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  1. https://www.jegs.com/i/Auto-Metal-Direct/106/405-3468-1R/10002/-1?year=1972&make=CHEVROLET&model=MONTE+CARLO&submodel=BASE&engine=V8+(+6.6L+%2F+402+) They don't have the driver side except in a front rear combo.
  2. I was checking on some NOS ones from parts place and here is the response i got back. PP: Sorry we do not have any more, repros should be coming out soon ME:Thank you for your reply do you have a guesstimate on the repos. PP:Literally any time now, we sold out of NOS in anticipation of repros
  3. Here is the repop on my 72 custom
  4. Hi doug some info on my car needs changed #36 VIN is wrong should be 1h57u2l519803, also I have black interior and top, i also have 12 bolt open rear end, vinyl bucket seats and console, air, and made in Van Nuys and condition modified thanks for your time Anthony
  5. I have a 72 custom 402 bb(numbers matching) th400 12 bolt 273 non posi originally pewter code 14 with black top and black bucket seats i'll post build sheet and vin
  6. hello all some of you may know me from the facebook groups be on there for a while . so here's a little bit of back story . Got my first mote in 1983 it was a 70 350 300 hp automatic tan in color . bought it out of a junkyard for $400 it needed a trans but i had a 70 impala 4 door i was driving smoked like a freight train but had a good trans so swapt it over and had a good running monte . it was a fast little car even 100 percent stock. Then i wrecked it in a drag race motor and trans still good so when in search of a body . found a 72 orange flame body in fair shape but had some rust in the quarters swapped in motor and trans the 72 had dual exhaust and that really opened her up could get a second gear scratch totally stock. and as a stupid kid always wanting something new i swamped the motor again into a 73 monte and again into a 71 chevelle. so 4 cars 1 motor lol. couldn't kill that motor believe me i tried lol. So fast forward 35 years decided to recreate my high school car found a 72 monte carlo custom numbers matching 402 th400 12 bolt although most of the custom parts were missing i have found all but the lighted rear view mirror low on rust black interior bucket seats . Going to paint flame orange just wanting a nice driver will be doing most of it myself a little at a time . had it in the so called restro body shop for a year what you see in the pics is what got done. So i went and got the car so i guess i'll be doing it myself unless i can find i reputable shop. anyway enough of the novel hope to get some good info on montes here and i know quite a bit about them all ready and hope i can help out also. PS also i have not received my sticker yet thanks
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