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  1. Hey Mark, if I remember right, one of the "Fast and Furious" movies did their opening sequence in Puerto Rico...... Can't remember which one though. There's been soooo many. LOL
  2. Had to flip my laptop upside down to watch it.... Looks like it was filmed in Puerto Rico.
  3. AND .... You don't have to worry if your dogs will get along with the car.
  4. Yeah, that would be a hard one to pin down considering rad size, displacement, idle speed and clutch/spring settings.....
  5. I think Shorty has the best idea for that...... On his show he invites all his buddies over for a BBQ and "block party". Many hands make light work.
  6. I've seen alcohol fueled Montes before.... But ,isn't all that sugar in the rum hard on the spark plugs ???
  7. We got together at someone's garage, pulled out the tools...... And beers, and usually had the problem solved around 2 a.m. Or when that "somebody's" wife kicked us all out.. LOL
  8. Is there anyone on here that DOESN'T have your number ?????
  9. I'm thinking that Kevin didn't cut the factory original axle..... Looks more like a FoMoCo product under there......
  10. Ran into a guy last night whose buddy inherited a '70 Monte (light green) and is looking to sell it. Told him to check out our site and see if anyone's looking for one....
  11. I have the same regrets about my '86 T-Type..... Didn't have anywhere to keep it when I moved, and I miss it all the time. Especially once I found out how low the production numbers were...
  12. Hey Danny... Welcome to the club. As to your dash lettering conundrum, if you or someone you know is any good with a computer and printer, you could re produce the words on an clear adhesive film. You'd have to remove the original lettering, but I've seen it done. One note to remember if you try it is to put a covering layer of clear film over the word to prevent smearing. Scott.
  13. Online and telephone scams are up again this year..... And targeting the boomers. They'd LOVE to get your money....
  14. Yeah.... But mostly only a few cents at a time. Bought a 5 litre jug of oil in Feb..... $36.00 including tax. Sunday, same jug. Same store. $61.00 including tax. Shopped around first, but they were all about the same price.
  15. Bocce ball ???? Never heard of it..... Is that something "old guys" play ???
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