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  1. Not sure if the jumper wires are hooked correctly?
  2. I think that’s too many turns out as I have mine 1.5 or 2 turns out on both ends.
  3. In addition to Dennis questions, I faced same situation on my 71 and found that the purple wire to the starter was very brittle. Suggest to check that as well.
  4. Can I get the item number of the assembly?
  5. +1 to Aaron, installed plastic ones from the Parts Place several years ago, still looks great without any polishing
  6. I believe you would need to use the hydraulic press tool to get the rubber in place?
  7. I hand sanded as much as I could then applied two coats of POR-15 on my drivers side, will do passenger side hopefully this year.
  8. Jared, congratulations and know you did the restoration in detail!
  9. The chrome one has dimensions that may help.
  10. Yes, that’s the warning light when your washer fluid is low.
  11. Take one step at a time and don’t rely on your feelings to give up as it can swing up and down. I told my family I made a goal to finish working on my Monte Carlo in 20 or 25 years, I have 10-15 years left
  12. +1 to what Thomas shared as I tested that way to determine to replace mine when I first got the Monte Carlo.
  13. I believe It’s using fasteners for 1971, is it different for 1972?
  14. to the Monte Madness! I’m not sure about the length (30 vs 32) but wanted you to know we have great folks that sells used parts like Jared in SC, Leo in MI and Hector in AZ (I think?). we love pictures, share your progress as you go along and enjoy your dream car!
  15. to the Monte Madness and nice story, we love pictures of the progress!
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