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  1. I am looking for more so I started working up plans to up my 355 to a forged 383 to push the 500HP mark. While I was looking up AFR heads and a rotating kit, my buddy asked why I don't just go to a big block. It totally got me thinking but I am not sure what the better option would be. Any thoughts or experiences? Another question. If I go with a 383, will a 2 bolt support 500HP or would you go to a 4 bolt block or drill my current one to a 4 bolt?
  2. I am taking on the interior of my 72 this winter. Where is a good place to but foam and seat covers for my Saddle buckets? I will also need a headliner so I am assuming I can get that at the same place. In regards to the headliner... try it myself or stay away from it and just have someone do it?
  3. For those with electric fans, do you have them wired to keyed power so they go off when the key is off or direct 12 volt so they keep running after the car is shut off?
  4. Ok, I have my gauge exactly where you do as well. The sender for the fans is in the head and that's the one I am thinking of moving to the manifold by the Tstat.
  5. I have a small block in my 72. It has two electric fans and an electric Automater temp gauge. The gauge has a sending unit and the fans have a sending unit. Right now I have the sender for the fans in the PS head and the sender for the gauge in the back of the manifold by the distributor (just did the gauge one this spring). I see some people putting them in the head and some in the manifold by the Tstat. I am assuming I would want to put both sending units in either the manifold or heads and not one in each as it is now. My question is, what is the better spot? I am guessing the heads would have exhaust heat that makes the area read hotter which would be in a sense, a false reading?
  6. I have a 72 Monte with an Eaton Truetrac 12 bolt, series 3 posi and 33 spline Yukon axles. I am looking at a set of 3.73 ring & pinion gears out of a 70 Chevelle 12 bolt. They have the part number 3862525 stamped on them. Will these work in my unit?
  7. Any thoughts on Evans Waterless Coolant? I took my engine out over the winter for some upgrades and it's time to put it back in. This stuff looks nice but is it legit for the cost?
  8. Did any of you guys put some sort of power block or junction box under the dash so you don't have to run so many wires to the fuse panel? I have the Autometer UltraLite II (LED) gauges and they have 2 ground, 2 power, and a sender wire for each. I am going to run all of the grounds together to a solid ground under there. I am thinking of mounting a power distribution block or something to run all of the power wires to and then just feed that with one wire from the fuse block. Any thoughts?
  9. Gotcha. Thank you. It seems like it is almost a 50/50 split when I read things online or look at instructions on which on is the feed and which one is the return. I am almost wondering if it doesn't matter.
  10. I am installing a cooler to add to the current stock cooler. I have looked all over online and even on here and it seems almost split on which line is the out and which line is the return line on a TH350 trans. Even TCi and B&M are opposite. TCI says bottom out of trans to bottom into radiator, and top of radiator is the return to the trans and B&M says the top of trans is the output to top of radiator and bottom of radiator is return to trans. If anyone knows for sure please post... Also, I am adding a trans temp gauge with an Autometer manifold in line to read the temp. Where do I read the trans temp? Do I install the gauge manifold on the hot side or on the return line after the fluid is cooled to measure fluid temp?
  11. Awesome to see on My Classic Car!! Way cool.
  12. That's my thoughts exactly. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing another way to do it. Thanks!
  13. Hello, can anyone confirm that the transmission cooler lines on a 72 small block TH350 are 5/16" lines? I installed a B&M cooler when I put a stall in and I am adding an Autometer trans temp gauge. I need to add the manifold below to hold the sending unit. Also, is this the best way to make the gauge work or is there a better way? They are pretty proud of this manifold judging by the price. Another thought, if I am spending $52 for a manifold, would it make sense to upgrade the lines and if so, what set-up would be recommended? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/atm-2287
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