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  1. I would assume it depends on what Qjet you have, did you match the gasket to your Qjet?
  2. I believe that’s the exact color combo of my 71, hope to restore one to that someday.
  3. I can’t answer your question about accident or something like that as others may chime in.
  4. Without no ethanol fuel nearby, I run on 87 without any issue. Is that not a good choice?
  5. Not sure why have 3 mounts there as the radiator support mount kit comes with two for each side with bracket in between.
  6. I believe this is for 1970 only?
  7. Not sure without pictures, can you post them? One possibility is that it has wrong mounts?
  8. I’m also an IT guy who enjoys working on cars to get break from Technology 😁 As others said, do things first and enjoy it!
  9. I got mine at Advance Auto Parts and it works good.
  10. Thanks Rob, the cable is newly installed by a shop last fall. What kind of grease and how much to use?
  11. Curious if grease will help with needle on console from jumping back and forth under 40 mph?
  12. Are you looking for NOS (new old stock), used or reproduction one? There are several places that sells them: Jegs, The Parts Place, Konik Klassics, etc - you can search via Google if that helps.
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