foray into that craziness.

Here are links to what I picked up, coming in on Saturday:

Universal Car Remote Control Conversion Universal Door Lock Actuator with 2 Keyless Entry-Universal Fits for 2,3,4 Doors Vehicles/Car Power Central Lock Kit DC 9-15V https://a.co/d/2Lu79NJ


JDMSPEED New Universal Electric Power Window Lift Regulator Conversion Kit with Switches Wiring and Hardware for 2 Door Pickup SUV Truck Van Car https://a.co/d/3TPjU9y

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I got started on the power locks and windows today. I started with the Drivers door of course. It only took a few minutes to get the door lock actuator installed and operationally tested. The power window took a couple of hours initially because I had never installed one before, and it's definitely 'different'!!

For both it's a matter of finding a spot that allows the window to clear as it goes up and down. You can see in the photos below where I mounted them. For the power window regulator I did have to remove some metal (still have some edge cleanup to do) to seat it in far enough for the door panel to be happy as well as the window. 

All in all, easy job so far. The hard part will be running the wiring through the door jam in a flexible conduit and getting that all cleaned up. I will run all accessories to a small separate fuse box powered direct from the battery. 









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