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English Town N.J. swap meet

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Hey Kevin, I need to go to sell some of my stuff, no monte stuff just stuff taking up space in the garage. Do i have to reserve a spot, i have there phone 732 446 7800. 

What time and day are you leaving to go up, maybe i will jump behind you guys? Text or message me if you like.

PS do you have room for your seat on the way back, if i have room to put it in?


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Just wanted to say a BBBBBIIIIIIIGGGGGG Thank you to Kevin, Tom and Toms son Tom (he is too big to be a little Tom) for there great hospitality. We had a nice couple of days at the swap meet at Englishtown. The weather was not a total 10 but was do able. But the company and the hospitality was top of the line!!!  Also for introducing me to their friends, what a fantastic group of guys. You would think they should be Monte guys but there favorites are the other 2 car companies. I personally will not hold that against them though. 

I cant believe they had so much stuff in that trailer (the pic above was before they really loaded it. lol) It was like when how many people can you fit in a VW as God knows 30 people walk out. And yet they sold most of it.  They also reminded me of them (Kevin and Tom) being the Mayors of the track, they knew everyone. Talking to people as they were walking down the aisle. There was a time that that Tom had to cup his hands and shout a women's name as so she could hear him and turn around and realized Tom was a friend from the past. Great to see and reminded me of years past!!!

So Thanks Again to you guys i really appreciate you letting me in the group!!!

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Thank you Willie for supplies of soda and doughnuts!!! Had a great time ,wish the weather was better but that is always part of the experience lol. You are always welcome anytime if you can deal with us after our adult beverages and our loud talkers. Thanks again P.S. enjoy your free swap meet gift of the the free engine block prize lol. 




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