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G67 regulator rebuild

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Rebuilt 3 regulators and thought I would post process hoping it is of some help. 

1.  carefully remove top circular spring clip that holds all internal parts in place. Measure depth for installation,  try not to distort,  check pictures, I used a vice and compressed the plunger to gain acces for a small screwdriver to pop out clip.

2. Remove the rest of the parts including schrader valve and clean checking both ports and cylinder bore

3. Install new schrader valve and test. ( missed this step and had to start over due to bad valve)

4. Replace o ring, lube with a small amount of Vaseline lube bore Install remaining parts.

5.install snap ring, I used a vice, but it can be tapped in. Caution,  do not press in too far as this sets your pressure. Start a little at a time, pressure should be from 100 - 130 psi. If too low depress further, if too high you have to pull the clip and start over.

6.the picture shows spring replacement (cut to length), o ring replacement  and if missing top spring clip the seal shown works fine. As far as I know the parts are not available. 

Note, you can do all testing on your  compressor. 

Let me know if you have questions 







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Nice job Grant!!!! Something i can look back on when i get there!!!   Tkx for posting this!!!

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