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  1. Welcome to the family my friend. That's a nice 72 you have there
  2. I'm late on thanking you all for the prayers. Bill's doing great and he got married Saturday evening. Again thanks for the prayers.
  3. Prayer request for my brother Bill he had a heart attack this morning and is in the ICU
  4. i want to say that JARED done a great job hosting this meet. and sherry took some great pics of this crew THANK you both for all the hard work
  5. Where is is the information for the motel for the Eastern meet
  6. Welcome to site nice MONTE
  7. anybody in the tri cities area or close by. im wanting to get together and go to some local cruise inn's
  8. Donny vestal

    donny vestal

  9. nice ride and welcome to the family
  10. What up donny vestal...

  11. What part of TN are you from. Glad to have another TN member
  12. Answer this what did you pay for it when you bought it. I'll start I paid 500 dollars for my 70 in may of 99 and joined the fgmcc website in 05 and the club in may of 06 at BRI STOL motor speedway
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