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  1. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/cto/d/71-chevrolet-monte-carlo/6877167410.html
  2. 71MonteCarloMD

    Hello from IOWA

    Welcome to the Monte madness!
  3. https://fredericksburg.craigslist.org/pts/d/fredericksburg-nos-1970-ss-454-monte/6867236610.html
  4. https://pennstate.craigslist.org/pts/d/state-college-72-monte-carlo-hood-free/6867031514.html
  5. 71MonteCarloMD

    thinking about finally working on my 1970SS

    Welcome and have fun restoring it as we love pictures!
  6. 71MonteCarloMD


    Welcome and nice blue Monte!
  7. 71MonteCarloMD

    New member for about a week now

    Welcome and we love pictures! Keep em coming
  8. 71MonteCarloMD

    Shop Manuals on CD ?

    I’m in IT field but I like the manuals so I can write my own notes on them
  9. 71MonteCarloMD

    Birthday Wishes

    Happy birthday!
  10. 71MonteCarloMD

    New be

    Welcome to the madness and don’t be shy to share pictures as we love them!
  11. 71MonteCarloMD

    Radiator reservoir

    +2, thanks so now I know what to do next for my 71
  12. 71MonteCarloMD

    Follow along with the build of a 1970 Monte Carlo

    Thanks Kevin, just subscribed!
  13. 71MonteCarloMD

    looking for quarter and fender extension gaskets

    My 71 didn’t have any gasket.
  14. 71MonteCarloMD

    New member

    Welcome and as everyone said, we love pictures and have fun restoring it!
  15. 71MonteCarloMD

    surface rust

    I used POR15 which gave me good results.