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  1. Hi guys, My apologies, I must have a setting messed up on my end that's not allowing me to get notifications when someone replies to a thread I've started. Larry and Willie, I'm sorry for leaving you two hanging. Larry, I will PM you to see if you are still interested and I will email you some photos so you know what you're getting. Willie, I will be in touch either way so you're not kept out of the loop. Jeff
  2. I have a driver's side rear wheel well molding for sale. I bought an NOS set of moldings years and years ago and have used what I've needed on cars I've picked up along the way. I took this piece out of a torn wrapper to use on a '72 survivor, but found a nice used molding that looked more appropriate on the car. Anyways, it's new, but out of the box. I'll post some photos tonight. $50 plus shipping from 53154. Jeff
  3. tid

    Tailpipe Hangers question

    Paul, you're spot on. From the photo provided, your tips seem to be positioned within assembly manual spec. I haven't measured, etc, but boy I've seen a lot of those SS tips over the years. It seems guys are getting more careful about installing them in the factory position, too. Jeff
  4. tid

    WTB wheel trim

    Sorry Vince, the piece I have is for the driver's side. I left you a voice mail yesterday. Good luck in your search. Jeff
  5. tid

    WTB wheel trim

    Vince, I have a piece of NOS rear trim that I took out of the wrapper to use on a car, then didn't need it. It's been on my parts shelf in the basement since. I'm not sure which side it is, but I'll check tonight. $50 plus actual shipping. Jeff
  6. tid

    rocker color

    Here are more.
  7. tid

    rocker color

    Here are a few photos
  8. tid

    rocker color

    My three original paint cars all had satin-ish black. My cars were all more flat than gloss, though, so I'm not sure if that qualifies as "satin." My thought is 30% gloss. Jeff
  9. Hi Doug, I think I have some information that will help. I haven't had great luck finding build sheets in Kansas City built cars, but got lucky tonight and found mine under the rear seat! Box 47 says R89 and T60 is not listed as an option, so I'm pretty certain I have a big block car WITHOUT a heavy duty battery. Excellent list of options with this survivor, though, and it was a customer order to boot! Jeff
  10. Hey Guys, my memory is escaping me. I'm familiar with the heavy duty battery option on build sheets, but I currently don't have a build sheet for my '72 402 car. My understanding is that for 1971 and 1972, the standard battery was a side post R89S battery and the heavy duty battery was a R89W. Would my 402 car automatically have an R89W because it's a big block? I'd like to get a correct battery for the car and there's enough difference between the S and W that I'd like to purchase the correct one. If big block cars didn't automatically come with the R89W, is there another way, other than looking at the build sheet, to determine which battery a car came with? Gauge wire or part number on my original battery cables? Some other distinguishing factor? Thanks for the help. Jeff
  11. tid

    1970 SS COPO

    Steve, sorry to hijack the thread. Is the swap on the 23rd well attended by sellers? Any guess at the number of spots? I'm just north of you in Oak Creek and don't want to make the drive unless it's a decent swap. Thanks and hope all is well. Jeff
  12. tid

    GM stamped Rad Hoses

    I've purchased from Jeff before and I think his hoses are the most authentic on the market. The fonts on his stamps for alternators, brake boosters, etc are also spot on. I've compared them with a couple survivors I've had and this guy knows what he's doing. I've emailed him questions a couple times too and he's gotten back to me within a day or so, which is a bonus. Jeff
  13. tid

    Chrome Exhaust Tip Question

    Dale,I installed the tips on two of my cars to the specs you referenced and I was happy. Both were big block cars, so like you, it was important for me to have the exhaust looking as correct as possible. Jeff
  14. tid

    Build Sheet Repair?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it. For the meantime, I think I'll photocopy it with the blank underneath. When I go back to work in fall, I'll see if our librarian can work some magic with the laminating machine. Thanks again! Jeff
  15. I took the bench seat out of my '70 today to lube up the seat sliders and found the build sheet in the springs. I got it out, but it was torn wherever a spring was on the paper. Does anyone know an effective way to put the sheet back together? I don't want to use tape because it'll yellow. I wonder if there's a home laminating kit or something available that I can "press" together? I can't run it through the laminating machine at work because it has to be intact. BTW, I'm not looking to spend big $$, this isn't a 402 or SS car, so the build sheet is really for my own amusement. Thanks fellas- Jeff