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  1. I picked a set from eBay last year and they were all what I needed to replace all bolts, nuts and washers for the bumper that you may want to consider
  2. to awesome car club and as others stated, thanks for sharing and please don’t be shy to share pictures of your Monte Carlo.
  3. Happy New Year to you all and for a better year in 2021!
  4. Update: tested the wire from junction box mounted on fender which is next to the battery which passed the test, replaced the tape with shrink wraps. Found one blown 3A fuse in the fuse box, replaced it and it started up fine. Next is to find out why the fuse got blown. I am going to get back up 3A fuses in case it dies again on road and I found two different types, fast or slow blow fuses, can anyone tell me which one I should get?
  5. Thanks all as I will look at truck tomorrow when it’s warmer then let u all know.
  6. I’m not sure as I will check, if it does what should I look for? No power anywhere except the battery. We didn’t have issue since we got in August as we will look into it. Any idea how we can troubleshoot?
  7. @wallaby can you share pictures of what you did as I probably will need to do this on my sons 1972 GMC?
  8. It’s not my Monte Carlo as it’s my sons 1972 GMC C15 as I took it for a drive today. I was changing lanes and used signaler, all of sudden engine died on me. Then it won’t crank as it battery is holding 12.6 and I checked for lights and it didn’t turn on so I’m not getting power at all. From reading 67-72 truck forums, most of them said to check fuses and fuse linkage then trace any bad cables or wires. I’m wondering if you guys have any idea why engine died on me while driving?
  9. Larry, thank your for your word of wisdom as I bought thickest one available which i found was a 5/16” (comparing to 5/32” that leaked) and it stopped leaking 😀
  10. Merry Christmas to you and your families, as others stated how much we helped each other as I’m glad to be member of this awesome car club!
  11. Thanks all, I didn’t replace the PCV so will do that next. The red on E was a reflection of my work coverall
  12. Thanks Larry for sharing. Any idea on what’s I’m seeing inside the valve covers?
  13. Larry, that happened to me as well. I did go with Felpro one piece gasket but it wasn’t thick on front as I found one piece with thick front seal by Moroso, which fit much better and seems to be holding leaks on bottom. See attached picture prior to install. i am still working on valve covers as it’s leaking regardless what I try to do! Even with gasket maker/sealant with rubber gasket. Not sure it’s the valve covers that I need to replace as I evened it out before installing. Any advice? Also when working on straightening the valve covers, I noticed spots on inside as I’m n
  14. Thanks Dennis - is it safe to assume that this is not what it came from factory?
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