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  1. Hey Lorenzo & to our Madness! Awesome, another 72 Custom.................. I have been keeping a data base on any 72 Customs that show up and are still serviceable cars. GM never calculated how many Customs were made and sold. So I have taken it upon myself to scour the Web and anyplace where one may exist. In order for me to ensure I don't duplicate them as they turn up, I am requesting your complete VIN Number, color of car/interior/ engine/transmission just to get started. Once I have included this then I will add more info to your Car ie; bench/bucklet/ am/fm/ ac/tilt ect. ect. You can send it to me via my email (CAMERONDL@Q.COM) or if familiar with Private Messaging, you can send it securely that way as well. I will Post a revised copy of the Data Base in the ss454 Forum, 1ST Post 1972 Custom Numbers with the new date and revision number as I update where you can go and view at your leisure. This is a fixed Thread and will stay in same location for viewing unless moved to a new location by one the Club Administrators. See any other Customs around, please document the VIN if possible, where at and basic car identification. The more info provided, the better. Counting yours, I have 36 that are known to exist at present. Again, welcome to the Club and looking forward to seeing your build as it progresses. Doug
  2. Sorry, don't have the knob but it is the Light Symbol that is accurate. Shouldn't be to difficult to find a good used one. Doug
  3. Welcome Sully,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Doug
  4. Hey Mike, If that set of Power Window Regulators & Motors are still for sale, I have an interest. Have any Power Door Lock Actuators? Doug
  5. Are you talking about the side marker lites or the tail lights to start with. The rear side marker lites do not flash with the hazards, only the front markers do as well as the front turn signal and rear tail lites. If it is the rear tail lites, could be the ground, the connection or lack of one. If you connected the rear tail lites incorrectly, this would cause your rear flashers not to lite. Double check accuracy of your connections. I am assuming you changed all the original wiring with Autowire? Doug
  6. Thanks for sharing! Pretty rare sight seeing two 1st Gen's together anywhere in Europe/Scandinavia. Way to represent................ Hope you are enjoying them along with the weather you had. Doug
  7. Nice selection Christopher and to the Forum. Doug
  8. The Custom Moldings do not have that chrome strip running along the length of the outside felts. That strip of chrome would get in the way of the Belt Moldings that are standard on the 72 Customs so they are made without that chrome strip. That's the only difference.................. Doug
  9. Way to represent Larry! I know what ya mean about Good Ole Boys. We have several local Shows where this is prevalent. So when you do get picked, I say it is well deserved. Congrats and she looks gorgeous................ Doug
  10. all's I got was this AWESOME FGMCC PILLOW that blends & fits perfectly into my Interior / Exterior decor. Probably the 1st time I ever wished for Twins .......... Thanx to ALL who attended and or had a hand in making once again, another well executed WM. Special mention goes out to April & Aaron (Mayhem), an inside joke for their selfless dedication . You guys really give up a portion of your YEAR all year long planning, communicating and Hosting all of our events. And I believe the turn out is indicative of that dedication you both display. Thank you both so much........... Wow, what a turn out! How many people attended including family? I'm guessing over 60 . The Cars were spectacular as were the people. Got to meet what seemed a huge group of new members/WM newbies that added greatly to my experience. Looking forward to Montana and hope to see everyone & more at this event........................... If you don't make it, all I have to say is So many pic's to sort thru and putting those faces & names with their cars, well , it's gonna take some time..................... Doug
  11. Very nice Terry & to our Madness. Your gonna like it here........................... Doug
  12. Off to a GREAT start this early AM! Went to get my car from the Garage but can;t get door open. Either remote or Code Key box won't respond. I can't get anyone to answer emergency phone number. Looks like after 9:00 AM at earliest I will be able to leave. So much for an easy cruise.................. Just going to be later in the day................ Doug
  13. I had same issues back when our Website Administration changed. My understanding is Microsoft doesn't support Internet Explorer except for Security Patches. Anyway, I changed to Google Chrome and everything okay so far since that time. Once you get acquainted with it, you wonder why you hadn't been using it all along. Doug
  14. Leaving for Summerland in the AM & will see ya all there............................... p,s, All Drive Safe Doug
  15. As said previous. Most of your Part Source Brick & Mortar Stores has them. Open up OPGI, Impala Bob's, Parts Place etc. etc. and look under Decals. Than particular Decal your wanting should be found within that parts group. Doug
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