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  • 2012 Eastern Meet

  • EastMeet2012.jpg

  • Hiawassee, GA

    August 9-12, 2012

  • Event Summary by Jared Richey, Meet Director:

    The long awaited 2012 Eastern Meet has come to an end, what started off as a Homecoming Meet back to the Birthplace of the FGMCC in Anderson, SC took a very disheartening turn in March of this year (2012) when the local car club of almost 30 years disbanded. That meant no more Annual Show n Shine at the Holiday Inn Express, this year would have been the 29th Annual. I had been holding meet ups for FGMCC members since 2006 at this show, and in 2011 we had 9 FGMCs in our group. But that left us with 5 months till Meet time with No Meet location!

    Luckily some searching on the Internet led us to Hiawassee, GA for the 4th Annual Moonshine Cruise Inn at the Hiawassee Fairgrounds. After speaking with the event organizers, less than a week later we had a meet, set in Stone.

    Thursday early morning I left out with Tim Rogers, and my grandpa Manuel in tow with 3 First gens, meeting up with Randy in Anderson for breakfast for the convoy over. We arrived there around 11 AM the first of the First Gens folks to arrive. Later on I headed down the event location to lock in our parking spots for the show, a very nice setting right beside the lake with plenty of shade for the anticipated hot weather.

    Several other members started to arrive throughout the day on Thursday except for Rick Eckenfels, my thoughts about the worst was confirmed when I made a phone call to him. Yep, he was stranded in Sweetwater, TN about 100 miles north of us. I tried to help him over the phone from what sounded like a faulty starter solenoid. Luckily he had AAA and they towed him the last 100 miles to us at the Holiday Inn and he arrived Thursday night about 10:30 pm. Earlier that evening the kickoff party was held for the show, lots of very nice cars there right by the lake. That was cut short to go to Blairsville about 15 miles North to buy a new starter at Autozone to be ready for Rick when he go there. Once he arrived operation Rescue Rick was a success, his starter was ok, several checks without the proper tools led us to a dead end on Thursday night. Friday Morning a jumper wire was borrowed and she fired up. That about 98% confirmed a faulty ignition switch. The switch was installed on Saturday morning at the show and Rick made it home safely, with a Best Interior Award voted by the membership, Longest Distance Driven @ 650 or so miles and HARD LUCK which no one wants.

    On Friday we headed out to the showfield and got parked down by the lake where we would be for the weekend which turned out to work out great with the breeze we got and the shade trees. The show got wound up and it was a great atmosphere with the oldies music playing all over the fairgrounds especially when they played the car related tunes. Kevin Wiles rolled in the Coke Machine on Friday and the car got plenty of attention throughout the day and Saturday, someone we talked to thought he was lying when he said he drove it from Anderson, SC to the show. As the show drawed to a close on Friday we headed back to the Hotel to hang out a while and I spoiled my supper with those free cookies they would put out at the front desk. Still warm, mmmm. Friday night I held an anticipated trivia game I came up with myself, a mix of car related, FGMCC, and 70-72, and American history questions. Everyone seemed to have a great time with scores from 3 to 15 correct out of 19 questions. Winfred Owens showed off his smarts and claimed a brand new set of “Monte Carlo” embroidered floor mats for his Convertible that just so happens has Tan Interior like the floor mats. Friday night Bench racing followed, then everyone headed in to get rested up for the big day on Saturday.

    Saturday would obviously make or break this meet with the final total of Montes we would end up with. We had 16 Monte Carlos total for Saturday and signed on 5 New Dues Paying Members all from GA!!! Dennis Gage showed up for a group picture with the club banner, and several members like myself took advantage to get their show shirt signed and get a picture with him. This was the first time meeting him in person, and I have to say he seems like a nice fellow and does not mind taking up time with anyone for picture or an autograph. It was also a treat on Saturday morning although a short meeting to finally meet one of the club's youngest members (Jacob Helms from NC) and his family, in which he is only 13 years old, and his 72 Monte is his first car.

    Saturday afternoon Winfred finally dropped his top on the 70 'Vert as the Sun came out really good that afternoon. The turnout of classics was over 700 and thousands of spectators showed up for the only 4th Annual Show. I had to leave a little early to go back to the hotel to meet up with Andreas to get the awards tallied up for the dinner that night at Daniel's Steakhouse. I was shocked to learn I was one of the lucky winners of $250 for the show money giveaways. We had a great awards dinner, and everyone left with PLENTY of Door prizes, this was a record setting year it seemed for gift certificates being donated to the club. Thanks to all of those members and companies who generously donated these prizes, the members of this club and I thankyou. It helped make a already great meet that much better.

    After the awards dinner we headed back to the hotel for bench racing. Randy Reveal got to drive Rick Eckenfels' 72 Monte with the air suspension he installed a few years back. Me and my wife Lexi rode along, and the car rides great, this was his first time to drive a 70-72 Monte with his still being in the project stage. Bench racing concluded Sat night and I knew another meet was drawing to a close. I just missed saying by to a few members on Sunday morning as they left earlier for the long drives ahead they had. After talking with a few members and exchanging good byes we pulled out of the hotel and headed to the Gas Station where I would finally find out the mileage of the Red Monte I have. $67 bucks later it was full of Ethanol Free 93 and a calculated 7 MPG!! Tim Rogers in his blue 72, my grandpa in my white 70 Monte, and me in the Red Monte headed back towards SC, me and Tim stopped off at Kevin Wiles place so Tim could see his Fairmont project. After that we headed back home to Belton, I pulled the Monte into the Garage, shut the door, and went inside to rest for a while.

    The 13th Annual FGMCC meet had come to an end. After all the anticipation, the planning, everything, it was over. Many thanks to all the members who came, and I'm happy everyone had a great time. This was my 2nd Meet to organize, and I learned a lot about it. We look onto Carlisle, PA in 2013. Thanks Everyone!







    Ronnie Bryan Longest Distance Driven - Rick Eckenfels
    Best Paint - Tim Rogers
    George Lines Best Modified - Jared Richey (red)
    Best Non-Restored - Jerry Forrester
    Robyn Lance Best Engine - Michael Boyte
    Best Interior - Rick Eckenfels
    Best Stock - Jared Richey (white)
    Best Grille - Pat Connor
    Meet Directors Choice - Winfried Owen
    Members Choice - Kevin Wiles
    Presidents Choice - Richard Nixon
    Hard Luck - Rick Eckenfels
    Youth Choice - Larry Gilbert

    FGMCC 2012 Supporters List

    Original Parts Group
    2 sets of Monte Carlo embroidered floor mats, 100 free Catalog offers, 4 $50 Gift Certificates

    Trim Parts
    2 $25 Gift Certificates

    Free Catalog offers, 10% Discount code

    Lutty's Chevy Warehouse
    2 LED Flashlights, Lutty's Hat, Free Catalog offers, 2 Lutty's License Plates, Pens

    The Parts Place Inc.
    4 $25 Gift Certificates

    Summit Racing
    Goody Bags, Summit Banner, Goody Bag stuffers

    Metro Molded Parts Inc.
    90 Catalogs, 100 Good Bags, Goody, 75 Inc Pens

    Buck's Engine Parts
    Performance stickers, Markers, Rulers, Notepads, Hats for Goody bags

    Anderson Automotive Color
    Wizards' Detail Kit

    Andreas Kwetkus
    2 $50 Summit Gift Cards

    METCO Motorsports Solutions
    $50 gift certificate, 2 T-shirts, brochures, Metco Stickers

    Leo Konik
    4 $25 Gift Certificates

    Jared Richey
    Youth Choice Award, 10-15% off any used parts to all meet attendees

    Mike Boyt
    Wash bucket, drying towel, wire loom set, car wash, polishing cloth, wax, ladies tote bag, Small Block Fan Shroud

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