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Rear End Replacements


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I have a 1970 Monte Carlo and I am curious if a rear end from a same year Chevelle would fit O.K. Are the rear control arms at the same angle ? I am not doing any kind of swap anytime soon, however, I would like to know for future reference. Thank you.

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Yes! Any 68-72 gm A-body rear will bolt right in and be the correct length. 64-67 a-body rears will also bolt right in but are roughly an inch shorter and harder to come by and coil springs need a mounting plate to hold the coil to the rear. 

Some rears are more preferred than others. The 8.2 10 bolt and Oldsmobile style 12 bolts are some that are not preferred. The Chevy 12 bolt and 8.5 10 bolt are the ones to look for. 

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They're a nice, easy bolt in. The only issue you may run into is the U-joint sizing and driveshaft length.  "May" is the key word.

I went from a 8.2" 10 bolt to a 12 bolt (from a '72 el Camino), and because I went with a 200r4 transmission, I had to remove the balancer at the transmission end and shorten the input yoke 3/4". If you stick with the TH350, you shouldn't have this problem.

Easy Peasy. 

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