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  1. I'm feeling the same sentiment, haven't been to this site in a long time, i'm thinking to long. The facebook thing starting to drag me down as well...…...
  2. I had turned my SS into a work bench, I know BAD, so I cleaned of the car of my Dodge truck parts and put them on my other toy, a 77 Buick Skyhawk {Vega Monza that sort of thing}. Give me a few weeks and Ill feel guilty bout that as well
  3. mrj52

    Finally got it!

    Black would look good............
  4. I need to start by getting the pile of debris off the SS
  5. Better than 3/4 than not at all. Good luck and fun on your prodject.
  6. Need to get a non vented cap for it. In gas tank speak a vented cap means the gas tank has a charcoal canister to vent the tank, in other words the cap is air tight. Or the other way is the tank has no charcoal canister so you would need a non vented cap, A breathing or non air tight cap. I know, its stupid but that is the way of the early emissions world.
  7. All Monte's whether it's a small or big block use the long water pump. The fan shrouds length is designed for the long style system. Nothing says that you cant use the short pump but the accessories such as the alternator, power steering pump, A/C is going to have be all Corvette style. For ease of parts availability I would go with the long pump set-up.
  8. You have to take off the torque converter. A non lock-up converter will not fit all the way on to the input spline There is a extension to the input shaft that has a "O" ring on the end. Locking up the converter gives about 1 to 3 MPG's. Tranny runs cooler a bit as well.
  9. Not using the lock-up function will not hurt the transmission BUT why not hook it up to utilize the lock-up feature at cruise. B&M makes a wiring kit for this. "NOTE" Lock-up and non lock-up toque converters are not interchangeable, must use the torque converter for the style trans
  10. Turbo 250C from 79 thru 84 and turbo 350C from 79 thru 84 used this plug for the TCC control wiring. Its used for convertor lock-up and the computer electrical-mechanical control system.
  11. I am currently building several big blocks one of which is this 475 inch L29 GEN6 BB. Here is some pictures of the lifter retainers you see down your heads. These are the factory roller lifters and anti rotators.
  12. Yep its a Gen 6 454 with the fuel pump boss. If it was a crate motor it would have a hyd roller camshaft, You would see the hyd roller lifter retainers, anti rotators and the "spider" to hold it all down. You also have peanut port heads which run fine but give up the power at about 4500 rpm. The stock camshaft that engine would have is a .483 lift intake and exhaust and 209 degrees at .050 115 lobe separation. Yes you can put a regular camshaft in this engine just use all the Mark4 early big block stuff. you can put the factory hyd roller camshaft in it using the Gen6 timing chain and cam retainer. Early Mark4 heads might not work on this block because the cooling passages are real close on the top row but all the aftermarket stuff bolts up with no problems. Ask as many questions as you want, Ill be 'staying tuned' TIM
  13. Also check the fan/fan clutch combo, temporarily disconnecting the belts and run the motor.
  14. Is your motor a 402 or a 454? New flex plate? Old or new torque converter? Love to help but we need just a little more info on your machine.......
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