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  1. https://frederick.craigslist.org/pts/d/mount-airy-monte-carlo-nos-wheel-well/6933690147.html
  2. 71MonteCarloMD

    Another high in the back hood

    +1 to what Joe said as get front of hinge up and back down so it will force spring to pull the hood down as I have same problem but haven’t fixed it yet, let us know how that goes.
  3. Tom I got mine from Jared Richey, check with him if others didn’t have what you need.
  4. 71MonteCarloMD

    In Utah, at a crossroad

    Spencer, saw this posted on eBay, guess you opted to sell it? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/e11021.m43.l3160/7?euid=39daa3cbbfc5419aa5f49f1b9a9f5f2b&bu=44241126637&ut=RU&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192989177916&sojTags=bu=bu,ut=ut
  5. 71MonteCarloMD

    Pictures not showing up

    New posts works but not for the posts before the upgrade.
  6. 71MonteCarloMD

    Pictures not showing up

    Paul, you are right as my recent posts that included pictures no longer shows as it may be from the upgrade that needed to be fixed. Rick
  7. 71MonteCarloMD

    Rear bumper brackets and lights?

    I am wondering if rear bumper brackets, all 5 pieces can be interchangeable for 70, 71 or 72? And reverse lights, are these same for all FGMC years?
  8. 71MonteCarloMD

    Restore door hinges?

    Rob, I don’t see any loose movement on my existing hinges so I would probably leave it as it is as it’s still sturdy but have lot of surface rust. Am thinking of applying POR15 on entire hinge, any concerns?
  9. 71MonteCarloMD

    Restore door hinges?

    Rob, I see and I’m wondering when one will know to replace pins and bushings?
  10. 71MonteCarloMD

    Restore door hinges?

    Rob, thanks as I’m not sure if its easy to do as it looks like it is? Restoration kit from OPGI: https://www.opgi.com/monte-carlo/1971/door-handles-hardware/door-hinges/ACP0C85/ - is that what you replaced in your original Monte? If not, what did you use? How about the springs, do I reuse them as mine looks rusted?
  11. 71MonteCarloMD

    Restore door hinges?

    I am checking to see if anyone restored their door hinges or not?
  12. 71MonteCarloMD

    Removal of door hinges and lock mechanism?

    Thanks Willie as my son and I painted the door today as I didn’t take out the lock mechanism, taped the internal part and painted.
  13. 71MonteCarloMD

    Installing tach in instrument cluster

    I see, I am not sure if there’s replacement lense without the hole, let us know if you find one.
  14. 71MonteCarloMD

    Installing tach in instrument cluster

    It’s a preference if you want to keep it stock or not as I plan to keep mine stock but am liking the gauges and tach built in dash.