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  1. Paul Bell

    72 Clone on Ebay

    I'm surprised people have bid on the car. No pics of the engine or underside? No technical details? He should mention that there was no SS model in 1972 to make as a "clone". The builder put that SS stuff on the rear end but neglected to install easily found correct fender SS emblems. He gets a D Minus for poorly cloning an SS. Tail moldings are missing and the dash is a 70/71 without the seat belt light. 1970 bumper and turn signals-as well as 1972 grill turn signals. The driver's seat cushion has some sort of spring issue. Otherwise, it is a very nice very shiny red car with a cowl induction hood. Let's hope it's functional!
  2. It's Christmas today! These Viking front coil-overs, with the eye bearing lower mounts, have been $568.00 FOREVER no matter who was selling them. On Thanksgiving eve, everybody reduced them to $511.00. At the same time, eBay had a very short 15% "coupon sale", 15% off any purchase made with their app. The set cost me $434.00!
  3. Paul Bell

    Gear Vendor O/D install with TH-400

    That's great to know. Looks like my lightweight tubular cross member from Lemon's Headers will clear it.
  4. Paul Bell

    Gear Vendor O/D install with TH-400

    I was just thinking of this last week, thanks for posting. I wasn't able to find any info about cross member fitment-you've answered that. I'm curious, what's the difference between the stock and GV specific crossmember/ Will a stock crossmember work?
  5. Paul Bell

    vacum diagram for factory ac/heat ducts

    Welcome! Astoria, eh? Not too far from me here in Bellerose Manor, on the other end of Queens. Yes, we REQUIRE pics & info on your ride. Here's your diagram.
  6. Paul Bell

    HI from NYC

    Hey Geo, welcome to the club! I'm right here in Queens. Nice project you're working on, keep us updated. Buckets in these cars had the plastic chrome trim on the back panels but not the skirts. Here's the bucket seat conversion brackets: https://www.summitracing.com/search?SortBy=BestKeywordMatch&SortOrder=Ascending&keyword=BMB0001 Install the console lid and hinge into the console BEFORE installing it into the car. The repo consoles are supposed to have dimples where the screws go but they don't. You need to get the screws drilled exactly right the first time. Pic 4: https://www.opgi.com/blog/2015/06/chevelle-replacement-center-console-installation/
  7. As I can't afford the Turn One (Lee) steering box just now and I want to assemble my steerage gear, I'll use the stock steering box for now. Keeping in mind it's 50 years old and hasn't had fluid run through it since 1992 when I last ran the engine with a steering pump, I thought I'd first flush it by having the return line stuck into a jug. I don't want any gunk in my new Billet Specialties power steering pump. This is three quarts of fresh Lucas steering fluid, which is clear. I think I'll do another two quarts before I run the return to the pump. And I'm considering a filter.
  8. Paul Bell

    Batt Cables

    As I recall, all 1970 cars had top post batteries. Starting in 1971, GM switched to the sealed side posts that we still have on cars today. Battery cables are different from the Chevelle because the battery in the Monte is about six inches further away from the engine. The positive cable goes through a clamp under the upper bolt of the idler arm.
  9. OK, who's 70 was on Better Call Saul ?
  10. Paul Bell

    SBC to BBC

  11. Paul Bell


    Sorry John, I have no clue how it's wired. I'd call M&H wiring and ask.
  12. At 426 posts, this would be your best read: https://www.chevelles.com/forums/89-efi/938377-holley-sniper-efi-tuning-tips-info-sharing-ideas-settings-etc.html
  13. Paul Bell

    Coolant reservoir

    Dale, I know you saw this already on FB-but now I'm just showing off.
  14. For those of you considering upgrading to fuel injection, here's why OEM style fuel systems are better than any aftermarket idea to convert stock fuel tanks with foam or pickup pads. Thanks to Carl at VaporWorx for this video: