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  1. Wondering why some of them didn’t list Monte Carlo if they fit Shovelle...
  2. Joe to the Monte madness! Look forward to seeing pictures as you make the restoration progress. Rick
  3. Dennis, I was one of buyer with the club and I need to buy the lamp socket as I couldn’t find it on eBay, do you have link? Rick
  4. +1 to Steve as I bought Good used one from Jared Richey
  5. to the Monte madness! We love pictures so hope you can share your progress with us.
  6. Tony, happy new year and glad you got the new opportunity!
  7. I see that you are in Alberta, is that in Canada? If so, shipping might be expensive?
  8. Thanks all as I was able to tune it up and felt the engine runs more smoother! And no longer shut down when putting in gear! one thing I noticed when shifting in gears, I could feel entire car shifted in gear, is that normal? This may be that my timing gun broke during the adjusting timing as I made my best guess based on my feeling on the engine running?
  9. Seems it got dark saddle interior? If so how’s the dash pad, any cracks?
  10. Yes, I replaced with 10 gauge wire from fuse box (ignition) to the coil. if I remove the advance vacuum hose, what should happen?
  11. I haven’t checked timing after replacing the distributor to electronic, will check. which hose is the advance hose?
  12. After replacing distributor with Petronix which started Monte quickly on a cold start. Drove out of garage in reverse, no issue. Letting it run for a few minutes then put in first gear to move back into garage it shuts down - it started up again without any issue, put in gear again, it shuts down again. then almost didn’t get it to start but got it running. Had to press on gas to Keep it running after putting in gear. my 4bbl Rochester carb was rebuilt by local shop 2 years ago that improved with braking and moving forward at red light. am I experiencing vacuum issue? If not, what am I experiencing? And what solution to resolve this?
  13. My 1971 have sandalwood dash pad which is hard to find replacement as I have crack in middle where speaker is.
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