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  1. I found in my garage a used set of air compressor brackets and a pair of air shock protectors I would like to sell for best reasonable offer
  2. http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/pts/2592950552.html
  3. I am building a 1972 convertible I am almost ready to cut off roof Now I am getting scared it's a lot of work and I am trying to do it all myself
  4. Ok so I bought my new gas tank now I need to buy the sending unit I need to know is there 1or 2 pipes coming out of it my car when I bought it the tank and unit were missing how figure out which one I need Thank you
  5. I just did my body off and it had 2 on each side it's a small block
  6. Intake I have this for sale intake and valve covers $100.00 plus shipping
  7. I am in the of putting the body back on the frame I have all the bolts started and Shafts in the 3 line up holes but the body still isn,t measuring on center it seems like about 1/8 to 1/4 off any suggestions on other ways to line the frame up Thanks
  8. Hi all I am looking for a lower drivers side rear patch panel I need about 7 " high from the and part of the wheel wheel any leads Thanks
  9. I just bought the motor I know nothing what so ever about it i have not heard it run I was just cleaning It up with new paint and somehow seen them bent when I took off the intake to clean and paint it was really clean inside oil was decent and it does have roller rockers so I think it was rebuilt
  10. I am having bad luck with motors I bought one it turned out to have a cracked Block now I got another one and changing the intake and found two bent push rods One on each side can anyone give me a idea of what would cause the rods to bend and what other damage I might be looking at I have not heard this motor run yet Thanks
  11. I am in need if a bodyman that is a good welder to weld patch panels @my house in Chicago midway airport area
  12. I am putting my motor and trans and it seems like the trans is mounted about a little less than a inch off center to the drivers side can someone confirm that is right . Thanks
  13. i have sold at least 10 NOS pair's of them all had red paint
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