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  1. 71MonteCarloMD

    Starting up issue

    Thanks all for tips, will order and hope to tackle this one weekend.
  2. 71MonteCarloMD

    Starting up issue

    My plan is to keep stock, I read somewhere in this forum that it’s best to use 100 amps over anything less, can I just install the 100 amps without replacing anything other than the voltage regulator?
  3. 71MonteCarloMD

    Starting up issue

    I wanted to go in to fix issue at once, from reading other thread that I have pulsating issue, I am curious which voltage regulator and alternator should I purchase? AC Delco - C635 or AC Delco D663? Also alternator, what amp should I get? 100 amp or 140 amp?
  4. 71MonteCarloMD

    71 dash knobs difference

    My 71 350 non AC does not have symbols on them.
  5. 71MonteCarloMD

    Rad bushings

    My 71 has 350 and it have bolts up like in the pics from Kevin.
  6. 71MonteCarloMD

    Starting up issue

    Thanks all as I have several places to check - I noticed that my battery ground is attached to alternator bracket as I read somewhere it should be bolted to the engine block so I guess I will try that and check on wire from starter to the coil. Where would I find the ground for neutral safety switch and ignition switch? I see the parts but not sure where to check for grounding?
  7. 71MonteCarloMD

    Starting up issue

    Doug - it varies regardless the engine is cold or hot as I put in new starter last fall and a new battery last week, attempted to start yesterday morning, it doesn't turn the engine at all as I had power (dome light is on) then I tried a couple of times to start, it started immediately. I thought the new battery might need to be build up so I drove it around for a cruise, about half hour then parked it, tried to start it - nothing (not even cranking - feels like a dead battery). I gave it a couple of tries, it started up immediately. I am not sure if it's even related - I had a local shop to rebuilt my 4BBL carb last summer which I wasn't happy with their service. One day I noticed that the OIL/GEN/TEMP lights were not lighting up, I found a wire hanging in rear of the carb as I believe it was for TEMP so I plugged it back in, OIL/GEN/TEMP didn't light up at all. Is this even related because my Monte didn't give me starting up issue before the carb rebuilding at local shop? Or is it normal to get no start at times that I have to try it again and again? Hope I give more information for troubleshooting assistance? Rick
  8. 71MonteCarloMD

    Starting up issue

    I had issue with starting that gave me flimsy results as it started up fine or does not crank at all. With heat issue on old solenoid, I decided to replace starter with AC Delco from Summit Racing and put in new battery that was 6 years old. I noticed I got same results, I plan to replace coil ignition as I’m not sure if that will resolve my issue? What else should I look for?
  9. 71MonteCarloMD

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all!
  10. 71MonteCarloMD

    block off plate

    Curious what this part is for?
  11. 71MonteCarloMD

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    Mike, emailed you with list. Rick
  12. 71MonteCarloMD

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!
  13. 71MonteCarloMD

    Not having a great day today ...

    Mike, as everyone stated, I’m glad you are OK as I know it hurts when this happens. At least you had a great memories with your 72 Custom and parts of it will live on if it’s not going to be repaired. God bless you, Rick
  14. 71MonteCarloMD

    Meet Maxine

    Welcome and beautiful Monte!
  15. 71MonteCarloMD

    Hello from Cheyenne