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  1. Happy belated anniversary Rob and good pictures!
  2. Also the steering wheel seems it was mounted wrong by 180 degrees?
  3. A tip: I transfer remaining of POR15 to a plastic container which lasted longer than keeping them in the original metal can which will give anyone hard time reopening it.
  4. Mike, welcome and we love pictures so please do share the progress on your Monte!
  5. Thanks Dennis and Joe, will check if it’s tightened or not. Is there a generic gasket for them or must I know specifics to get right gasket? Like this? https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/felpro-distributor-mounting-gasket-70194/5785529-P?searchTerm=Distributor gasket As for the oil sender unit, is it a gasket that I’m looking to replace or replace entire unit?
  6. Did you meant it wasn’t invented yet? 😅
  7. It’s for my 1972 GMC C15 with SB350-it was leaking oil as I took the first step by replacing the valve cover gasket and cleaned up engine to detect leaking. Still see oil spots on driveway as did not find any leak around the covers as it seems to be leaking somewhere in rear top. Question here is if the distributor (HEI) has gasket that might need to be replaced? If not, where else should I look for leaks? i read on other forum to use oil dye with black light to detect leak, I never used this method before, would you recommend doing this or not? Rick
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