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Daytona spring Turkey Run


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Is anyone else going to this coming weekends spring Daytona turkey run at the speedway? If so, Ill be there all weekend and this can be a potential great venue for future FGMCC mini meets. I will use this thread to see if there is any interest and move forward from there. 


Ill be attending with the local car group, located at the turn 4 area, between the garage and tunnel. Come see me if you are at the show. We will be grilling and chilling most of the day. 

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My buddy went to the thanksgiving run a few years ago, one or two, and there were 6 to 8 first gen's. All I know is that place is HUGE so bring comfortable walking shoes. 🤣 I'd like to make it there one day, I'll be on the road so take plenty of pictures and get some new members signed up 🤣

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I wish it was a few weeks later.   We will be coming down on the Auto Train for a wedding and the Auto Train comes in at the Sanford Station and then on up to the Jax area to visit the old neighborhood and Jax Beach and the wedding at the Golf Hall Of Fame down near St Augustine


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