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  1. Steve we had planned to come in February but in March the girlfriend had to take a COVID test as she was sick. The health care provider told her straight up oh you probably have it before doing the test. May or June my mom had to take a COVID test after being around someone for less then 5 minutes. We thought it was best not to go up even for a day which was the plan to start with. Cats are easy to take care of for a few days but dogs that’s a whole another story. Needless to say I’m still kicking even had to take a COVID test myself after a co-worker tested positive when he returned from a thanksgiving break.
  2. Hope everyone has stayed safe last year. Nothing new for me other then working and trying to pay bills. Homeowner life and pet life has made me miss my monte. But there is the El Camino and Nomad hiding.
  3. It’s a little different then the old pickup we had. The push button transmission selector is wired. I haven’t seen any of the Suburban’s in my area.
  4. As some might have saw on Facebook I got raid of my 70 Monte yesterday. It was a really sad day almost as sad as when my dad passed way. I owned my monte for 25 years and always said I would not her or get raid of her. Well times got tough she wasn’t been driven. I feel it was a good choice but it did hurt when the tow truck operator loaded her on the flatbed. But I put my family first as we were out growing our double cab Silverado. The first gen monte is my love and I’ve gotten to know most of here, I wish the club the best moving forward. We got our hands on a 2021 Tahoe.
  5. monte70car


    Finally hang my 10+ year member gift up. We were going to put in in a frame but this looks better. Life keeps taking changes, sold one monte and still have one just not with me at my townhouse.
  6. As much as I would love to join my monte family I am unable to join ☹️. Funding has been a major setback with joining the club this year and the cost of the hotel and prepping the car for a long drive I just don’t see it. It sounds like Carlisle will be a big hit with hopefully all the members that do go and I wish those that do a safe trip.
  7. I have that same tie along with a Pontiac tie. Paid about $5 each for them.
  8. It looks to me as if the bracket is in the wrong place. I’m no where close to my one of my cars to provide a picture. But the bracket on my cars bolt to the bottom side of the pan not between the pan and body of the trans. If it’s mounted in the wrong place it could be using the wrong bolts to hold it to the trans.
  9. The townhouse is 13 years old, we are buying from the original owners who has updated some of the place.
  10. This time last year my girlfriend had just moved back home. Next month we become home owners. We had just started out to see what was in the market we could afford. I had asked a couple co-workers of mine what their mortgage was. To my surprise we were paying more in rent then my co-workers. So we are going from a 1,192 sq foot apartment to a 2,500 sqft three level townhouse. The Montes are safe as they are still hanging out with the Nomad and the El Camino at moms.
  11. Keith it’s a plain color. My 70 was originally that color with a gold top and gold interior.
  12. As far as I know there is no aftermarket lenses that has the clock stem filled in. Doing the stock style gauges ain’t cheap but can be done. As for removal of the dash board there is two bolts next to the a-pillars, two under the dash by the kick panels, one above the steering column and one at the glove box. Once those are removed and the steering column is out of the way the whole dash will come out. Disconnect the battery, remove the headlight switch, and speedo cable. When you unplug the 12 pin plug you have a battery hot feed in that plug. Oh
  13. Steve have you tried to bleed the master cylinder? The nipples are bleeders to get trapped air out of the master cylinder. You would bleed it the same way as the brakes. I would drain the master cylinder and use compressor air to blow the out the opening. Which part of the master cylinder is being bypassed the front or back? Do you have fluid at all four corners?
  14. The brake switch should have power going in on one side believe it’s an orange wire. When the brake paddle is push power carries over to the other wire which runs to the tail lights. Did you change the flashers to a digital flasher? The fact that the passenger side is bright while the drivers side is dim doesn’t make sense as the passenger side gets its power feed from the drivers side brake light.
  15. Well I pulled the cover off change the battery and sprayed a little starting fluid in the carb and got it running. 8897BB99-8A55-468C-818B-9356978F59FA.MOV 8897BB99-8A55-468C-818B-9356978F59FA.MOV 3D3320A9-85DF-49B0-AD4E-8FC8FAC84E46.MOV B61D2B79-B00D-4C62-BD59-5FFD59513D47.MOV
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