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  1. Thanx for the suggestions guys. I'm considering those spring clamps that you squeeze 2 tabs together to open and releasing tightens them around Hose(s). Not sure they are strong enough to prevent leaking but smaller, only need pair of pliers and less obtrusive. If that isn't the solution, will look at both above but those original clamps can be a pain to remove while any leak from the heat on clamps would require additional work if stranded away from repair shop, but considering. Doug
  2. Hi all, looking to replace my heater hose clamps with hopefully the spring style clamp but not sure if will prevent leaking. Has anyone used a similar type to eliminate those ugly looking screw type clamps? Replacing Water Pump and looking to clean up look with a cleaner look when back together. Any guidance helpful.................... Also replacing factory hose nipples for bypass and heater hoses with stainless as I expect it will not build up the sludge around nipples............ Doug
  3. When I exchanged my 350 CI to a 402 CI, I used the same factory discharge hose without any fitment issues. Can't say it is the right hose but it was like plug & play on the conversion. This is a 1972 Monte by the way.................... Doug
  4. Saw this on Facebook Marketplace. Not certain of the year, but wasn't a Member asking about these in a recent Post or was it a 71? Anyway, for your consideration and not mine. 70 Monte Front Bumper Lights Doug
  5. As mine is a 72 and has Park Wipers, how will this system work with them? I wouldn't want wipers to return to park after each wiper swipe when in intermittent mode. Thanx....... Doug
  6. I also would have an interest in this upgrade. Let us know when you are Ramped up to make them. Doug
  7. Mine wasn't near as nice but still miss it to this day.....................
  8. Aaron, here is my Tranny Tag of a TH400 matched to a 402 BB. Hard to read and might be able to get a better one if needed. Doug
  9. I ended up using fiberglass Resin. I used a hypodermic syringe filled with resin and injected into each of the (4) problematic stripped holes in Dash Pad until slightly overflowing. Once dried, leveled filled holes and installed Pad. Screws tightened up securely and Pad has stayed in secure position last few weeks, so am very happy with result. Then I decided as long as was out, I would repaint Pad as well and repaired my Glove Box chrome Knob from falling of again by crimping around collar. It appears this Knob had been previously messed with and didn't really repair anything. To do this, had to remove cylinder from housing. Only other remaining issue(s) is A/C! I've had a New (NOS) Compressor Pump installed as rebuilt one previously installed leaked oil around front of housing. Recharged A/C, runs for the season and during winter, discharges. Guess I have not found the right Tech to get this loss of propellant resolved for me. 134A propellant compliant, so don't see that as a problem. Will also take her in and have front end suspension checked for needs and aligning steering wheel also. Was going to adjust tie rod ends myself but wanted suspension looked at and steering wheel turns almost 2 full turns to the right but only a turn when left. Then a mild cleaning and under the Car Cover until Nice weather again. Doug
  10. You can find them at automotive paint stores in different diameters. Doug
  11. Another Update headed your way but don't go (sorry, Got the Willie virus). But before I Post it, I had made some minor changes to better describe those that are Confirmed and are Most Likely vs. those that are suspicious and require more or all documentation. I have identified (60) with (57) Confirmed & (3) yet to be confirmed. The remaining possible's have not been replied to or answered back and are primarily from Facebook Market Place. They will remain here until a Confirmation can be determined with VIN# and other identifiers. Their contact info via Facebook messaging has been separated to a different media until I receive permission(s) from them to Post. Still believe less than 100 anywhere and in time, hope we can find that Sweet Spot with everyone's help. Stay Safe All.......................... Doug 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 20 MODIFIED.JPG.xls
  12. Ongoing problem that I have not been able to make permanent fix. Intermittently, my glove box door chrome knob keeps falling off. Thought I had fixed but fell of again the other day opening glove box. So, I am considering buying the assembly/body without the tumblers in it so I can use tumblers from removed body, retaining original Key to open glove box after replacement. Has anyone made this alteration before? And if so, what was required. Been looking at U-Tube but haven't been able to see if/how those tumblers are removed and required to replace in new lock body. Can probably take to lock shop but seems like something I should be able to handle and had body out at one time but never dealt with the tumblers. That chrome knob looks to have been crimped on but no no longer holds knob securely in place. Pic is of the cylinder in question. Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. That was my first thought as I already had it available but balked as I couldn't determine what was inside those Dash Pad cavities where screws secured thru. Was concerned JB wouldn't fill out voids trapping air in them, again because unknown what's involved. Gonna start with Dry Wall Plug suggestion and if decide otherwise, I have everything needed to use Fiberglass Resin to fill those voids if it's fluid enuff or the JB Weld. The whole issue arose when I noticed one of my turn signal dash lites was not signaling and bulb needed replaced. Realized my initial repair was not sufficient when I tried reinstalling Dash Cap after bulb replacements. While using tooth picks held it down initially, the threads relaxed and was noticeable where Dash Cap and Dash structure meet particularly along the left hand side you can see with driver door open. Got the Dash Cap sitting across the Hood in garage and going over shortly to examine a little thoroughly. ๐Ÿ˜
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