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  1. Hey Bob, just curious..... What are you using for a transmission ?? If you change up to a 200r4/700r4, the linkage geometry will change. But there are kits for that as well....
  2. There is still some '80's nudity..... But it never ends well. lol
  3. The missing V12 explains the long cowling..... But wasn't it a '67 ??? lol
  4. O.K..... The brain fog has cleared a bit.... (lol) If memory serves, it was 1984's "Silent Night, Deadly Night". I was confusing it with 1974's "Black Christmas"..... Sorry, no college girls.
  5. I think that's the same car from an old Santa "slasher" flick...... Can't remember the name, but it involved college girls with very little clothing getting diced up at Christmas....
  6. The ones I get a chuckle out of are these guys at car gatherings that come with their "restored" classics, yet have never touched a wrench in their lives. And proceed to pick out the flaws (or alterations) of cars that the owners have "lovingly" rebuilt with their own hands. LOL
  7. Unibodies still have "sub frames", so "frame off" rebuilds still include them..... As far as I can see.
  8. Has anyone ever tried making a new one, (or any such part) with a 3-D printer ? It'd be interesting to see the results....
  9. You might want to try Jared Richey..... He's had lots of parts and pieces, and he's just over in South Carolina.
  10. And they're a touch shorter too.... Easier to install.
  11. I've had good luck with NGK plugs. YR5, YR5GP, YR5ix.... Depending on your driving habits.
  12. I read somewhere that Acura seats (buckets) were an easy swap. One could even get seat warmers.....
  13. There's always the option of giving it legs and furnishing the garage......
  14. Switching from the 10 bolt to the 12 bolt widened the control arms enough to rub the exhaust.... Had to re adjust a few hangers to get rid of the rattling noise. Otherwise, it went in perfectly. Even used the same U-joint.
  15. They're home made.... The originals were damaged, so I copied the pattern onto a piece of 3/16" plate steel.
  16. The 12 bolt came from a '72 El Camino. The original plates were in rough shape.
  17. Thud or a clunk ?? How good are your air shocks and rear springs ? Might just be the differential or control arms hitting the exhaust. I wound up switching to gas shocks and re routing the pipes because of a similar issue after I installed a 12 bolt. So it could just be something simple. ;
  18. Scott S.

    cam choice

    I've got pretty much the same set up, except with the edelbrock 1405 carb. and 3.31 gears. I like it, but recommend a torque converter about 2300-2500 stall speed. Like Cbolt said, it's all in your transmission and gears.
  19. How much lift does the new cam have ?? From the looks of the lifter you have, it appears that it would have issues at any rpm.... Lifters shouldn't have different diameters like that. Any float and the edge will catch and shrapnel your engine.
  20. Scott S.


    An inch ??? My cat would still go outside if that's all there was.... LOL
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