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  1. Applied epoxy primer today, hope to apply high build primer tomorrow
  2. Joe, thanks for the lead and the tool made it an easy job to remove the spring! Will be removing the pins for paint.
  3. to the Monte madness! And glad you are able to get the car back and restore it! I wish I can find my Dads old ‘65 C10 truck as he passed away in 2011.
  4. Thanks Joe, will keep you posted on the progress.
  5. Thanks Joe for the links - I already have the pins kit from Parts Place as I ordered the roller ones as well as the spring door tool from Amazon. Rob - thanks for your suggestion in other thread that I'll reuse my springs, now will work on taking them apart 😀
  6. Thanks, how easy is it to replace them? i am thinking of ordering full replacement hinge, does anyone have any issue with them?
  7. Hi, I wasn’t going to restore my door hinge on drivers side as it opens and closes fine. I was cleaning it up for paint, noticed the pin and “guide” seems to be out of place, is it out of place? If so, I will need to get replacement.
  8. I think so too, pictures of what you may need
  9. Prepping driver door and trunk lid with some body filler before paint next weekend
  10. I have same issue after buying from previous owner that let Monte sit for few years, after good cleaning, I use water/soap to clean it regularly.
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