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  1. Well, after a bit of difficulty in transport, she finally made it to her new home.
  2. Here are all the picture (other than what I already posted) that I have at the moment.
  3. Thanks, Jared. It is very nice, the paint is starting to show it's age and I am starting to think about getting it painted this fall/winter but I already have one in the shop being restored...it has been there nearly 2 years and is still a long way from finished. The shop is run by a friend of mine and he just works on mine when he has a break between insurance work. The car will be super nice when finished but it is really taking a looong time... I might need to find another shop LOL.
  4. Yes Dennis my SSs should be jealous as this seems to be a very nice car. It is Fathom blue with a black vinyl top and the interior is blue cloth. As mentioned in a previous post, i was able to confirm (with pictures) that the motor and transmission are numbers matching. According to the seller, the car had one repaint which included some minor ding fixes back in 1980. The metal is all original and solid (no rust) but there is the beginnings of some bubbling at the rear window but it looks to be just surface. I will know more when I get it here and can look it over and get it up on the lift but I am super happy to have found it. I am not yet sure how original I will keep it...maybe just change out the bench for a set of buckets with the console and possibly add A/C. Of course I will keep the original parts but I just can't see me enjoying the four speed with a bench seat haha. My buddies all think I am crazy LOL because all I do is buy and never sell anything. I now have 6 1970 Montes...4 - SS454s, 1 - Covertible, and this latest 1 a BBC 402 with 4 speed. All the Monte's are original numbers matching (except of course the convertible which is just a super nice example of how the conversion should be done) and in near perfect condition. In addition I recently bought a 1935 Chevy truck that although complete and solid (no rust California truck) is in pieces and needs painted and reassembled. It is a good thing I don't have a wife, I would likely have been shot by now. Here is a picture of some of my collection in front of my shop...
  5. Thanks for the input guys. Yes Dennis, I was aware of that location and it turns out that is where this motor is stamped...it is a numbers matching car. I just bought it YAY!!!
  6. Hello everyone. I have been away for awhile focusing on other things. As some of you know I have several (4) 1970 SS454s and earlier this year acquired an extremely nice example of a 1970 Monte Carlo convertible. Before I bought the convertible, I was quite sure I was happy and didn't need any more Monte Carlos. However, as many of you can attest to this hobby is really more of a sickness and there is always (seemingly) good reason to buy just one more when something special comes up...and that is how I ended up with the convertible. Well, now another gem (I think) has become available and I am trying to determine a fair value so I can determine whether I should buy it or not. The car is a very solid 1970 Monte Carlo with factory 402 with the M20 4 speed transmission. It is a bench seat car with no options except AM/FM mono radio, tilt wheel and the gauge package...no A/C or power options. It is also a Flint built car so there is no build sheet to authenticate it. That said, the owner is fairly confident that the engine and transmission are original and that the car was repaint once in the early 80's. Trying to validate the motor I have not been able to see if the partial VIN is stamped on the pad behind the alternator (just can't see it well enough) or not but I can see the stamping has the characters "T0401CKR". I have been able to determine that the "CKR" suffix does denote a 402 with a 4 speed trans from a 1970 Monte Carlo (or Chevelle). So the questions are... 1) Is the "CKR" designation enough to prove the car is a factory 402 4 speed car and that this is likely (though not positively) the "born with" motor? 2) How much should the lack of proof certain of the numbers matching status of the car impact the value
  7. WOW Learn something every day. Although mine is not original to this car (it is an SS454) I was told it was original to the donor Monte it came out of. I have also seen several others that all had knobs and shifters like mine so I just assumed that is how they came.
  8. My 1970 has a white shift knob with the 4 speed pattern...was this different for 1971
  9. I have a rust free roof removed from an Arizona car that I wont be using. PM me if your interested and we can see if we can figure out a way to get it to you.
  10. Does any one know where I can get a correct dipstick tube (and dipstick) for the TH400 in my 1970 SS454
  11. What is the difference between new cragars and old school cragars?
  12. I have two for each of my cars. One that rides (permanently) on the package tray and one I sit on the breather at car shows. The pictures below show the silver one but I have the same thing for the red one but it has already been put away for the season. I have the cars for the gold one (which is still in the body shop) but like Dennis, I will need to get them painted...they did not make a gold model as far as I know. One cool point, the silver models have what look like Crager wheels and my silver car also has Cragers The red models have chrome rallys and my red car has rallys as well.
  13. I am pretty sure that is a repost of a car I bought more than a year ago. I have the same picture from when I bought it.
  14. My first choice would be a highly optioned 1970 402 in Cortez silver with an automatic and bucket seats. I had this car when I was in high school and have many great memories in and with the car. My second choice would be the 1970 SS454. I have several (3) of these cars now in various colors all with black vinyl tops and bucket seat interiors and I love owning and driving them all. My third choice would be a 1971 402 4 speed just because of the rarity. While I like all of the first gen Montes the 1970 is my favorite. I love the grill and parking lights of the 70 far better than the 71 or 72.
  15. I am interested...would be really cool to get them painted to match our cars. That would make easy to know which keys go with which car.
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