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  1. I found in my garage a used set of air compressor brackets and a pair of air shock protectors I would like to sell for best reasonable offer
  2. http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/pts/2592950552.html
  3. I am building a 1972 convertible I am almost ready to cut off roof Now I am getting scared it's a lot of work and I am trying to do it all myself
  4. Ok so I bought my new gas tank now I need to buy the sending unit I need to know is there 1or 2 pipes coming out of it my car when I bought it the tank and unit were missing how figure out which one I need Thank you
  5. I just did my body off and it had 2 on each side it's a small block
  6. Intake I have this for sale intake and valve covers $100.00 plus shipping
  7. I am in the of putting the body back on the frame I have all the bolts started and Shafts in the 3 line up holes but the body still isn,t measuring on center it seems like about 1/8 to 1/4 off any suggestions on other ways to line the frame up Thanks
  8. Hi all I am looking for a lower drivers side rear patch panel I need about 7 " high from the and part of the wheel wheel any leads Thanks
  9. I just bought the motor I know nothing what so ever about it i have not heard it run I was just cleaning It up with new paint and somehow seen them bent when I took off the intake to clean and paint it was really clean inside oil was decent and it does have roller rockers so I think it was rebuilt
  10. I am having bad luck with motors I bought one it turned out to have a cracked Block now I got another one and changing the intake and found two bent push rods One on each side can anyone give me a idea of what would cause the rods to bend and what other damage I might be looking at I have not heard this motor run yet Thanks
  11. I am in need if a bodyman that is a good welder to weld patch panels @my house in Chicago midway airport area
  12. I am putting my motor and trans and it seems like the trans is mounted about a little less than a inch off center to the drivers side can someone confirm that is right . Thanks
  13. i have sold at least 10 NOS pair's of them all had red paint
  14. Yes you right kevin the ss emblem goes where the chevrolet goes the monte carlo is the same
  15. i am in the process of making stainless steel polished grill from scratch about the same look as this one
  16. how do i remove the fiber optic washer system without damage does not seem to fit thought firewall and i do not want to break it thanks for your help
  17. i do not have any more i do believe Leo has some in stock if he does not i would be happy to make some more
  18. here is a picture of the ones I made 99% per gm nos parts only back is diffrent
  19. how about in chicago @ sta-bil show on the lake front early june
  20. i have the belt molding on my car i also think white is the only color from chevy even the chevelles in the early have white emblems
  21. Capri i have a yellow top optima with both side and top post and with a stereo system it work out great i think side post is correct
  22. i am not offended anyone can make them thats true but these are 99% correct per g m samples the only ones better are the gm ones think about this 6-7 hours or more after i work 10 hours a day to make them plus material and then black oxide them then sit on them for 4 5 months or longer what do you make 40 50 bucks a set if your lucky i was offered $350,00 for my g m samples so at $175,00 thats not too bad thanks
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