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  1. Yea I figured around 60GPH. I was wanting to make sure I found a fitting that was easy to use with the nylon braided hose when I am making the lengths that's all. Sending stuff back sucks lol. Thanks!
  2. Yea I am going with black also. I will have to dig around and look for the fittings you said you used if you said they worked well. Thanks
  3. That looks like Summit Racing nylon braided hose (link below). Does that seem right? If so, did the push to connect fittings work ok? In one of the reviews for that hose someone said it doesn't work with push to connect but the push to connect are listed in the "Suggested parts" tab under that hose. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-240820b/overview/
  4. Perfect. I just talked to Straub Technologies about the fuel pump pushrod and they have me on the right track there. Now I just need to find the right -8AN line and fittings to run. This seems a lot easier than messing with the electric if it isn't needed.
  5. Ok, I am assuming you got the one below. No issues with it hitting the frame cross member? I had an issue with that with an Edelbrock one on this car once when I had the small block in it. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hly-12-454-11/overview/year/1972/make/chevrolet/model/monte-carlo
  6. Just out of curiosity, if I were to add the RobMc sending unit, run -8AN lines to the front, and go with a mechanical pump, would it work just as good for 650HP? What would a good mechanical pump be for that set up? Also, I have a Straub hydraulic roller cam so am I correct that I would need a special pump rod?
  7. Sounds good. I will go with 8AN with 3/8" fittings then. Thanks for the extra effort in explaining. I really appreciate it!
  8. Ok perfect. So going from -8AN down to 3/8" through the pump and back up to -8AN isn't a big deal then I am assuming. Thanks guys!
  9. Thanks alot! It does help. I think the Comp 140 has 3/8" inlet and outlet so that would make sense with running -8AN all the way to the carb? Would I need the Comp 140 or would the Comp 110 work?
  10. Ok, I made the swap. Going from a 355 to a 489. I realize there is a ton of work to do so I am going to pick one issue at a time and handle it. First thing is the fuel system... I think I am going with a Mallory 110GPH fuel pump and a RobbMc pickup in my stock tank. I have a few questions listed below that I am hoping you smart folks can help me with. It is a forged 489 stroker (engine dyno came to 640HP). I have a Holley Ultra HP 850 carb. 1. Am I correct on the -8AN size or will a -6AN work? If the -8AN is right, the Mallory pump has 3/8" inlet and outlet. Does thins mess me up with the -8AN? 2. Any feedback on the RobbMc sending unit with a send and return line? Good choice? Bad? 3. From sending unit to filter (which one), out to pump, out to second filter (which one), up to regulator and out to carb. Which filters and does this seem right the way it's laid out? I will also have cooling system questions and a how the hell do I power the electric fuel and water pump and fans and all the other stuff with a 140 AMP alternator. But we'll wait for all of that.
  11. Ok, transmission cooler and radiator... I got a TCI TH400 trans. Can I get an aftermarket cooler and just use that instead of the cooler in the radiator? Also, whats a good radiator to get for the 489? I have a stock radiator (for a small block because that is what I took out).
  12. What about transmissions? I have to ditch the TH350 and get a TH400. There is a guy in town with a TCI 211005 with 500 miles on it for $700. TCI a good option?
  13. Ok, what do you have for fuel? Mechanical pump or electric? What about cooling system? What do you have? I have electric fans but had a mechanical pump for my small block but the big block came with a brand new Meziere electric pump and a very nice polished serpentine pulley kit both still in boxes.
  14. Ok guys, I ended up selling my SBC and getting a 489 big block. Now the work begins. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 1. I will swap the front springs out. Can I just order springs for a 72 big block Monte (Hotchkis 1916F) and they will fit right in where my small block springs were? 2. Same with headers, just get BBC 454 headers for a BBC monte and they should fit? Any preference on them? 2. I need a 168 tooth flywheel. Any suggestions on an average one? 3. I will have a million other questions but my mind is all over now lol!
  15. I am looking for more so I started working up plans to up my 355 to a forged 383 to push the 500HP mark. While I was looking up AFR heads and a rotating kit, my buddy asked why I don't just go to a big block. It totally got me thinking but I am not sure what the better option would be. Any thoughts or experiences? Another question. If I go with a 383, will a 2 bolt support 500HP or would you go to a 4 bolt block or drill my current one to a 4 bolt?
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