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Hotel Rooms

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I got a rundown from our hotel tonight of our available rooms.  As of tonight we only have 5 rooms remaining.  They may be able to give us one additional room but past that, we may not be able to get any others after that.  The manager has told me if they were to get cancellations from other groups or individual room cancellations they will try to funnel them our way but there are not guarantees.  I have also asked the hotel if they know of any of the surrounding hotels that may have available rooms I could get under a contract.  

There is another hotel who has offered us a contract for some rooms.  I have not responded to that hotel because it is located about 10 miles from our host hotel which may not be the best choice.  I will see if our hotel has any suggestions for our overflow.


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10 hours ago, 1Bad454 said:

I am going to try to make the show. I'll be car-less but it'll nice to meet everybody.  

Yes! Lets add add another West Coast member to the mix!

Maybe your car will be ready for the Western Meet in September 😉

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Hey now,Californians are cool.You just got to get to know them that's all. Be there ,done that,Easy Peasy.Out there in Oceanside '80-'81 and also with the son in '17-'21 . nothing better than hooking up with some friends of his and reminiscing about the old days on the beaches of California.

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