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  1. sendo

    power window install

    finally got some power windows, got a question on the main power wire. does it connect to the fuse box like in shown on this page? http://www.buickperformanceclub.com/PW.htm or does it go to a circuit breaker in the engine bay and from the circuit breaker to horn relay? this is for a 70 monte thanks, Sendo
  2. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    What about the POV valve?
  3. sendo

    old/new member

    how long does it take to get the FGMCC badge under your name?
  4. sendo

    Air Ride Compressor Color

  5. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    https://originalair.com/70-72-chevelle-el-camino-malibu-monte-carlo-sprint-condenser-parallel-flow so what im understanding is if you switch to 134a and don't have this condenser it will not cool at low rpm, so sitting at a light or stuck in traffic it will not be cold
  6. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    did you change your condenser to parallel?
  7. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    134a or r12? dont know if I should buy orginal parts like the condensor stock 170.00 for r12 or parallel for 134a 300.00 after tax and shipping. what else have to be changed hoses, evaporator? r12 is 69.00 to 100.00 bucks on ebay
  8. tried to pm you, maybe full?, send me your paypal
  9. does anyone have the plastic piece that I am missing or a complete one for sale? thanks, sendo
  10. sendo

    amp gauge

  11. sendo

    amp gauge

    can you tell me where to find Dennis's step by step instructions thanks Sendo
  12. anyone has or know anyone selling a complete power window setup for a 70?
  13. sendo

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    thanks again