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  1. to the Monte Madness! Nice color combo and +1 on parts place for parts.
  2. Only thing I spotted as I think it was the spare tire reflection?
  3. Aaron, since we have identified BF as a 71 SS from Baltimore so what would single B from Baltimore would stand for?
  4. Thanks Tom, so swapping the overdrive transmission like 4L80E with 10 bolt (8.2 or 8.5) will improve mileage?
  5. I bought my radiator support bushings only from parts place.
  6. Forgive my ignorance Tom! I was just wondering what I can do to get a better mileage.
  7. I got Pertronix Ignitor III and replaced it with the point, runs well!
  8. Steve, thanks will check. I’m wondering if I have 8.5 as I can swap with 4L80E to get better gas?
  9. Yes, still use the coil as it retain stock look if you want that way.
  10. Good to know as I replaced the box on 72 C15 as it had 4 bolts.
  11. Curious how do I know if I have 8.2 or 8.5 10 bolt? Am considering to replace on my 71 Monte and 72 C15 for better gas
  12. Mike, from what I know that these are not reproduced as I was able to secure a good used set from Jared Richey.
  13. Nice Monte! I bought 2bbl and 4bbl air cleaners from Jared Richey as mine has 4bbl but originally was a 2bbl.
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