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  1. Hmmm sounds flat black... The drip rail might be part of what holds the roof skin and the door jamb togther. I have heard to do it right, remove the rail in 6 inch sections ann the weld the roof and door jamb together in 6 inch sections. http://www.pro-touring.com/threads/85096-Shaved-drip-rail-bad-idea-for-rain
  2. I installed this on my Monte's trunk lid: http://www.eddiemotorsports.com/product/chevelle-trunk-hinges/trunk-hinges-68-72-chevelle/ Of course, they defy your defintion of 'cheap'...
  3. Andreas


    My Flowmaster 40 Mufflers had a horrible drone at certain RPMs. I went to Magnaflow 14" mufflers and they are great! Not too loud, just right for my taste.... Then again, my Monte has electric cutouts if I really want it loud!
  4. If you actually need a speedo in a busy downtown area with these type of buildings you are going to fast!
  5. Yeah, I converted the Autometer Speedo in my Monte to GPS as well and it works great! Love it!
  6. Good for you My father died from chain-smoking at age 65 and my sister in Canada is currently fighting for her life after smoking her whole life...
  7. I just bought a set of gauges for another project at www.speedhut.com They offer GPS speedometers, so no fooling around with Speedo Cables, gear ratios etc. And you can design your gauges yourself. Very competive pricing against Autometer! They frequently have a 20% off sale, so join their email list!
  8. Sweet... Brings back fond memories of the time I lived on Oahu and the 70 Monte I drove all over the island...
  9. Andreas


  10. Andreas


    U have to hold ur cellphone the correct way when taking the picture
  11. Season 2, Episode 8 Happy Trees First Aired: August 24, 2013 Updating a 1970s Monte Carlo by swapping the old carbureted engine for fuel injection.
  12. Very sorry for your loss...
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