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  1. Keith it’s a plain color. My 70 was originally that color with a gold top and gold interior.
  2. As far as I know there is no aftermarket lenses that has the clock stem filled in. Doing the stock style gauges ain’t cheap but can be done. As for removal of the dash board there is two bolts next to the a-pillars, two under the dash by the kick panels, one above the steering column and one at the glove box. Once those are removed and the steering column is out of the way the whole dash will come out. Disconnect the battery, remove the headlight switch, and speedo cable. When you unplug the 12 pin plug you have a battery hot feed in that plug. Oh
  3. Had a similar issue when I had 16” rallys. Had the derby cap come off the wheel while coming home from a car cruise. What we found was the lip on the cap wasn’t engaging the jumps on the wheel.
  4. Finally getting around to selling items that has been obtain over the years. I have a factory 3:31 matching gear set. The plan was to use it in either my Monte or in the El Camino. I have done research and I see no aftermarket vendors doing 3:31’s. Not sure what it’s worth.
  5. Steve have you tried to bleed the master cylinder? The nipples are bleeders to get trapped air out of the master cylinder. You would bleed it the same way as the brakes. I would drain the master cylinder and use compressor air to blow the out the opening. Which part of the master cylinder is being bypassed the front or back? Do you have fluid at all four corners?
  6. The brake switch should have power going in on one side believe it’s an orange wire. When the brake paddle is push power carries over to the other wire which runs to the tail lights. Did you change the flashers to a digital flasher? The fact that the passenger side is bright while the drivers side is dim doesn’t make sense as the passenger side gets its power feed from the drivers side brake light.
  7. Well I pulled the cover off change the battery and sprayed a little starting fluid in the carb and got it running. 8897BB99-8A55-468C-818B-9356978F59FA.MOV 8897BB99-8A55-468C-818B-9356978F59FA.MOV 3D3320A9-85DF-49B0-AD4E-8FC8FAC84E46.MOV B61D2B79-B00D-4C62-BD59-5FFD59513D47.MOV
  8. That almost sound like the NSS was out of adjustment. I have seen that on a 70 el Camino I have. Once the NSS was adjusted on the column it was good to go.
  9. Make sure you disconnect the battery. You might find it easier to reach coming from the steering column area. Coming from the top you have the wire harness to deal with and the PCB can get damaged.
  10. The wire coming from the coil goes into the 12 pin cluster plug. The tach has two nuts and two washers that go on the studs on the tach. The PCB slides over the studs and then a washer and nut on each stud to drive the tach. Could be the PCB at the stud has a tear in the copper line or the nut has come lose.
  11. Michael there was two versions of the 400. There was a turbo fire 400 which is a small block with a 2bbl I believe. And then there was the big block 400(402) called the turbo jet. That one is the big block version.
  12. Michael are you look for a car to drive right away or you willing to take on something to finish?
  13. It’s been a while but it was 4/60 a/c, works nice when cool out but in summer it’s a wash.
  14. monte70car

    No sale

    Thanks for the kind words. Yeah building a car isn’t a cheap things but you do have fun doing it. You are right there is more money in parts then the asking price which I told people who asked about it. For me I want to finish it but the funds just don’t work with everything else I have going on which is why I listed for sale. If it did sell I wouldn’t be Monte less as I have my 70.
  15. I would start with the base timing for the motor. The HEI will provide a better spark to the plugs. I open my plugs to a wider gap similar to what the motors called for when the HEI came in.
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