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  1. to the Madness Mark..................... Doug
  2. The Fuel Gauge ground is in the Trunk of the vehicle. You will find it near the inside rear of Trunk shelf as part of the wire loom that runs right under that inside lip of the Trunk. It is a (if I remember) single black wire near the Trunk Lock pad and is screwed into that Pad with a star washer to secure it if still factory. This ground is problematic if not a clean ground if in fact this is the problem you are having (trying to read your fuel gauge)?. I have had to clean up mine on occasion. Hop[e I am remembering correctly on this. Doug
  3. The Rear Power Window Harness routed thru that ribbon under the carpet to the rear & then across to respective side. Pic shows the ribbon with arrow but not the Harness installed. Someone will likely provide a more specific pic but I think you have the idea. Doug
  4. I like it............................. Doug
  5. and nice ride....................... Doug
  6. to the Boards! All the best putting her back together......................... Doug
  7. Did more investigation online and came up with this U Tube video using water based Tire Dressings. 3 types used in this Video. Water Based Tire Dressing(s) Doug
  8. A few pic's showing where I'm at now. 1st 3 show what I'm after while the last one where I'm trying to remove staining. I will attempt using the Fantastic Spray On (careful during application and using sponge to apply lightly) when I go back over again. If that doesn't get it ALL of, back to the wire brushing. Where I had gotten it appears all off, don't think a Dressing would be needed but likely needing done again prior to the next Car Show without the Dressing. The JAX Products look promising and Micheal, your Car looks Incredible. Again, lots of practical advise and will use it eagerly............ Doug
  9. Okay, 2 fans use Fantastic and that sounds like an excellent alternative for what I have tried. As I said earlier, I won't be doing any significant driving until near Car Show time and will apply Dressing at that time. Also, as clean as the Tires are right now, maybe none will be needed. All GREAT suggestions and is much appreciated.................. Doug
  10. Well, I think I finally removed all the Old Tire Dressing film from the tires. If this is what I have looking forward to at the next tire cleaning, I will be looking for another product. As I said earlier, I am sure my initial tire cleaning prior to applying Tire Dressing 1st time caused me more work than would have (I hope). Prior to next Car Show next year, I will apply this Product once more using a deliberately measured amount evenly/'sparingly and then evaluate the result(s) moving forward. Sounds like you guys have a proven method that are comfortable with and I am taking note of it. I decided to 1st see that Tires are spotless and my measured application makes cleaning a breeze or will use your suggestions in part or in whole. Appreciated................ Doug
  11. Hey all, Spent the past few days cleaning my tires. I am finding using Tire Dressing (at least the one I am using) does not remove easily with a Tire Cleaning product or by Washing vigorously. I use Mothers Back To Black to Dress Tires and when I attempted to clean, that Dressing required a wire brush to get the residue & (browning) off the Tires. Now when I initially applied the Dressing, I don't think I spent much time prior cleaning the Tires, at least not near as thoroughly as I have this time. I think I had applied approx. (3) applications with only mild tire cleaning in between applications. Was wondering what experiences (successes, failures) you all have had using a Tire Dressing product. I am of the opinion each time applied, that Dressing has to be thoroughly cleaned from the Tires to avoid that Browning and easier to clean when not applying layers of Dressing? If your Product and the Methods used get you the results and ease of use you expect, looking for those suggestions. Appreciate your thoughts, Doug
  12. and have fun............................ Doug
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