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  1. I have numerous small parts for sale and will be bringing to the western meet, these are all new and some still never been opened. prices will be 1/2 off OPG pricing.... For example 1970 hood spear OPG price 102.99 USD.....I will sell for $ $51.00 USD See picture below. thanks Bill Quote Edit Bill. AKA pocobill
  2. Thanks guys will try changing
  3. Every time I go back into the site I have to re enter user name and password, even after checking remember me. not sure why it has changed after all these years......
  4. Went into my storage today and that's what I found.
  5. Is anyone bringing any spare parts to sell at the meet ?
  6. I know Aaron's dad as well, he is just like Aaron. both are great guys.
  7. It was kind of a tough day, sold the 70 Monte. The new owner was pleased and saw what we all see in these cars in the way of value. The 70 was a sb with buckets,console,AC,map light,fiber optics etc. I still have the 71, not as good shape but means so much more to me as in the way of personal reasons.
  8. Great time and even greater people, looking forward to next year in Penticton.
  9. If anyone is bringing parts to the show.......I am looking for a 71 hood spear and chrome vinyl top trim. Bill
  10. Hey don't forget my bumper on my 70 is there......
  11. Check out the for sale section for these plates
  12. Just to up date, this plug is for a lock up converter. Don't be afraid to pull this out as I found out it has a replaceable O ring. Replaced the o ring and no more leaks.
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