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  1. Dennis are you also related to the Bengtson's that own the tire place on the North end of Santa Fe
  2. Dennis I believe Earl sounds right I think. I had a motor built for a 78 Camaro I had and I could swear it was Earl but I may have to see if my dad remembers. I know there is a lot of Bengtson's in Salina so really hard to say.
  3. Dennis I will definitely see what I can do I have a friend that works for I believe his brother Tom and I know they are both huge car guys. I didn't know one of them had a Monte I am going to have to call my buddy tomorrow and see if he could get me an appointment to see it. Did you have any relatives that would race at the speedway that would of been building motors in say the early 90's in Salina.
  4. Wow what a small world my wife worked with your cousin years ago. I grew up in Assaria in between Lindsborg and Salina. Exide would of been Genaral Battery on the south side of town on 81 highway. It was built in 1974. The salina plant is the largest automobile battery factory in the world. I've been there almost 25 yrs.
  5. I know that's right Willie this isn't my first car to do but it's been awhile since I've been able to do one but I have been waiting for this car for at least 30 yrs.
  6. This is where I'm at today. So far I have been able to put a crate 350 that I had in a Jeep that I traded to get this car. I also had a T350 that was new that I had got for the jeep as well (I'm a hot rod guy so the jeep was going to be slammed and made into a 2 wheel drive beast until this big girl came along). I then put all new springs, shocks and brake system including the booster. I currently wiring and getting exhaust done along with putting a hallow shifter in it and get it running hopefully by mid to late summer. Also have a set of Ralley Rims that I'm repainting to put on her as well.
  7. This was my car when I got it over a year ago
  8. Thanks I'm enjoying the club so far making a meet might be a challenge but guess I will figure that out when it happens LOL.
  9. New member here from Kansas anyone else from Kansas
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