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  1. Montelishi came with the heavy rubber Chevrolet logo mats.... They work pretty good.
  2. Yes... I get an error message on the occasional picture too.
  3. The little panel/indicator looks like an aftermarket piece, but it's got a factory hole for installation.... lol And the high tech fiber optic connection reminds me of those little "trees" they had in the '70's where just the tips lit up.
  4. I did something similar to what you're looking to do. Simply took a connector box and linked one side to the leads in the main fuse box, (4 to batt., 4 to Ign.) and mounted it on the firewall below the box. That way I can link fused wires to which ever supply I need.
  5. Any parts shop should have what you're looking for. Just keep in mind that American pipe threads are tapered, whereas British are not. No amount of sealant can solve that problem......
  6. Are you looking to add an actual fuse block, or just a multi point power distribution hub ?
  7. I don't know that I would use it as a lifting point as the thread isn't that big or deep.
  8. I have seen a bracket on later models that went across the back of the block to hold vacuum lines to the transmission use those holes. That was on a '76 Silverado pick up truck. If you're worried about vacuum leakage, just put a plug with some sealant in them.
  9. Hey Paul, is there one on the opposite side as well ? My best guess would be that they are just holes for alternate types of brackets, etc, depending on what the intake was used for and options on different vehicles. Remember, Chev 350's (or any small block configuration) went into so many cars and trucks that they were drilled to fit everything.
  10. Check with Jared.... If his stash hasn't been depleted yet.
  11. They always look so much nicer with a fresh coat of paint. Did your Dad find any coupons for paint in those papers ???? Every penny helps.
  12. The '72 hood spear has a flat face at the front,(thanks to you guys for pointing that out.) Almost big enough to put an emblem in ??
  13. I would think that soaking the foam backing in warm water would cause it to break down..... Or expand uncontrollably. Remember, it's been compressed for 50 years, so it's just waiting to go crazy.
  14. Something with a non corrosive oil should work..... Baby oil seems to be a popular choice.
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