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  1. That's why they didn't put much effort into stereos back then......
  2. Not as a factory option. Cassettes didn't make the list until the late '70's. But there's tons of options if you go with that.
  3. Vintage Car Radio...... I think they might have what you're looking for.
  4. Who doesn't like to hear Phil belting out some "Thunder and Lightning" ??? Yeah, you'll need to add some leads to power multiple speakers. But seeing as you have the carpet out, that'll be easy enough to do. There was a place that builds updated "retro " stereos..... I'll look into it and get back to you.
  5. WOW !! You guys are serious resto buffs.
  6. Check out "Mega Parts Post"..... Jared's got tons of stuff, and he's probably not that far from you.
  7. Fat fingers can be an issue too.... Those greasy sausages don't always grip the bottom edge.
  8. They cleaned out my planters last spring as well. Put the bird feeder up in a tree where they, and the magpies, can't get at it as easily. Just wanted to give the little birds a chance.
  9. A good tune up never hurts. And you could check the jetting on your carb..... It may be too high, depending on where it used to live.
  10. Just on the rear. i believe that using them on the front, depending on which offset you use, might rub against the steering linkage in sharp turning. As for tire contact, the age of your front suspension will determine how restricted your turning will be. But odds are pretty good that there will be some contact with that profile of tire.
  11. Out here in the open wilds of western Canada, it can be a few miles between gas stations..... The days of having one every 50 miles are gone, even though some of the buildings are still standing. The things you took for granted as a kid.... lol.
  12. The glass doesn't look cracked, bet it's original.
  13. Nope, just the spear... I think Paul's looking for the console parts.
  14. That sounds good enough.... Just the spear, though. Not looking fr a shift lens.
  15. I had a similar issue with the 3.8 L in my '86 Buick..... Wound up using a hose that was originally designed for a dodge mini van. It worked, but was still a pain to install.
  16. Hi Jared, Could you let me know if you has a '70 hood spear that needs a new home ? Thanks, Scott.
  17. As long as you have the good ones.... Those cheap knock offs don't hold very long and strip the threads way too easily.
  18. Sorry, my bad... I thought you were looking for seat belts. Yeah, the SS's were unique to the car. They only came in black. Although, and probably harder to find, I believe the Buick T Type and Grand Nationals were the same.
  19. They're pretty much generic on '82-'88 Montes..... (all models), so finding one at pick-n-pull would be an easy source.
  20. Parts Place or most of the restoration places usually have them.
  21. I saw something in a Micheal's store a while back. It's more like a "mactac" (if anybody remembers that stuff) that you buy in sheets. You'd have to trim it to fit, but it might work ??
  22. That generation looks like the Lumina series..... Hopefully that's as close to a four door as they ever get.
  23. Found a couple more Montestars...... French Connection and Used Cars.
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