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  1. If you wanna do it the really difficult way (like I do with everything), drill a tiny hole every inch in steel skirts and stitch safety wire through-in both directions.
  2. Here ya go. Plus the staple spec for those of us that have the "optional" steel skirt.
  3. Really?? Ya gonna make me flip through every page of the assembly guide?
  4. Paul Bell

    power window donor car

    Monte Carlo and Chevelle cars received an additional 10 gauge wire from the horn relay positive buss to a circuit breaker near the brake booster and one of these two aux power plugs that went by the fuse box and the tail poked through the firewall to the circuit breaker. The plug would also feed power seats. This removed the load of these power accessories from the fuse box. The 10 gauge wire to the horn relay ran over the left fender skirt.
  5. Paul Bell

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

  6. Paul Bell

    Flash of Oil Pressure Idiot Light

    I'm glad you fixed the problem! I don't think the oil filter was mentioned. Always use a quality filter, Wix, Hastings, Mobil 1, K&N. Fram, cheap and store brands, and even some ACDelco filters are pretty poor. And always use the longer truck filter.
  7. Paul Bell

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Yes, I would agree, with the latest info, this vehicle was built as a SS454 car. Now Rick, are you going to enjoy it as it is or attempt to restore it back to all original as possible? You'd need the correct engine block, heads and intake as well as the really difficult to find complete airlift system. (Leo Konik above will be your best source).
  8. Paul Bell

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    No worries Darren! I see what you're talking about, the three tiny clips on the cross member above the diff. If they match what's on your car, it couldn't have been anything BUT for the air line hose. How does the valve attach? Bolted through holes?
  9. Paul Bell

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    OK Darren, if you see something I missed, great! I'd like to be wrong here. Rick, find the code for the rear end, its on an axle tube and look for that little hole in the control arm.
  10. Paul Bell

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    OK Rick, both those lines are steel, one is the brake line and the other runs from the vapor canister in the left fender to the fuel vapor separator behind the back seat. There's nothing that indicates the supporting parts for the air lift system. There's no little hole in the left side of the right upper control arm? I believe you have a 402 big block car. If your rear is stamped CF, CH, CW or KD, it's the original rear for the LS3 402 engine. Look for the ID numbers on the transmission, if it has a partial VIN match, it's the original unit.
  11. Paul Bell

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Rick, everything you're finding on this car says it was built with a big block. It could have been a 402 or a 454, which the latter would make it an SS. If this car was an SS, it had the rear shock air lift system as part of the SS package. It's doubtful any Monty was made with it that WASN'T an SS. Check the left chassis rail. If your car is an SS, there should be a nylon tube that ran from the compressor on the fender well to the rearend of the car. It follows the brake line. The system also had shock protectors to shield the air shocks from the heat of the exhaust. Have a good look at the two rear end pics on this page: http://www.firstgenmc.com/tech/ss454.shtml The upper right control arm would have a small hole in it's left side for the rod that goes to the air valve. If your car has any of these parts or evidence that they were there at one point in time, I'd say the car was built as an SS. Post some pics of the rear.
  12. Paul Bell

    Identify this wire

    Idle stop solenoid. The factory wiring diagram shows two wires to it, both the same color.
  13. Paul Bell

    turbo 400 electrical plug

    Just for reference, here's what the two terminals on the transmission do. Pressure terminal is for the TCS system.
  14. Paul Bell

    Interior brake pedal pad

    All first gen Monte Carlos came standard with power disc brakes. The SS package made no change in the brake system. All brake pedal pads should be the same, at least by year.