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  1. Mine are 3/8 wide and 1.5 inches from the rim. Personally I think the 1 inch from the rim would look good though.
  2. Thanks for the replies all, I may stick with the current 3 core radiator, but swap out the old water pump with a high flow one. Cbolt, I will try that this afternoon. Thanks for the info!
  3. I think you may be right...notice an increased amount of noise from the water pump pulley. Bearing may be going bad. Probably going to go with a 4 core radiator as well. Another thing I noticed today is when I try to turn the temperature over to the "Heat" setting, the slider only goes over to about halfway and stops. Cable may be bound up. May be time to pull the AC box and have a look!
  4. Hmm, well the ball valve restricting the flow of antifreeze to the heater core made the temperature on my temp guage sky rocket so it looks like that won't be an option. The quest continues....
  5. That's a wealth of information there, thanks so much!
  6. Thanks do much for that diagram and link. Very helpful! I suppose I could probably just install a ball valve on the manifold heater hose and cut of the flow to the heater core in the summer as well. May try that in a pinch.
  7. Based on my memory the lever does move the door to wide open when you turn the selection to "Hot", but at "Cold" the door is not completely shut. Doesn't seem like it was designed to be completely shut from what I can tell.
  8. Hi folks, I need an education on 1972 AC boxes. I'm getting heat in the cab originating from the AC box even when the temp is set to cold. Is there a mechanism that should be restricting the flow of antifreeze into the heater core when the temperature is set to cold? Maybe it's time for me to rebuild by AC box...
  9. They have those in 225/70 R15, but I went with the 215 70 R15. These are the 3/8 inch white line Diamondback SS tires. Thanks for the compliment, and good luck with your search!
  10. Check out Diamondback Tires if you are looking for a whitewall tire. They make them in a variety of sizes. I put them on my 72 and I'm very pleased. www.dbtires.com
  11. Wow! What a beauty! The ultimate "NOS" item.
  12. When I built tires for General/Continental we always inserted a layer of film between the black and white rubber in the extrusion process. This was done so the black rubber wouldn't "leach" into the white rubber and stain it. Something tells me that BFG isn't doing this anymore. If they are, Quality Control should have caught this....trust me these tires are put through an insane litany of test before being released to the consumers.
  13. Here's the Diamondback SS white line tires installed:
  14. Just read the reviews: https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/tires/radial/radial-t-a.html Sadly, its been going on for years now. I've had 3 sets in 3 years and all three have turned brown. My Diamondback SS 3/8 white lines came in today and I'm having them mounted tomorrow so I will post up pics soon.
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