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  1. OK, who's 70 was on Better Call Saul ?
  2. Paul Bell

    SBC to BBC

  3. Paul Bell


    Sorry John, I have no clue how it's wired. I'd call M&H wiring and ask.
  4. At 426 posts, this would be your best read: https://www.chevelles.com/forums/89-efi/938377-holley-sniper-efi-tuning-tips-info-sharing-ideas-settings-etc.html
  5. Paul Bell

    Coolant reservoir

    Dale, I know you saw this already on FB-but now I'm just showing off.
  6. For those of you considering upgrading to fuel injection, here's why OEM style fuel systems are better than any aftermarket idea to convert stock fuel tanks with foam or pickup pads. Thanks to Carl at VaporWorx for this video:
  7. The trunk stickers are a nice finishing touch.
  8. Paul Bell

    SBC to BBC

    I think you'll do fine with a Fitech system. Consider a "real" fuel system, those front tank systems ain't great, no matter who makes them.
  9. Paul Bell

    Black Friday

    Well friends, after all this time, I was able to roll the car out from the wall to do some back of car work (no front suspension, I put the nose on wheeled jackstands). I had a heck of a time getting the lens on with the LED board in place. Staying with the original stock gasket, the lens & lens trim sat out too far to allow the horseshoe trim to go on. I carefully re-did it a few times to make sure I had it right. Always stuck out too far. I tried it with NO gasket. Finally it all fit. BUT now the LED's didn't work. :mad: I pulled it out, tried re-plugging it (I have the 1157 style pigtails on them) and confirmed with a regular lamp that I had good power. SO, one LED board somehow got damaged. I didn't even bother trying the second one. I bought a set of 2357 bulbs, a little brighter than stock lamps, put them in, lenses, trims, horseshoes and called it a day. :cry2: Oh. Well.
  10. Paul Bell

    650 HP EFI system for BBC

    Give Carl a call at VaporWorx. He's very helpful.
  11. Paul Bell

    650 HP EFI system for BBC

    I don't know what intake manifold style would suit your engine combo best. I'm running an older Dart single plane. Interesting, PWM fan control. You'd need to create it yourself? I set up my dual fans to start at half speed at 180 degrees and go to full speed when hotter. I'm using the GM series/parallel scheme, which I actually made work in the 80's, well before GM did it.
  12. Paul Bell

    650 HP EFI system for BBC

    Oh yeah, the sequential way ain't cheap. I went a cheaper route, I used the Fitech LS harness and ECM system which is a grand, added sensors, throttle body, rails & injectors and coils. The kit comes with two wide band o2 sensors and transmission harness. I did have to get a custom LS order cam. The Holley Terminator allows order changes. All in, I probably spent $3,000.00 total. This on a 496 inch 600 HP big block. The ECM doesn't know or care what the engine is. Sets of coils are cheap on Ebay. The tank, pump & PWM pump controller add another $1,200.00 or so.
  13. Paul Bell

    650 HP EFI system for BBC

    For sequential port fuel injection, the ECM needs to know crank position AND which stroke it's on via a cam sensor. Holler offers an external front mounted 58x crank wheel & sensor that of course works with the Dominator: https://www.holley.com/products/ignition/crank_triggers/crank_trigger_kits/parts/556-111 For cam, a Chevy Vortec distributor (4.3, 305, 350 & 454) has a 1x sensor: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BILLET-DISTRIBUTOR-CADILLAC-CHEVROLET-GMC-VORTEC-V8-5-0L-5-7L-12570425/361543310182?fits=Make%3AChevrolet&hash=item542da91b66:g:lVIAAOSwMVFXH-Kr Using the above, in addition to correctly timed sequential port fuel injection, Holley offers a harness to have coil near plug ignition, In other words, LS style one coil per cylinder, if you are so inclined. The clever folks at EFI Connection offers a neat blank distributor cap if you choose this route.