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  1. Part number is the decal on the box in the pic below. Hard to take "good" pics of seatbelts but here you go!
  2. I installed the modern shoulder belt set from https://www.morrisclassic.com/ . Fantastic set, great quality and a direct bolt in. Well worth the money.
  3. Door pulls from Legendary Interiors finally got here. Look like a dead match for the originals. Nice kit, expensive but nice.
  4. I fortunately live near a large lake so non ethanol fuel is everywhere here (for the boats). I run it in all my vehicles. That ethanol fuel is crap.
  5. Super nice car. No need for the clone badges IMO as it stands alone well without the fake SS livery but to each their own.
  6. They are Milestar and yes the WSW are bonded. Happy with the ride. They weren't cheap, right at 1200 shipped.
  7. I ended up going with the Diamond Back 3/8 inch whitewall. Took me a while to get used to whitewalls again after 25 years of running white letters but I've grown quite fond of them.
  8. Thanks for this thread. I've been searching for repopped door pulls for oh, about 15 years. Odd that those didn't come up for me in any of my numerous Google searches for them. Ridiculously expensive, but my search is over for them....27.00 shipping, seems a tad high too.😐
  9. The 4th Gen SS was my first love (thanks Earnhardt!). I had an Aerocoupe back in the day and sold it to buy my 72. Came across my 85 around 10 years ago and HAD to buy it. 49k miles, untouched all original and the guy was selling it for 3100.00. I never drove faster to the bank in my life! LOL!
  10. Just gave them both a proper cleaning in the surprisely pleasant South Carolina weather today.
  11. I bought the one that The Parts Place sells, but don't have the guts to drill holes in the door. I've seen so many that claimed to be for Montes and they turn out to not have the correct base on them.
  12. Love that gold. Sometimes I wish I would have painted mine that color!
  13. You should show your dad this restoration series of an 85 Fiero if he hasn't seen it already. Great series.
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