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Idiot Lights to Gauges 1972 Monte Csrlo

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Hi my 72 MC has  402 engine and I located the temp sending unit on the driver's side above the 2nd spark plug. It has 2 spades and 2 green wires going to it. How do I wire the replacement sending unit for a temp gauge with a nail head connector? Do I hook both wires together and attach to sending unit?

Thanks Randy

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All correct me if I’m wrong

the drivers side two wire sensor runs the temp gauge and the transmission sensor ( brain fart can’t remember name). The light green wire goes to the single post drivers side temp sensor. The dark green goes to the newly installed sensor in the passanger head ( yep you have to put one there). Please verify light and dark green to the proper position. This will also be used for me to verify I did it correctly 

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