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Thunder on the mountain

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Went to a show with 3 friends about an hour away in Tehachapi called Thunder on the Mountain. They shut down part of the town for it. About 250 vehicles. Met a guy with another 71. He was aware of the club, in fact he used it for info during his restoration. Talked to him about becoming a dues paying member. We’ll see. Got caught in an unexpected downpour on the way home. Have seen the  Camaro at a few large shows. Always takes home something. Always trailered. IMG_1390.thumb.jpeg.247f773eb606176dd89d77fe94ccdc11.jpegIMG_1391.thumb.jpeg.7d73bb3dc7275e2854eb2742c9bd33fe.jpegIMG_0854.thumb.jpeg.582414a350d3559a5a2a2a2e699e7b23.jpegIMG_1389.thumb.jpeg.91ece1c749b6738bab465aeba9b4b0ef.jpeg

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Thanks for posting the pics, and it is a pretty Camaro. Was at a car show a couple years ago with a sweet looking Camaro, race car setup, cage and all. Asked him what he ran at the track and he replied never been 🙃

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