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  1. I'm sorry Jake and Debbie. Sugar was an awesome dog. I remember it being one of the worst days of my life when I went through that with my girl Schatzi. Had her 16 1/2 years. I have always considered myself lucky to have had such a great dog as I'm sure you do as well with Sugar. How's Boo and the new pup doing? I bet they miss her too. I hope the pain fades quickly and the memories last forever.
  2. Now that's funny! Not sure I ever wanted to be one of the Darrel's though!
  3. Hey Doug! As my brother from another mother I thought I'd post a pic of us from both meets in 2010 at The Dalles Oregon and one from my home state in Spokane this year 2013! It was great to see you again and everyone else that attended. Also a pleasure meeting members I had met for the first time. Can't wait to see you all again in Bend Or. next year!!
  4. I renewed/rejoined my membership a couple months back and I received the gift and business cards in the mail but I'm only waiting for my little FGMCC MEMBER badge to show up on my posts. I figured things were from everything that's going on. I'm not sure who puts it up there.
  5. I see what you mean Doug! The guy on Your left in the Hot Rod shirt is Much better looking!! It was a Hot one!! I think I remember 104 that day! I think you're right! I think we did go to different schools together. Boy those were the days! We'll have to get another picture taken in Spokane to update the family album. I was just wondering Doug. Why on a bright sunny 104 degree day did neither of us have sunglasses on?
  6. Thanks Doug! I hope it works out too! I look forward to seeing you and other members again that I met back in 2010 and meeting new members that will be in Spokane. Sounds like this year will be an attendance record breaker for a Western meet! Can't wait! I'll be there with or without my 71 but I will be driving a Monte one way or another. Some say we look like brothers from another mother. LOL
  7. Today a mechanic that had been recommended to me by my neighbor came by and looked at my car to see what it was going to need to make it right. He was not impressed at all with what Turn Key Engines had for the harness set up. It is for marine applications. I should have done more research back then. He is going to look into getting me the best deal for my money to make it right. I think he'll give me a fair deal because after talking with him for a while I discovered he was friends with my brother Fred back in the seventies and knew my brother Joe as well. He shared all kinds of funny stories about my brother Fred who we lost back in 2000. He's going to call in the next few day with an estimate on a new wiring harness and GM computer. I haven't driven her in over 3 years. My goal is to get her to Spokane this year for the Western Meet. I will be there regardless but I really want my Monte there.
  8. I found this. Is this all I would need? http://www.vividracing.com/catalog/bellt...2-p-143563.html
  9. Thanks for the responses. The springs that are on the car now I bought new and when I ordered them I ordered stock 1971 reproduction and like Aaron said, I did not think of the weight difference with my new LS motor going in. In fact I bought the springs before I even thought about an engine upgrade. As it sits now, to me it looks like there's no motor in it. Anyway I was hoping I could just buy new springs that would work for the weight difference or cutting the ones I have to get by till I can afford to do it right. My first idea was to raise the rear with air shocks and have a stance similar to what Lon had years ago on that red Monte he had. I liked that look then but now I like the lower look better at this point. How much is involved with the drop spindles? Are there other parts that need upgrading to make it work? And how much would the drop spindle upgrade cost? I'm still waiting for this mechanic that was recommended to me to come by and look at my car and hopefully give me some kind of estimate on getting it running again. I briefly told him on the phone what my troubles with the car. It needs a real wiring harness and the junk from Turn Key Engine supply needs to be gone. One I get a estimate from him I'll know how much I'll have left to do the front drop and a few other things like a new steering box for example. Does Cameron's son Steve still come on the site? We talked at the 2010 meet about my harness issues. If you're out there Steve PM me. I'd like to ask a few questions if you don't mind. Thanks everyone for any help....
  10. Hi I need to drop the front of my Monte down 2 1/2 to 3 inches. How do I go about this. I heard buying the desired height spring is better than cutting the existing springs. Do I determine the height that I need for the new ones by removing one of the existing springs and subtract 2 1/2 inches from that or is there a better way to figure it out. Also is there any brand that is better than another or any I should avoid. Thanks in advance for any info!
  11. Well I didn't do as much as Steve did but I did pull off the cover that many people warned me not to put on and checked on if she was keeping dry. It's been a couple months or so and she's seen snow and rain almost everyday. Even after the warnings from club members and others around me I had no choice but to leave it covered because it had to be outside a while and it leaks in the trunk and the drivers side rear quarter window. It was covered with a car cover and a tarp over that. I gotta say she stayed dry as a bone and as clean as the day I covered it. So I backed my 04 Monte up to her and got some pics. Then I had to cover it back up real quick because it looked like it might rain. I used one of the pics for my new siggy pic. Heres a few that I thought were kinda cool.
  12. Thanks Larry but I think I should have listened to Tony and Bill. I had to leave town for a couple days and it was raining and I left the tarp on. I got home and pulled off the tarp and cover and look what I've done.
  13. Thanks Tony and Bill. The cover under the tarp is not the best. I just figured that it would help a little not to scratch the car with the tarp. The car itself leaks at the drivers side quarter window and the trunk. i already know about a couple rust issues that the guy in Vegas pretended to fix and pretty much the car is already rotting. I've seen a lot worse fixed here by FGMCC members and I thought the issues were being taken care of on my car but that wasn't the case. It will just get worse quicker so I will probably just push it back into the garage and try and think up plan B. Thanks again guys.
  14. Hi All, it's been so long since I've done anything to my Monte (the 71) that I don't think I have posted in this thread but who knows. Im not looking through 51 pages to see. Anyways I finaly did something to my 71. It wasn't much but it was a start. She still don't start so I pushed her outside and gave er a good bath. It's been sitting in my garage over a year now and I need the space so the bad news is.......No! I would never sell her. But I would make her sleep outside. After she was all cleaned up I put on her car cover then over that with the tarp. Is this overkill or is this not a good way to cover her up for a couple months? BEFORE: AFTER: OVERKILL?
  15. I sure hope I can make it. I got a plan but it just got a little more complicated. If all goes right I'm hoping to make it to Penticton too!!
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