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  1. Thanks all as I placed my order for few things from Amazon, hope to begin the work this weekend 😀 From viewing some YouTube’s, I’m unclear on how far do I push the balancer in, is there a specific way to install it with the tool, like when do I stop pressing the balancer?
  2. Paul and Dennis, thanks and not sure if HF and Amazon have same quality? And do you have preference on installer if the link I shared above is not correct? im trying to find right timing cover gasket as it seems it comes with or without bottom small curve gasket, do I need that? Or would it be better to get one piece gasket?
  3. Paul, it’s SB 350 and thanks for the link as it stated it didn’t fit my 71? Mark, thanks for the tip as I realize the gasket is wearing down. Is this right tool to install? ProForm 66515 Harmonic Balancer Installation Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000A8OGMU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_OVDmFbS70B4VJ And I realized I might have the puller as it’s from my Dad, is it right tool to pull it out?
  4. Hi all - thanks for input as this is new to me, please do give me guidance/advice as I am a DIYer. I only need to set timing after replacing point style distributor with Petronix. The previous owner stated he rebuilt the engine and it is approx 30k. Is this what I need? https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NDP6005214?partTypeName=Harmonic+Balancer&keywordInput=balancer What else do I need to do?
  5. I am trying to find the timing line on the balancer, is this line the right one?
  6. My Monte was pushing it when stopping at red light, after rebuilding carb and the problem went away as I believe it was related to vacuum issue. Have you looked into your vacuum pressure?
  7. I don’t have solenoid on mine so I cannot help, this makes me wonder if I need it
  8. Ert, saw your post on Facebook as I am sure it’s bittersweet as you are right that family comes first. You can own another Monte later on! 😎
  9. Thanks all as I just ordered one from Napa, will pick up on Monday.
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