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  1. Paul Bell

    steering wheel/column

    1970 was the last year that Chevrolet A body cars had steering columns, steering wheels and column knobs that were the same color as the dashboard. Although it's the standard wheel, the 1970 Monte Carlo brochure shows an all green steering wheel. I know there are exceptions to the color matched steering column in the Chevelle series but I would think, as it's more upscale, all 1970 Monte Carlos received a color matched column. If you have a color matched column, I'd say it should have a color matched steering wheel. The rest of us 71 & 72 people just have to suffer without the color matched columns & wheels.
  2. So I went to Bellmore train station. I FINALLY met Al Maddaluno and his awesome '70. There was also a '71 car for sale, black and a red one undergoing body work, I didn't notice the year. I also met this jerk who insisted he had to squeeze into the tight spot next to me with his "hotrod" Hyundai .
  3. Paul Bell

    NOS Trim Pieces needed

    Jared, I have several fender forward lower moldings, both sides, the one that covers the side marker light.
  4. Paul Bell

    front suspenion overhaul

    Roger, name brand rubber bushings are all pretty good, I'd choose Moog or ACDelco. Don't use urethane bushings. For hard parts, including ball joints, Proforged is considered a better product than Moog and I recommend it. Unless you're trying to stay stock or are on a budget, consider adjustable coil overs from Viking. They make a great product and you can adjust your ride height and shock compression & rebound if you get the double adjustable version. Mine are awesome.
  5. Sunday mornings at OBI are done by 10:30, everybody comes early leaves early. After this Friday, I'm not back around until the end of the month due to work.
  6. I wouldn't call it a "show" but Friday nights when the weather is good lots of people bring their hot rods out and park for a few hours. I actually don't care for it, the cars are pretty close and commuters are still trying to get their cars out but there's always people I know so I'm going. Cap Tree/OBI on Sunday mornings is better. Again, not a show.
  7. I washed it yesterday afternoon and I'm getting it on a lift this evening just to check up on few things. I dragged something going over the hump before my driveway. I'm planning on a visit to the Bellmore train station tomorrow, my first "showing" in over two decades.
  8. Paul Bell

    WANTED: 70 Passenger side bullet mirror

    I'm gonna bring this thread back to the top. Has anybody tried bullet mirrors from a Nova? The door's top edge seems similar to our cars.
  9. I think you got the backwards Tom, as the rear drops, it arcs away from the transmission. Them diesel fumes at work, I'm sure....
  10. Paul Bell

    Need power seat bracket layout

    Jeff, I suggest you bolt the weld-in plates to the inner seat feet then place the seat into the car on the existing outer studs. This will show you where to weld the plates to the floor board.
  11. Paul Bell

    Blower Saga Continues

    I found this posted by one of the founders over at Chevelles: The underdash a/c units were simply called Comfort Car Air Conditioning and they were for dealer installation. They were recirculating air units that operated independently from the heater/defroster. The factory-installed in-dash a/c in Chevelles and most other car lines was referred to as Four Season Air Conditioning. It worked in conjunction with the heater/defroster and could recirculate inside air, blend it with outside air or bring in all outside air. It also dehumidified the air as it cooled or conditioned it. The Comfortron Air Conditioning was a modified version of the Four Season a/c. It incorporated electro-mechanical and vacuum controls to automatically maintain a selected temperature. There was a temperature sensor in the interior of the car. The Comfortron a/c was only offered in full-size Chevies (starting in 1967), not Chevelles or other models.
  12. Paul Bell

    Need power seat bracket layout

    There's no way they didn't mount to the same studs the non-power seats did. If there was, there would have been a third type of floor pan.
  13. Paul Bell

    Front U & L Control arms - Torque specs

    The bolts that hold the upper control arm cross shaft to the chassis are 7/16" so torque their nuts to 70 lb-ft The end nuts on the cross shaft are pretty big, I'm not sure the size but I'd say torque them to 80~100 lb-ft.
  14. Paul Bell

    Front U & L Control arms - Torque specs