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    1st Gen Monteholic primary interest. Also enjoy outdoors (camping, fishing, exploring and time at the Beach watching the waves roll in). Of course, family is a Given...........
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  1. Another Facebook posting - 72 Monte $15,000 - I think I clicked the correc5t Link this time....... Doug
  2. Looks like I blew the Link! It was a Facebook Post, so I believe you are correct. Doug
  3. Says originally bought for a 70 Monte? Anyway, in case any interest................. 70 Monte Billet Grill? Doug
  4. I just opened it from here and it's there for me. Not sure your issue.............. Doug
  5. This was back in 2010 if I remember correctly that I installed them. I had the room also on passenger side to install a heat shield around Starter. Wonder if something had changed with the design............... Doug
  6. I installed Dougs 313 Ceramic coated headers in my 1972 402/400 with no interference. Proportional Valve close on driver side but still clearance. Used existing 350 Motor Mounts I think. My biggest problem would be getting to that header flange bolt passenger side firewall end as the A/C Box creates a problem accessing that bolt. Doug
  7. Here are the latest additions that I have been able to document in some detail. Of the 69 identified, it looks as 26 of those 69 have Confirmed Build Sheets matching their Cars records. I am sure there are others, but until I can garner that info, 26 confirmed. Also, 13 are from Facebook Monte Group possibilities/discoveries yet to be fully documented, if any are willing. This update has been once again altered by removing some personal information shown in the last Box of previous document. This New one will have that part of info stored in another Folder for additional info if needed to change/edit current document information. This hopefully makes it easier for those who are reluctant to help ease that fear. Any questions, advise, sightings and details GREATLY appreciated. Over the past 3 years, with all the searching I have been doing, they are getting really hard to locate others and am wondering if we are getting within striking distance of a Best Guess for roadable Customs? I'll continue looking........................ 1972 MONTE CARLO CUSTOM DATABASE.xlsx Doug
  8. I pulled my Rocker Moldings off a couple years ago because I had a few of the original clips missing and driver side Rocker would rattle during drives. I did try replacing the factory clips but found them to be difficult to work with. It was suggested try the Aveco 8400 clips (replaced all originals both sides with plastic clips) with original Rocker Moldings and went on without incident. I recommend those clips.................. I bought a New NOS Rocker Molding set several years back thinking I would use them but considering I was able to reinstall originals without damaging them, I'm good for now. Doug
  9. One other thought that hasn't been considered Aaron is, what is/will requirement(s) for US citizens re-entry be coming back into the US once outside of it (example; will I be required to be tested prior to re-entry?). I haven't seen anything as yet stating that requirement and clarity on this will be important! Also, I may not be able to make this Meet if I can't assure a Covid test within that (3) days and will see what I might be able to do. I will try and have an answer for you by this time next week. Really do appreciate your break neck pivot attempting to salvage this years Meet Aaron. Hard enough putting together the Original only having to go to Plan B in such a protracted period of time. Regardless of my personal situation, I hope ALL who wants to attend is able to attend. Ba assured, whatever Aaron Plans will be fully enjoyed by all. Hope I am able to make it work................... 😁 Doug
  10. Now we need the US to respond favorably! Doug
  11. Yes Sir, that is what happened. Now have to get the Steering adjusted as steering wheel won't align to center and in process, broke the Horn Button! Now gotta search for that item. Doesn't appear to be easily found. Doug
  12. To recap, Front end to Low and tires rub with new 15x8, 4" back space by Wheel Vintiques Rally Wheels on front. Previously 15X 7, 4 1/4" back spacing Rally's. I was interested in the Front Coil Overs and had discussed with Viking. I wasn't convinced they were the ones needed as he kept referring to Chevelle. When I asked about the Lower HD A Arm, he said it wasn't needed but I have been informed from others it would be a good idea and when he said around 4 weeks out, I decided at this point to add the Coil Shims to gain height. Put one on each front coil along with the one set already installed and brought front end up well more than had expected. My Rake is gone but front end is not pointing into the sky and sits decent for now. So, this is where I am at currently. I would still like to do Coil Overs but will wait until Winter for that project. Doug
  13. Saw this today in Facebook Marketplace. Saw Sport Mirror and Under Hood Light but didn't appear to have the Map/Mirror. Further investigation blowing up Pic showed the (6) locating holes for the Custom Sail Panel Badges. Bingo, it is a Custom! $7000.00 is way to much however. It does have elect. Doors and Power Locks that I noticed but not enough Pic/s to really scope out it's Real condition. If it's still around later on in the week, I may get my Custom out, drive down there, have a look and see what he would really take for it. I'll report should I decide to make the trip. 😁 1972 Custom Doug
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