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2022 Eastern Meet Informational Thread

Rob Peters

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This thread will provide information to members who have already committed to attending the 2022 Eastern Meet in Carlisle, Pa.  I am going to lock this thread to prevent replies so the replies don't hide the information needed for others.  If you have any questions or comments please address them to me by a Private Message here on the boards or in an email to me at rob29ford@aol.com.  

My first informational post will following this message.

Rob Peters

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Good Evening to you all,

If you are receiving this email it is because I have you on the list as coming to the FGMCC 2022 Eastern Meet in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
This is shaping up to be one of the largest Eastern Meets we have ever had.  As of tonight only one room is left in our block of rooms at the club host hotel.  I have requested extra rooms but I don't have much hope in getting any rooms added to our block.  It seems the hotel is already almost totally sold out.
If in the future it looks like you will not be able to attend but are holding a reservation please do not cancel your room because it looks like I will have to start a list of members in need of a room and I would like to fill our "Block Rooms" with club members and if you cancel your room we may lose that room from our block.
If you have not already registered your car please do so as soon as possible.  If we get enough early registrations the Carlisle Events people will provide the club with a free club canopy.  I also ask you to properly register your car in the appropriate class.  You can register your car by going to the following link:  https://store.carlisleevents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=2022-031
When registering your car please use the following guidelines:
STOCK CLASS:  In stock class your car will need to be as close to how it originally left the factory.  You will not be allowed any more than 3 alterations from factory correct.  Each individual item from factory correct will be considered an alteration.  In other words if you have a non factory air cleaner that is one alteration.  If you have non factory valve covers that is an alteration, if you have after market headers that is another alteration, if you have visible electronic ignition that is an alteration.  Each alteration is an individual alteration.  If you have an after market radio that is an alteration.  If you have pin striping that is an alteration.  
STREET CLASS:  In street class your car would be allowed 4 to 6 alterations from factory correct.  Again, each individual item from factory correct will be considered an alteration.
MODIFIED CLASS:  In modified Class any car with 7 or more alterations will be considered Modified.  
We do allow safety items that will not be counted as alterations such as passenger side rear view mirrors or after-market 3-point seat belts.  If you have any questions on safety modifications please ask me if they will be accepted as a non-alteration.
For those arriving on Thursday, we will have our usual Pizza Party for our Thursday Dinner.  As usual this will be a per person charge for the pizza and everyone will supply their own beverages.  Unless prices have gone up I am going to try to keep the cost at the usual $5.00 Per Person.
On Friday and Saturday we will leave the hotel as a group and gather outside the show field gates and try to enter the field as a group.  I am in the process of starting to arrange the club Award Dinner for Saturday evening.  With a group this large it will present issues of finding a venue large enough for all of us.  More news on this will follow.  
This will be the first message to all members who will be attending.  As more news develops I will send additional emails and posts here on the boards to keep you all updated.  
All questions should be directed to me at my email of rob29ford@aol.com
Rob Peters
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Mark, One thing you will need to do is become a dues paying member of the club.  You can find how to become a dues paying member of the club by going to the first forum on the boards which is callled "New Members? and look at the first post on that page.  If you have any questions after that you can email or Private Message me. 

You can find all of the information you will need is click on the picture below:  



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