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  1. It is a Custom by it's visible 6 punched holes each side on Sail Panels. 72 CUSTOM Doug
  2. New Update (REV. 23) with a modified Page Look. Instead of Top/Bottom, I moved to Side By Side for better visibility of those I searched/Found but DoNot have enuff info to confirm. (2) New Customs added for a total of (66) Confirmed. Also corrected a couple three items I noticed were not correct. In order to capture the maximum, drawing others to this Page might open the Window for more visibility. Word of Mouth can be a Positive directing them to Thread. Attended a couple local Car Shows recently and am putting out the word, particularly to those who stop, comment on Car explaining it isn't just a 72 Monte, pointing out the Custom badges, letting them know I am Documenting them for a Grand Total. I suspect others have downloaded spreadsheet and that's fine. Again, exposure............. Wow, there's that pesky Banana again! Appreciate all the info provided by the Group as I may not offer that often enuff Doug 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 23.0 JPG.xls
  3. I know this subject has been much talked about & saw this today as I was unaware they were now available (via Parts Place) and appears to have sold one. So just a FYI if had not seen or aware. Advertised $1100.00 shipped. MC Cowl Hood Doug
  4. New update, Rev. 22 dated july 5, 2022. Any questions, please advise. Doug 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 22.0 JPG.xls
  5. While I haven't experienced what you are having issues with, I had a 76 GMC Short Wide Half Ton when putting meatier tires on, it steered differently. Discovered driver side Frame flexed when turning causing poor steering response. Remedy was applying a stiffener kit to front end driver side Frame (2 metal pieces, each welded each inside/outside of frame). Made it more responsive to my commands but never was perfect. Just a thought................ Doug
  6. Gorgeous Jerry. Pewter is my favorite color. I will add your info into the data base and Post a revised copy to this thread in the near future. Glad to see you back in the Group.... P.S. Any info not shown in data base for your Ride is because I don't have that info, like Cruise Control, AM/FM Stereo Radio and the like. Once I Post the update, I can change, modify anytime should you provide more info. So see if anything needs added and then let me know. Doug
  7. Have a New Update to share. Added a couple of Confirmed recently making 63 Confirmed and around 30 that might be but not enuff info to prove such. Attempted getting input but have very little success especially via Facebook Groups. There may be duplicates here as well, but again, not enuff info. Anything you may see, please advise even if you are unsure I may already have it documented. These are becoming further and further apart between identifying that might suggest the Trail is drying up, but time will provide that. Will continue providing updates as they pop up and latest update is the last Revision Number used, currently Revision 22 dated 07/05/2022. Regards, Doug 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 22. JPG.xls
  8. Drop Dead Gorgeous Jared! You should be Very Proud of your Restoration and having your Name attached to it only increases your Personal Notoriety and Professional acumen. Great Car................
  9. I believe the seat belt retractors have the wire in them that would signal if belts are clasped. By disconnecting wires, I think that would kill the Buzzer, I think. Doug
  10. Sorry I missed your question, don't get on here as often as I used to. As to your question, yes, some of the Factory's once used would hide them (I found 2 in Mine for my Car) inside the vehicle and even on top of gas tanks as examples. Duplicates and sometimes another's Build Sheet(s) may end up in one car. There are a couple GM factories where they explicitly left them out as I believe it depended on the facility to enforce or allow it. I appreciate you making the effort to provide this info and please remember me in the future should you believe another Custom has been located. I will simply compare (if VIN #) to ensure not duplicated. Here is a Excel copy of Spreadsheet if you have Microsoft Excel to view it. Even then it is an older version and MS isn't supporting the older version. One day I will have to upgrade when their pricing falls back down into reality................... Thanx again, Doug 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 20.0 JPG (1).xls
  11. Here is the latest update on the Customs. Not a lot of new vehicles added but there are a couple. Many shown on Facebook when I search it for 1972 Monte Carlo Customs which I had documented into a Section lower down from what I classify as those Confirmed. Most haven't responded to my queries for their information but I do at least have some available info on them. Hopefully, those that want theirs Documented will loosen up over time. Any questions, please advise. Please review your info and if incorrect, incomplete, please advise. Every now and then I am finding a error I had made when publishing that info but believe I have made necessary corrections. Just because I have quite a few listed doesn't mean if one is seen, that it has been documented. So if unsure, gather the info or forward it to me for addition or correction. Having the VIN goes a long way in ensuring I don't duplicate................... Will update again once I have gathered enuff new info. Thanx for the Help...................... 😁 Doug 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 20.0 JPG.xls
  12. If going to a Factory Tach and all gauges put in factory location, you will need a New Tach Circuit Board Ribbon as it is designed to operate those gauges in those factory locations. Am sure others will advise on your other queries that I can't answer to. Good luck with your Snow Ball. Thought I had finished mine a few years ago but nope, I was wrong...................... Doug
  13. Been trying to change Water Pump out and have decided I didn't like those GM supplied Hose Nipples and purchased Stainless Steel Hose Nipples. Figured those would not corrode and build up all that ugly around base of Nipples. But those Stainless ones are a bit longer in length (1/4") and prevents me from installing the By Pass Hose onto Nipples as distance is not enough and angle to steep to prevent Hose from collapsing when installed (see pic 1). Pic 2 shows both the Stainless longer Hose Nipples shows both Stainless Fittings So after much tool throwing (for distance) I decided maybe a 45 degree angle fitting would work. My brother had one so I borrowed it and seems to work but, the Fitting isn't 3/4" inside dia., but 5/8" dia. that may change with the larger dia. Fitting installed. I was able to install Hose (see pic) with Pump Side Original Nipple not screwed into Water Pump but in place. I haven't attempted trying to screw in Fitting yet to see if it will thread properly as there is pressure pushing back against the Fitting, but believe it will work. So going to see if I can get that Stainless Steel 45 degree angle Fitting and try it again along with Original Hose Nipple on Water Pump end as I need that additional 1/4" clearance I think!. The GM original Fittings were each only 1 1/2" long and while difficult to secure By Pass Hose, would work, I just don't want those ugly Fittings back on there but probably will need original on Water Pump end. Been messing with it for a couple months now! Some of that time was used cleaning up for a Refresh of Engine paint, primarily on the engine front and refresh Intake Manifold. Even the hose clamps I selected are suspect and will have to test them once all together for any leakage. I tried Spring Clamps, Wire Spring Clamps and will stay with Wire if all works when together. Gettin close but no Cigar as yet. Anyway, just sharing and once I get this issue resolved, I can finish and see if she's still drivable after all my wrenching. I guess when you change from OEM parts, you should anticipate Nothing else lining up unless you have given it some consideration prior to expecting everything to work the same. Well, at least the Motor and Intake look way better than they were. ps; Happy Easter everyone Doug
  14. Ditto that statement! Both are a Testament to what this Club represents and embodies. We are truly blessed that both are Leaders in our Organization and too those that contribute to it's success. It can Never be said Enuff, THANK YOU ALL...................... , oops, kinda went bananas here Doug
  15. Maybe Bowl has just enuff water/fuel in it making it take longer to measure out. Just a thought............ Doug
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