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  1. McCall72

    1970 Monte Carlo SS454 - Tripe Black - Barn Find

    Holy smokes, I just discovered this thread and read the whole thing today. AMAZING work to say the least!
  2. McCall72

    Tip over jig

    I wish I would have thought of this idea about 15 years ago!
  3. Looks great Aaron! Quick tip on those wheel cylinders- WC37024 Raybestos is the part number you need in case you don't have them already. I only say this because some of the box stores sell two types of brake cylinders for these cars. One type has a much flatter surface and seal whereas the other has more of a domed surface. Our cars call for the flat surface/seal type of wheel cylinder. I just went through all of this on my '72 so I thought I'd throw that out there!
  4. McCall72

    Maybe It's Just The Car Guy In Me

    I recently bought a set of those Race Ramps wheel cribs and ramps. Those things are great, light weight and sturdy.
  5. McCall72

    1972 hood spear

    My 72 came with 71 grille and trunk emblems. Highly doubt the original owner swaped them due to their condition when I bought the car 20+ years ago.
  6. McCall72

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    My '85 MCSS' speedo goes up to 85. 😆
  7. McCall72

    Maybe It's Just The Car Guy In Me

    That is ridiculously dangerous and they ought to know better.
  8. McCall72

    Hagerty Article

    Good now maybe the Chevelle guys will stop cannibalizing these classics.
  9. Do yourself a favor and spend the money on one of these proportioning valve block off tools before you bleed your system. It locks the valve in place where it cannot trip on you. They made those things to where if they trip on the front you can reset them, but if they trip to the rear drums you are screwed and have to buy a new valve.
  10. Finished the total rebuild of my brake system this weekend. New hoses (all 3) calipers, cylinders, shoes, pad and proportioning valve. The entire system was packed with some nasty red mud looking material due to moisture getting in the system. Thankfully the stainless steel lines weren't clogged. Car brakes like a dream now. Finally getting to cruise around with the new 2004r/3:31 12 bolt Moser axle Eaton True Trac setup. Man, this car is funner than ever to drive now!
  11. Update: My new BFG white letters have turned brown as well. These are date coded 2018. When I called the customer service number the guy on the phone indicated that its a well known defect but they didn't recall them due to it not being a safety issue. Pretty dumb considering the fact that I'd wager that 90% of the people that buy these tires buy them for the white letters... I have an appointment to have them replaced yet again...I'm wondering if I should just try for a refund and have them install a different brand though.
  12. Been busy, had the 350 turbo swapped for a 2004r, swapped the rear gear for a 3:55 with an Eaton Trutrac posi unit, yanked the poly bushings out of the front end and put Moog rubber bushings and ball joints in its place. Car drives like a dream now.
  13. Yeah Rock you need to call that number in my first post and get a claim started with BF Goodrich before taking it to the tire dealer. BF Goodrich should make it right for your dealer as it's their flaw. BF Goodrich will then ask you to take it to one of their dealers and then you get the dealer to call them and give them your claim number so the dealer and the manufacturer can work it out.
  14. McCall72

    Dash vents

  15. Other classic car forums talking about the same issue... https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c3-general/3917044-white-letters-turning-brown-on-bfg-tires.html https://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/threads/white-letter-problem-with-bf-goodrich-tires.354797/ http://www.stevesnovasite.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-40214.html Reviewers on the BFG site are claiming the same issue.. https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/tire/bf-goodrich/radial-t-a/205-70-r14-93-s--rwl