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  1. I guess I need to get up with Mark then... Thanks again guys for all of the help. Here I thought by adding a second accessory fuse block I was solving the issue lol.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share this. I appreciate it!
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I am finding these: https://www.painlessperformance.com/wc/30700 https://www.americanautowire.com/shop/6-gauge-alternator-connection-kit The Painless kit says to run it to the battery. The American Autowire kit says to run it to the starter. Does it matter which? Also, I have a 10si alternator with the flat, two wire plug on it also. Am I ok to leave that the way it is?
  4. Ok, so you added a 10 ga. wire to the existing 10 ga. wire so there are now two, 10 ga. wires? Not a bad idea. I converted to an internally regulated alternator a few years ago so if my memory serves me correctly, I removed the regulator.
  5. Thanks David. Where does the wire go to? I got a new wire harness a few years back during my build and they were all in a harness. My plan is to run a 6ga. from the alternator and tag it along the harness to wherever it is supposed to go so I don't have to rip into the harness.
  6. I went to a 150 amp alternator on my SBC to BBC conversion. The wire going to my alternator is a 10 gauge. Do I need to increase that and if so, where does it feed to?
  7. Ok, I have the classic performance hydroboost kit with the proportioning valve under the master. All of the fittings on there are 3/16" also now that I look closer. I guess they want 3/16" so that answers that. Thanks!
  8. I am going to a hydroboost system and I need to make new brake lines. I am looking at the nickel-copper tubing because the reviews say it is easy to use. I need to know what size the line is that goes from the proportioning valve to the back, the size of the two that go from the proportioning valve to the front wheels, and the two that go up to the master cylinder. I find them for sale but no where can I find a size. Any idea? 3/16"? 1/4"?
  9. Hey Tom, do you know what type of vacuum pump you have on yours?
  10. Thanks guys. Is there an easy way to reset it?
  11. I replaced my master cylinder and booster and moved my proportioning valve up to the top of the frame during my SBC to BBC swap. Front brakes bled fine. Rear will not bleed (neither side). I pulled the line off going into the proportioning valve and it does come out. I opened the line just prior to the rubber hose above the rear diff and nothing. I am assuming I did something that messed up the proportioning valve. Any ideas or thoughts as to what I can try?
  12. Not sure I would use it alot. The feed from the manifold to the heater core is a 5/8". The return from the core to the water pump (or now to the radiator bung) is a 3/4", but the bung is a 5/8". Think it makes a difference which way the coolant flows through the core? I am thinking about swapping the lines so the 5/8" runs back to the radiator bung.
  13. I just found out that I can send the return line that used to go to the water pump, to the upper right corner of the radiator if I have the extra bung on it... which I happen to have on my new radiator! I love it when a plan comes together.
  14. Figured so. Thank you sir!
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