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  1. Interesting, red walls on the red car, double thin white walls on the blue one.
  2. I have them and they work great.
  3. Just wrapped up a new stereo project in the 72. Removed the entire interior, installed sound deadening material everywhere along with a layer of self adhesive foam on the floorboards, inner rear wheel wells, trunk divider, firewall and underneath the dash. While I had the interior out, I gave peices that needed to be touched up some of The Parts Place's interior paint along with the new kick panels with 6.5 speaker cutouts. Installed a Retrosound Hermosa stereo, JBL amplifier under the seat, new JBL 6×9 speakers with deluxe mesh package tray in the rear, and Pioneer 6.5 speakers in the front kick panels. Everything went back together nicely and the car sounds great now.
  4. Wanted to make sure I have that metal seat filler that attaches to the arm rest assembly correct....the one I have pictured is the drivers side rear arm rest, is the flat side supposed to be against the side of the car and square tab side against the rear seat? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm fortunate to have several stations near me that sell ethanol free gasoline. I won't run any of that ethanol gas in any of my cars.
  6. Thanks for the replies gentlemen.
  7. Hi all - given that most modern alternators have internal regulators now what do you do with the external voltage regulators our cars came with? Bypass? Unhook? Leave connected?
  8. Hmmm. I had to shorten the driveshaft on mine by about 1.5 inches. I have a 12 bolt rear end if that makes a difference.
  9. Added boxed rear control arms and a rear sway bar. Car handles really well now.
  10. Well dang, that kinda defeats the purpose. LOL
  11. This is the passenger side mirror that matches the remote chrome mirror on the driver side..does Morris have one that matches the remote one these days?
  12. Arise from the dead ancient thread! Bruce's write up is too good to keep buried... One question, has anyone installed the chrome non remote mirror from The Parts Place? I would imagine that it is the same mirror that Ausley's sells but I had a friend install the one from The Parts Place and it didn't look as level as Bruce's mirror. Maybe it was an installation error, but I wanted to check before drilling holes in my door!
  13. I put in a 2004R from a '86 Monte SS in my 72. Paired it up with a 3:31 rear gear (my car is a cruiser and low highway RPM's were my goal). At 70 mph my car cruises around 2100 RPMS. A 3:42 or a 3:55 would work good with a 2004r as well. And by the way if anyone incorrectly tells you that a 2004R can't handle a lot of horsepower, show them this video. I had an egghead at Jeg's call my transmission "a grenade" when I called to order parts one time (been shopping at Summit ever since). https://youtu.be/_DDswtLUhdM
  14. Here in the Charlotte, NC region we have gotten nearly 40 inches of rain from September to today. The most in 140 years! Currently it has rained for 6 straight days with more on the way tomorrow. Enough already!
  15. Awesome car! My OCD is always triggered whenever I see an immaculate Monte with a faded out grill emblem though. lol
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