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  1. sendo

    rust under rear seat

    mines has a piece almost rotted off in the circle
  2. sendo

    rust under rear seat

  3. sendo

    rust under rear seat

    thanks Steve, but what about the brace looking thing with the two holes in it?
  4. sendo

    rust under rear seat

    what part is this? cant find online probably because I don't know what to search for
  5. sendo

    power trunk button

    https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Momentary-Button-Switch-R13-507/dp/B07FRWRZCS is this about the same size?
  6. anyone have a power trunk button for sale, think i need a green one for 1970 MC
  7. sendo

    surface rust

    how about this stuff in a spray can? for the hard to reach places https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-black-rust-encapsulator-paint-over-rust.html
  8. sendo

    surface rust

    rust inhibitor , what brand do you recommend ?
  9. sendo

    surface rust

    here some in the trunk
  10. sendo

    surface rust

    hello, just removed my dash so I can install a/c and power windows and notice surface rust on some hard to reach spots, any suggestion on how to take care of it?
  11. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    is that close to the original ?
  12. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    https://www.ebay.com/p/Gmk4032260691s-1969-1972-Chevelle-A-c-Hose-Goodmark/1271848636 is this the right hose for my car?
  13. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    anyone know the sizes of bolts I need for my a/c bracket? 454 with 1st style brackets
  14. sendo

    the right stuff

    anyone else have problems with them? ordered a master cylinder last year in Dec, I call and its always next month, called today and now its going to be in the middle of April
  15. sendo

    wtb 70 power locks

    bought aftermarket actuators, will still like the oem power lock switch