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  1. I guess my eyes are shot! I just couldn't tell without the Tilt Lever showing. I discovered this one was being offered in Bend, Oregon and also in Aurora, Oregon on different occasions. Now it's in Texas being sold. Nice to able to follow at least a couple over time. Prior to reading the Window Sticker, I noticed interior floor lights and spotted a wire running up the Trunk Lid support for courtesy light and also the Engine Bay Lamp was present. Even though this one was the duplicate listing, I am happy I took the time to look at all the pic's. Doug
  2. 72 CUSTOM UPDATE - I have 1 new addition and thought I had another but found it to a duplicate. Having the VIN Number really helps me from duplicating listings. 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 11.0 JPG.xls
  3. Still dealing with my Log In issues and while I peruse Posts, I haven't spent a lot of time communicating. I am updating the 72 Custom Database with a couple new entries I have discovered and will Post that in respective Post under 454SS Thread once I have completed the update. Here is the most recent one found and not Described as such in the eBAY AD. Further reading this AD, I read the Custom option on the Window Sticker photo supplied. The Vinyl Top had been replaced but not the Monte Script or the Badging on the Sail Panels. Anyway, just a FYI on vehicle if anyone interested. Odd, it doesn't have as I can tell Tilt Steering Here is the Link below............. 72 Custom Doug
  4. Now Registered for Lodging and Event. I hope this Virus has been settled by then. We have a Swap Meet early next month and waiting to see how that works out. Hope to see ALL there on the 50th Anniversary! Only gonna happen just this once ................ Doug
  5. If not requiring NOS, I have seen several Postings for the complete lower molding trim less the Rocker moldings I believe on eBAY and think the Clips were also included. You may try there, Doug
  6. No, I don't need them but if you don't, there may be another who may need them from the Club. To bad he couldn't have figured it out. Doug
  7. The Rear Tail Panel uses all 6 of those plastic clips as shown in the picture. 3 each side of center. They are not reproduced. I had sent a Member a used set in California & he talked about getting them reproduced using the (forgot the terminology) Stereo Lithography except using current technology. Don't know how that went as haven't heard anything back and guessing it hadn't happened. That had been awhile back. Best of Luck........... Doug
  8. Here is the Latest & Greatest update. Still trying for info on one to make more complete but everything found & serviceable is documented on Spreadsheet. I have been reluctantly moving over to Windows 10 Environment from 7 by purchasing a Windows 10 PC and keeping my Windows 7 for some Programs that I can't replace on 10, primarily my photo rendering program. Anything today appears to be for 1 Seat ONLY or by Subscription. This way, until Windows 7 fails, I won't have to be indentured into Microsoft RENT ME forever programs. In the course of moving info across from one PC to the other, I thought I mistakenly deleted this Data Base and did from the New PC, but still had with latest update(s) on old PC. So, I will now make sure it is on Club Site in case I have another one of those moments. Anyway, any questions, finds, prospects let me know. You have ALL been GREAT helping scrounge them up........................ Doug 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 11.0 JPG.xls
  9. Happy to have you aboard and looking forward to seeing your progress as you restore your Monte. Doug
  10. I have heard the 10 Bolts being used with a little modification on the 12 Bolt Rears but can't say how well they held up. Considering this is a Flex/Stress point, I just wouldn't feel comfortable over time and would think twice before lighting them up. They changed the configuration for a reason, right? JMO Doug
  11. The upper Control Arm on the Diver Side Rear has a notch cut into it as clearance for the 12 Bolt. You can notch the 10 Bolt Control Arm but you weaken the Arm. Pics indicate difference. Doug
  12. Okay Mike got it. Nice to see you had joined. It is a GREAT Club with GREAT people and everyone enjoys offering advise on issues other Members have. Thjat info can be invaluable at times. Doug
  13. Thanx Mike. I put the Vin# and a couple identifiers on the Spreadsheet getting your info started. I will see what I can glean from the Build Sheet but looks difficult to read the info. The serial number in the Vin # you gave me is 1h57j2l558733 but according to the VIN # on the Build Sheet it is 1h57j2l548733. The one 5 should be a 4 as shown in explanation. Having paperwork that you can show me with your car's options so I can include them on your Car into the Data Base. That info helps me make sure I'm not duplicating as well as showing your Build. Once updated, I will as said earlier, Post it into 454 SS Thread under 72 Custom Numbers. My Data Base is on Microsoft Excel 2010 and that is how I am updating this info on FGMCC Page. If you have Microsoft Office, you can download this info if you choose into Excel and even updat for your personal use but the Master is the one I will continue updating to the Club Site or simply return here periodically to see how we are progressing. Thanx and let me know if/when you join the Club so I can confirm that in the Data Base. Doug
  14. Hi Mike & thanx for the info. I will add it to the Data Base directly. Can you send me your VIN #, pic of Build Sheet so I can transcribe your info? Once done, I will provide the FGMCC with an updated & revised copy on my Thread (72 Customs) in 454 SS Forum. Much appreciated. Doug
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