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  1. 71MonteCarloMD

    Hello from Cheyenne

  2. 71MonteCarloMD

    Not really new

    Welcome back!
  3. 71MonteCarloMD

    New Member Prattville, Al.

    Welcome and nice ‘71
  4. 71MonteCarloMD

    New forum does not remember info?

    It’s now working ok, assumed someone fixed it? 😁
  5. 71MonteCarloMD

    Not so good.

    Prayers are with you Darren!
  6. 71MonteCarloMD

    72 New member from SC. Cheers!

    Welcome to awesome car club!
  7. 71MonteCarloMD

    New forum does not remember info?

    I noticed when I have box checked to remember me, it requires me to fill in my screen name and password unlike the old forum?
  8. 71MonteCarloMD

    New Member

    Welcome back!
  9. 71MonteCarloMD

    1970 New member in South Jersey

    Welcome to awesome car club and as Rob stated, hope you will become member and we love pictures
  10. 71MonteCarloMD

    New Member - SE PA 1970 Monte SS

    Welcome and nice Monte!
  11. 71MonteCarloMD

    Potential 71 owner

    Looks solid and common rust areas are lower fender behind the tires, quarters, rear window corners especially if there's vinyl, floorboards and trunk floors. Anyone want to add?
  12. 71MonteCarloMD

    Proud of my Monte

    Good looking Monte!
  13. I noticed my starter starts no problem in cold weather but struggles to start in hot weather. Just my luck, my starter gave out today so am ordering a rebuilt ACDelco from summit. do I need the heat wrap or not?