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  1. McCall72

    TH350 troubles... Time for 200 4R/700R4?

    I put in a 2004R from a '86 Monte SS in my 72. Paired it up with a 3:31 rear gear (my car is a cruiser and low highway RPM's were my goal). At 70 mph my car cruises around 2100 RPMS. A 3:42 or a 3:55 would work good with a 2004r as well. And by the way if anyone incorrectly tells you that a 2004R can't handle a lot of horsepower, show them this video. I had an egghead at Jeg's call my transmission "a grenade" when I called to order parts one time (been shopping at Summit ever since). https://youtu.be/_DDswtLUhdM
  2. McCall72

    Monte's in the snow

    Here in the Charlotte, NC region we have gotten nearly 40 inches of rain from September to today. The most in 140 years! Currently it has rained for 6 straight days with more on the way tomorrow. Enough already!
  3. McCall72

    72 @ Auction

    Awesome car! My OCD is always triggered whenever I see an immaculate Monte with a faded out grill emblem though. lol
  4. McCall72

    Little cold outside

    I remember getting off the plane when my company sent me to Duluth Minnesota (Duluth Airport still had those roll up stairs to the plane) and it was -33 degrees there and thinking to myself "why was this land settled? Who in their right mind say's nah, I'm good you guys keep heading south I'm staying." LOL Must have been a bunch of Vikings.
  5. McCall72

    Opinions everyone!

    Earnhardt never had a vinyl roof so neither will I. 😁
  6. Sent you a PM Sendo
  7. I have a new in the package 1970 emblem from Trim Parts. 50.00 shipped.
  8. McCall72

    Not All Monte Related But There Are Dirty Pictures Here

    Been there, done that! Good luck with it!
  9. McCall72

    1970 Monte Carlo SS454 - Tripe Black - Barn Find

    Holy smokes, I just discovered this thread and read the whole thing today. AMAZING work to say the least!
  10. McCall72

    Tip over jig

    I wish I would have thought of this idea about 15 years ago!
  11. Looks great Aaron! Quick tip on those wheel cylinders- WC37024 Raybestos is the part number you need in case you don't have them already. I only say this because some of the box stores sell two types of brake cylinders for these cars. One type has a much flatter surface and seal whereas the other has more of a domed surface. Our cars call for the flat surface/seal type of wheel cylinder. I just went through all of this on my '72 so I thought I'd throw that out there!
  12. McCall72

    Maybe It's Just The Car Guy In Me

    I recently bought a set of those Race Ramps wheel cribs and ramps. Those things are great, light weight and sturdy.
  13. McCall72

    1972 hood spear

    My 72 came with 71 grille and trunk emblems. Highly doubt the original owner swaped them due to their condition when I bought the car 20+ years ago.
  14. McCall72

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    My '85 MCSS' speedo goes up to 85. 😆
  15. McCall72

    Maybe It's Just The Car Guy In Me

    That is ridiculously dangerous and they ought to know better.