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  1. Thanks! I'm in the Greenville area. I would really like to go to the Woodward Dream Cruise, but I don't travel to far. I have Parkinson's and I only get the cars out on days I feel good. Last night just happen to be one of those days. My son is home until Friday. He lives in Taiwan. Getting all the cars out with the whole family is the best medicine!
  2. We got all the Montes out tonight. My son is in town from Taiwan. We got his red 70 finished. The blue 70 is my son in-law 's. The red 71 is mine and my sons. The black 71 is mine and my daughters. The black 72 is also my sons. (The wife got to drive his 72)
  3. I would rebuild the 350 engine you have. Bore it .030 and new flat top pistons. New heads with a 64 cc chamber. The flat top pistons with a 64 cc head will give you around 10-1 compression. Still can run pump gas. The 270 comp cam is what I have been using. With a 750 Holley carb and Edelbrock performer intake, headers and HEI distributor. This will give you a nice idle and you can flex a "little" when the mood hits you. Plus gas mileage won't be to terrible and this build won't break the bank.
  4. I had a problem years ago with oil pressure dropping when coming to a stop. But would come back up after I had stopped. I was told to drain the oil and after the pan was empty to bang on the bottom of the pan with my fist. When I did this I could her something some thing bouncing on the bottom of the oil pan. Turns out my oil pump pick up tube had come off. What was happening was when coming to a stop the oil would move forward away from the oil pump and with the pick up off the pressure would drop off for a moment. Just seems to me that being a quart low should not cause loss of oil pressure.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have a box of small parts that came with my 71 project that the switches were in. I was not sure if they were correct.
  6. Welcome Tim! Being from Michigan you know you will have lots of time to restore your project. That is if you have a heat source in your garage! This has been a harsh winter! Ready for Spring!
  7. I have never seen anything like it. The box of small parts has for the most part all first gen parts. The box came with a project car. Maybe it was put in by mistake? Thanks for your replies.
  8. I have a small box of small parts and I found what I believe is some sort of courtesy light. Does this light mount on the back of the console? Thanks
  9. I think these are locks and power window switches?
  10. Found this on a forum. "Sometimes the head casting number can help you identify a 350/350, but not always. Heads with the casting number 3947041 were only used on 350/300's, while the 3927187 was used exclusively for the 350/350. Unfortunately, casting 3927186 was used for both 300 and 350 horse engines. An engine with "187" heads, is likely a L-46, and one with "041" heads is a base motor, but if it has "186" heads, it could be either."
  11. Small Block casting numbers and Identification
  12. With it being a 1970 350/300 hp engine it most likely had 64 cc chamber heads. The early camel hump heads (64 cc chamber) were casting # 461 and 462 and I think there are a few others. If my thinking is correct, 64cc heads being used on a 1970 engine it would of had accessory holes in the front of the heads. The 461's and 462's didn't have accessory holes. These heads would be the ones (there may be other casting s #) that might of been used. 3927186....69-70...302/350......Camel hump,64cc chambers, accessory holes 3927187....69-70...350..........Camel hump,64cc chambers,accessory holes 3991492....70......350..........LT1,Camel hump, accessory holes,64cc, straight plug I hope this makes sense.
  13. dejh22

    SBC to BBC

    Thank you. The previous owner had a "Machine Shop" build the engine for him. I saw a video he took of the engine running with the caption "Breaking in the new cam"! By the sounds of it, something was "breaking"! I feel sorry for him really. He was so frustrated with the whole thing.
  14. dejh22

    SBC to BBC

    This is what happens when you run 3964290 closed chamber heads with open chamber domed pistons. Almost all the valves where hitting the pistons. With the combo they put together I think they were close to 12-1 compression. I think flat tops would of been a better choice! We have a replacement block and a set of open chamber heads with some small dome open chamber pistons. This engine is going back in a 70 Monte Carlo my son bought while he was home this summer.
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